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Nissan X-Trail

Nissan just unveiled its new X-Trail at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As per the company, the new lines, 7 seat layout and improved drivability & dynamics make it the bespoke sports utility vehicle that the Indians look forward to.    Compare this new version with the current on-road car and you’ll instantly notice some apparent modifications.  The new X-Trail does away with its ‘wannabe off roader’ image and gets some sharp styling elements from other Nissan cars such as Qasqai, Juke, Murano and Patrol. A well chiselled nose and nicely defined cuts around the headlamps give it the form of sleek crossover than a rugged off-roader.    The new X-Trail is Nissan’s first car to be built on its fresh Common Module Family (CMF) platform.  This implies that the company can take parts like engine bay, suspension, cabin, and front & rear underbody sections to mix and match them with other cars in the line-up for better cost optimality. Renault-Nissan has mentioned that CMF architecture will be employed in 11 future cars – from small hatchbacks to large, premium coupes.    As for the X-Trail, Nissan is looking at it as a global car that it will be assembled in 5 plants at different international locations and will be sold in at least 100 markets around the world. It is more clearly positioned in the Nissan range now and will be the only 7 seater in the line-up. This SUV will also replace the Rogue in United States and Qashqai +2 in Europe.    The new version will take the best traits of current X-Trail forward but on-road capabilities will get more attention this time. The X-Trail will come in front and all-wheel-drive forms. The 2WD option will be offered as standard. The all wheel drive (AWD) option is Nissan’s electronic four wheel drive system that is controlled through a rotary switch on the central console – it gives a choice between 2 wheel drive, automatic mode and a permanent four wheel lock mode. With regards to the choice of engines, there will be the 2.0 litre diesel engine used in the current car although it will be significantly updated. And then there is another 1.6 litre diesel engine for the new X-Trail. Furthermore, there is an option of CVT automatic transmission for the stylised SUV.    New 7-seater X-Trail will have sliding second row of seats to offer better use of space in the cabin. Improvement is also expected in equipment levels. Nissan aims to make the X-Trail very efficient this time and even small parts like the tailgate which is largely plastic and 7 kg lighter than the one in old car will be helpful for this. Attention has also been paid to car’s aerodynamics in favour of efficiency. Meticulously shaped outside rear view mirrors, and even a spoiler that covers the exhaust box and rear panel also add to its dynamism.   The doors of this SUV open wide to give good access to front and middle rows. By sliding down the middle seats, the access to last row is also improved. The feel of cabin is more polished and is softer as compared to the current X-Trail. Black and chrome on equipment complement the look of beige themed interiors. New technologies inside the car include Active Ride Control that can adjust the suspension as per the condition of the road ahead – this is quite like the tech used in Mercedes Benz S class. Uphill Start Support and Advance Hill Descent Control will also be standard features.    To make the X-Trail a better value proposition, Nissan will bring it with quite a few positive changes. Also, since it will be cost efficient to manufacture, the car will be priced around Rs 20 lakh mark. With the extra style and the technical goodies that it packs in, this should bring it more buyers in India. 

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Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail

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