BMW 1 Series

Expected Launch
3rd September 2013
Expected Price
Rs.20 lacs
Upcoming Car.
BMW 1 Series Upcoming Car

BMW 1 Series

BMW 1-Series - Luxury Hatch for indulgent Indians Expected to be unveiled on 3rd September 2013, BMW 1 series has in its focus the recently launched Mercedes Benz A-Class. BMW 1 series couldnt have come at a more appropriate time, with BMW India under sales stress, having lost its position at the top of the heap to Mercedes recently.                                                         Now that X1 has not done what it was supposed to do, the onus of getting BMW back to its glorious days falls squarely on the upcoming 1-Series. X1, we believe did not succeed in India simply because BMW did the same mistake as Mercedes has done in its early days by offering a below par car to the Indian car buyer in its first avatar. Gen 1 X1 was so under featured with an equally unimpressive engine performance that Indian luxury car buyers rejected irrespective of its attractive pricing and even more attractive discounts.No wonder BMW is  banking heavily on the 1-Series to help them regain the top-slot in a fast forward mode. Their confidence getting a boost from the success Mercedes A-Class which seems to have convinced deep pocketed indulgent car buyers in its favour.                                                                     Whilst, the 1-Series BMW does have the advantage of not being the first mover and is being launched in an environment where Indian luxury hatch buyers are open to such car. But does the long nosed, short rear BMW 1-Series has what it takes to succeed in the luxury hatch niche, read on and decipherExternally the 1-series is not a conventional hatch. It has a long bonnet with short rear and a tall roof, making the 1 Series look disproportionate, particularly in its head-on side profile. However, sharply defined shoulder line, low slung lean stance does enough to communicate its sporting intentions. Fender overlapping sharply upward tapering headlamps, 5 spoke alloys with broader kidney grilles does embellish the 1-Series front to give the car its desired sporty looks. However, 1-series designers seems to given the rear a shoddy treatment, so much so that the rear tail lamps reminds one of Polo.Cabin space in 1-Series could be a problem, whilst, its still not bad when compared to the Mercedes A-Class, however, what goes against it and spoils the rear passenger comfort are two things:a) Longitudinal engine layout - which consumes decent wheelbaseb) Transmission tunnel which passes through the length of this rear wheel driven car, making 3 abreast a sure impossibilityWhilst passenger space seems to be at a premium, however, BMW has managed to deliver a decent 360 litres boot space in the 1-Series.BMW cars are known for being drivers cars, 1-Series seems to be mapping the marquee DNA to the T. Driver seat has decent shoulder and head room, chunky steering wheel mounted on a tilt and telescopic steering column (means steering wheel can be adjusted for reach and rake). Instrument panel is clear and ergonomically placed in drivers line of vision with central console also canted towards him. iDrive controller is ergonomically placed and has over time become pretty easy to use.Whilst, the interior tactile feel does feel rich and upmarket, however, its seems to be a no match to superb premium feel inside an A-Class from Mercedes. What is also surprising is the Air-con vents which are still continuing the old horizontally slated opening, whereas, premium cars have far more funkier and round air-con vents.Indian luxury hatch buyer will get the 143 BHP, 118d (1995cc), 4 Cyls, turbodiesel power plant, rear wheel drive, longitudinally mounted under the 1-Series hood. This is mated to BMWs silky smooth 8 Speed ZF transmission. 1-Series like all beemers, loves driven hard without leaving composure. Acceleration, enthusiasm and refinement are all an integral part of BMW cars and its equally true for the 1-Series. Electro-mechanical steering is so engaging that its invites one to push hard and get more fun. The car is expected to sprint to 100 rom standstill in just around 8 secs. One thing, however, is surprising that this rear wheel driven BMW 1-Series does depict some under steer when pushed hard.BMW 1-Series is expected to boast a length of 4324mm, width of 1765mm, Height - 1421 mm and a wheel base of 2690 mm. Expect BMW to price the 1-series between Rs.20 to 22 lacs.BMW 1-Series is expected to be launched on 3rd September 2013 in India.

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