Volkswagen New Jetta
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Strong Areas

  • Attractive design 
  • Roomy cabin 
  • High creature comfort
  • Powerful engines 

Weak Areas

  • Pricey top model 
  • Spartan interiors
  • Small service network
  • Costly spares 
Volkswagen New Jetta

New edition of Volkswagen Jetta

We will get a detail analysis on the Volkswagen Jetta



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When we are looking for a nice and affordable family car, then the different variants of Volkswagen can be a good option for you. Before we take a chance to have a new Jetta of Volkswagen, we can take a look about the journey of Volkswagen. This famous German car manufacturing company started its journey in the year 1937. The company has it’s headquarter in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxomy, Germany. Among the Volkswagen group has become the biggest car manufacturer in Germany. Again in the World, this group is considered as the second largest car manufacturing company in the world.
The history of this car manufacturing group is very much noticeable. This is the first auto industry in Germany, to make luxurious family car. It was the 1948, from which year the company become most important part in the auto industry in Germany. This was the time where the company introduced sports car too. The first marketing of Volkswagen started with USA in the year 1949. This was the year when the company exhibited its two cars here and the first sale was in the name of Victory Wagen. The marketing of Volkswagen in America started in the year 1955.
           Volkswagen New Jetta
After USA, the company Volkswagen speeded its journey to Canada since the year 1952. The company till date has produced various luxurious sedans. Among them Jetta is something special edition of the company. This model has been developed in different generations. The first generation Jetta was developed during the year 1979 to 1984. During this period Volkswagen Jetta was the bestselling car in US. The first generation Jetta was available with 1.6 litter engine and the 1.7 litre fuel infused gas. 
The second generation Jetta was introduced in the year 1985 and continued till 1992. The design of the car was far more developed than it was in the in the first generation model of Jetta. This model was developed with models namely the basic Jetta, Jetta GLi, Jetta GL etc. The engines of these cars were available with 1.8 FI gas, 1.6 FI Diesel, 1.6 FI Turbo Diesel etc. This generation cars of Volkswagen Jetta, were longest running cars in the world. The second generation car was made available for five passengers whereas it was comfortable for four passengers only in the first generation cars. 
Here we can have a look on the 3rd generation car of Volkswagen Jetta. This third generation Jetta was introduced in the year 1992 and continued till 1999. This generation car was made available with lot more safety features and comfort features. This third generation Jetta was first introduced in the year 1993 in North America. The car was fitted with more aero dynamic systems. The looks of this generation car was quite similar to the second generation car. However, some more refinements have been added to this third generation Jetta. A revolution was made in the suspension of the car and thus the car became more environments friendly with the excellent use of recycled plastics. 
The company developed some more excellent models of Volkswagen Jetta in the year 1999 and these were named as Fourth Generation Cars. The fourth generation car was made available with some more excellent specifications and safety features. It was the year 2002, when the new diesel model was developed and this was available with excellent models injectors of engines. The fourth generation car was developed with air emission facilities as per the standard maintained in Europe and North America. The safety features of the car were made more developed and these will help lots in comfortable driving and handling the car. 

Now, we are going to discuss with the fifth generation car. The first firth generation car was developed in the year 2005 and the car made its debut in the US market. The fifth generation car was available with lot more verities. 
The new Jetta, is available with all the special features and this is presently known as sixth Generation car. Let us have a discussion about this new generation car.  
The new version of Volkswagen Jetta has introduced some more advanced features. The external of this brand new model, Volkswagen Jetta, has been made with all the relevant conditions and designs. This car will be available in the market in attractive silver metallic. The exterior measurement of this car is in reality overwhelming. The company has made the car with an elegant look and style. The total measurement of this car is available with 1778x 1453x4644 with respect to width, height and length. The ground clearance of this car is obtainable at a measurement of 159 mm. The new Jetta is available with a specification with different variants like Jetta 1.4 TSI, Jetta 2.0 L TDI, Jetta 1.4 TSI Comfortline, Jetta 2.0L TDI Comfortline etc. Again the car is available with both the diesel and the petrol variants. 
Almost all the models of Jetta are available with all the specifications. Here we will get the existence of advance fog lights at the rear, power adjustable rear view mirror within the specification of Jetta 1.4 TSI Trendline. The exterior of this variant is also available with window defogger at the rear and power Antenna. 
           Electrically Adjustable Mirror
The variant Jetta 2.0LTDI Trendline is available with some excellent features. This variant is available with fog lights at the rear, exterior rear view mirror with power adjustable, wheels made of alloys. The exterior features of Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Comfortline are available with various exterior features. We will get some excellent features like fog lights existed at the front fascia, power adjustable rear view mirrors, existence of fog lights at the rear etc. The designing of the chrome grille on the front fascia has made this car excellent and gorgeous. Another innovative item, rain sensing wiper is available with this car. Another special variant, Jetta 2.0L TDI Comfortline is available with some excellent exteriors as Jetta 1.4 TSI model. 
When we are going buy a car, we must look for a car which will give us the ultimate comfort. Hence we must look for the interior qualities within the car. The interior of the car has also been made with all the fashionable designs. All the models of this car are specially availed with all the relevant specifications. The interior of each the models have been made comfortable with the existence of air conditioner. The interior of this car has been fitted with heater too. When the customers will step into the car, they will find the comfortable leather seats with luxurious designs. Here we will get the existence of various techniques like immobilizer for theft deterrent system and cruise control system. The armrests for both the front and the rear panels are available. Here we will also get multi functional trip computer to have a record of the time of the trip. The trip computer will also work to record the speed of the trip on an average.
Again, some other facilities like if any consumer want to know the exact or an average of the trip fuel consumption, then that detail is also available with the existence of trip computer. The existences of speedometer, tachometer and odometer have made this car excellent as well as elegant. Here we also get the facility of remote transmitter key with the availability of radio frequency. For the safety purpose of the car, the company has provided lots of security features. The car is available with the safety feature of automatic locking system and child locking system.
Other than safety features, if we talk about the entertaining features that the car possess, then we will get excellent CD player inside the car. Both at the front and back, speakers are available within the car. The existence of FM/AM radio is quite normal now a day. Again, in the model Volkswagen 1.4 TSI Comfortline model, we will get the Bluetooth facility, USB and auxiliary input system etc. Here we also get the facility like 2DIN audio which are integrated within the car. 
Engine, Transmission and Performance
The main attraction of any car is depended on the engine variation and its performance. Here in case of Volkswagen Jetta, the company can proudly say that the performance of the engine of the engine performs really nice. The Volkswagen Jetta is available in both the variants as diesel and the petrol. The Volkswage Jetta 1.4 TSI comfroline, Jetta 1.4 TSI Trendline are available in petrol variant. The petrol variant engine is able to store fuel of 55 Litres. The engine displacement is available at 1390 cc. The engine transmission is available with manual feature. The performance of the petrol variant is also noticeable. Here we will get maximum power of 120.3 bhp at a rate of 5000 rpm. Again, the availability of maximum torque is also noticeable. Here we will get maximum torque of 200 Nm at a rate of 1500 to 4000rpm.
The other models like Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L TDI Trendline, Jetta 2.0L TDI Comfortline, Jetta 2.0L Hignline and Jetta 2.0L Highline AT, are available with diesel variant. The performance of the diesel variant is also noticeable. The engine displacement is available at 1968 cc. The fuel tank capacity is also 55 Litres. The transmission type is available with manual transmission. The facility of maximum torque and the maximum power is also noticeable to get. In case diesel variant the maximum power is available with 138.1 bhp at a rate of 4200 rpm. The maximum torque is available with 320 Nm at a rate of 1750 rpm to 2500 rpm. The engine is equipped with 4 cylinders and each cylinder is available with four valves.
Ride and Handling
The new model of Volkswagen Jetta is fully developed with all the required facilities and hence the ride and handling of this car is very much straightforward. This car is very much user friendly for the drivers too. For the drivers the company has provided all the required facilities like power steering and power windows both for the front view and the rear view. The indication of the fuel we can get from the low fuel warning light. There is also existence of remote fuel lid opener. Again, the company has poured some extra safety measures like site adjusting seat belts and airbags etc. There are so many other facilities and among these facilities the central locking system within this car is also be available. To give drivers a safe ride, here drivers will get intelligent crash response system.  Here we will also get buckle switch for the airbag protection. The existences of automatic locking reactors and occupant detection system for the passengers have also made the car attractive to the customers. 
Fuel Economy
When a car lover is going to buy a car, must look at the performance and mileage of the car. Here in case of Jetta, both the variants i.e diesel and petrol perform well. The mileage of the car is also very much considerable. Here the car lovers will get mileage of 16.18 kmpl for the diesel variant in the city where as the mileage on the highways are available at 19.39 kmpl.  Again in case of the petrol variant the mileage in the city area is 11.0 kmpl and mileage for the highway is 15.0 kmpl. Hence, this car is available with all the facilities and features.
This car is obtainable with at a reasonable price in the market. Hence this can be said that when the car lover will opt to buy an affordable family car, then any variant of Volkswagen Jettta can be considered as the special one. This car is available with powerful engine and the performance of the engine is highly appreciable. Here we will get excellent features and specifications within the car. The safety features have been fitted within the car in a more reliably and efficiently. Hence, this can be said that, in today’s automobile market, when it is very tough to choose the right car for your family then, models of Volkswagen Jetta will give you the ultimate satisfaction. 
Here we can have a rating of this car. 
Comfort:  4.5/5
Refinement: 4/5
Safety: 4.5/5 
Ride: 4/5
Handling: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5

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