Volvo S 60
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Strong Areas

  • Contemporary styling
  • Powerful performance
  • Spacious interiors
  • Spot-on ergonomics
  • Excellent all-around safety

Weak Areas

  • Low mileage
  • Small city practicality
  • Dust-prone interiors
  • Average value for money
  • Limited dealership network
Volvo S 60

Volvo S60 D4 Summum 2014

Volvo has been trying to create a niche in the premium luxury car segment of Indian market and it has already given a facelift to S60 D4 Summum in a bid to make it more attractive for serious buyers.



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Brought to India in 2011, Volvo S60 made a big impression with its sporty profile. It was a complete transformation from the boxy design that the brand is conventionally associated with. And there were not many saloons to match its sportiness. But in a segment largely dominated by German luxury cars, it was not easy to find buyers for a fairly unknown S60. After about two years of poor sales in the market, Volvo decided to give it a refreshing makeover and enhance its appeal for a wider segment of buyers. Interestingly, Volvo has tried to tone down the looks of S60 to give it a more mature appearance. The entertaining T6 petrol version has also been discontinued. So we have the D4 and D5 with their 2 litre and 2.4 litre diesel engine variants post this makeover. Both of these are coupled with 6 speed automatic transmission. 
The 2000 cc 5 cylinder diesel engine of S60 D4 churns out 163 bhp at 3500 rpm. Its peak torque is 40.8 kgm. And the D4 Summum is the trim that we explore in our review: 
With a squatting stance and coupe like roofline, the S60 still exudes a sporty feel. Although the basic design and silhouette remain unchanged, there is some degree of mellowness in the saloon’s looks. The rounded, drop shaped headlamps have been replaced by slimmer, swept back units. Stretching across the chin, the grille also goes wider and more prominent. Those creases on the bonnet are sharp and the front bumper is more intricately moulded. Daytime running lights that were earlier positioned between the headlamps and grille have now been placed down, on the sides of bumper. These too are slimmer and longer, replacing that stubby design used on older S60. 
Volvo S60 still looks vivacious and its coupe-like profile makes it more charming. The flow of C-pillars towards the back draws attention. While the basic design for tail lamps has not changed they are more angular as compared to the tad rounded lights on the predecessor of this car. You will see new exhaust muffler tip. The alloy wheels have a smart matt finish and wear 215/50 R17 tyres. 
The facelift has given this front wheel drive saloon a more aerodynamic form and it looks more aggressive to take on the contenders like Mercedes C Class, Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. 
There are not many changes inside the cabin but the Swedish carmaker has redesigned the instrument panel with a new customisable TFT display. This replaces analogue speedometer and tachometer dials. Their illumination changes colours and also the positioning of the elements in the readout gets changed as per Performance, Elegance or Economy themes. It’s interesting to see the tacho becoming the centre of attention when the settings get changed in Performance mode. So this change to an exciting even if funky display is the most interesting modification with the makeover. 
The floating centre console, in its typical Volvo style has not changed. It does add a special aesthetic allure to the cockpit, frees up some space while also bringing the controls closer to the driver. Chrome accents on the knobs, gear selector stalk and the multi function steering wheels add zing to the interiors. 
Leather upholstered sport seats are comfortable with good thigh and back support. Unlike the base Kinetic trim that has manual settings for seats, the Summum comes with powered adjustments for height and lumbar support. There is nothing to complain about the comfort on rear seats but the car is virtually designed for four people. It’s not very practical to have three adult passengers sitting at the back. For utmost comfort of two occupants, a rear centre armrest with stowage and cup holders is also provided. Automatic climate control with air quality control system keeps the cabin cool and fresh. The entertainment system comes with on screen display and comprises CD/ MP3 players, Aux input and USB ports. Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming and handsfree telephony is provided. 
On the safety front – a strong attribute of this brand - the car comes with six airbags and features such as ABS, emergency brake assistance, dynamic stability & traction control, engine drag control, auto dimming mirrors and warning triangle. 
Engine, Transmission and Performance 
Internationally, Volvo is making a shift to its new four cylinder diesel motor but the facelifted car in India still has the same 2.0 litre five cylinder engine in the D4 Summum. It has been appreciated for its delivery of power in a liner and predictable way. But S60’s diesel engine does lack refinement. It is noisy when compared to the engines used in its German rivals. What is good is that there is plenty of mid-range punch and this Volvo saloon feels peppy to drive in city even in part throttle conditions. 
There is a turbo lag initially but it is kept under check and the engine does not really disappoint on highways. As with most other diesel engines, the mid range is strong particularly after the 2000 rpm mark. Indeed the 40.8 kgm of peak torque produced by this 2 litre motor is just 2.1 kgm less than the bigger one used in D5. So you can enjoy that massive wave of torque right up to 3500 rpm after which it starts to come down. Certainly, the engine is aspirated and free revving but you would not want to spin it to upper limits. Not only does it feel exhausted, there is a loudly audible grumble. So it is best to simply slot the six speed ‘box in D and amble around the town or enjoy a leisurely cruise on open roads. 
And then there’s the slow six-speed transmission that takes its own time to upshift. The D4 variant does not get paddle shifters that are offered with D5 Summum. So while you will enjoy the quick-revving nature of this engine in the Sport mode, the reluctance of automatic ‘box to upshift is a bummer. But the shifts are quite smooth and seamless.  
The average performance of this saloon is fine and it takes 9.5 seconds to go from 0-100 km/hour. Top speed for S60 D4 is 210 km/hour. A front wheel drive car, the S60 does not impress as much as its rear wheel drive rivals. But Volvo’s torque vectoring technology adds some fun factor to the drive. 
Ride and Handling 
The slightly laid back nature of Volvo is also felt in the way its suspension behaves. At city driving speeds, it is quite comfortable in the cabin and road undulations do not filter through to cause any disturbance. At higher speed, Volvo S60 is not as composed as some other executive saloons feel on a not-so-good road, but it does not bounce around in uncontrolled ways. When you take the S60 around a corner it holds onto line without much fuss. The body roll is limited but with regards to this quality, you can’t compare the S60 to the talented BMW 3 Series. 
The feel of steering wheel is reasonably accurate and it offers fair amount of feedback. You will also be happy with the road grip. The power is sent to only front wheels and so there is a bit of understeer when you approach high-speed corners but things do remain in control. And even if they don’t, this is a Volvo with good stock of well planned safety features. So you do stay out of trouble.  
Fuel Economy 
The S60 does not disappoint in terms of its fuel economy. Under city driving conditions you can enjoy fuel efficiency of 12.5 km/litre and on highways it goes up to 17 km/litre – this is admirable for a luxury diesel car. 
Good looks, especially after this makeover, well equipped cabin with comfortable seats, a host of safety features, fairly nice fuel economy and decent performance are the pluses that come with the S60 saloon. But, as a luxury car brand, Volvo is not yet very popular in India. Poor after-sale service is a chief factor that discourages potential buyers from going for a car like the S60. If a safe car with sporty profile and good fuel efficiency is your choice, this one will be an enjoyable buy. Volvo S60 D4 is priced at Rs 32.5 lakhs (ex showroom price Delhi). 
Comfort: 4/5
Refinement: 3.5/5
Safety: 4/5
Ride: 3.5/5
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5

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