Volkswagen Cross Polo
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Strong Areas

  • Sleek design
  • Ultra-modern cabin
  • Luxurious interiors
  • Excellent safety features
  • Economical running cost

Weak Areas

  • High price
  • Noisy oil-burner
  • Tight rear seat
  • Headroom at premium
  • Average driver’s view
Volkswagen Cross Polo

Volkswagen Cross Polo The Best Diesel Hatchback You Can Get

Volkswagen is out with the latest version of its trademark hatchback Polo and this one looks drastically different to what we have seen before.



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Volkswagen has been launching the Polo in various versions in India. In 2010, they first launched the 1.2 liter petrol and diesel variant and then later on came the upgraded version of the Polo, the GT TSI and the GT TDI. Now the German car maker has come up with a drastically different version, the Volkswagen Cross Polo. 
The Cross Polo has a very different exterior layout and looks very muscular as compared to the standard Polo. The car also has all the features of the top end version of the Polo. So let us have a look at what’s hot and what’s not about the all new Volkswagen Cross Polo. 
The Volkswagens Cross Polo is very similar to the standard Polo but comes with some new exterior features which give it a strong and a muscular look. The cars lower section has been done in matte black, which looks simply stunning and gives it a very solid feel. This also adds some much needed muscularity to the car. The car has designed bumpers and the front has a single slat chrome grille instead of the regular two slat grille. There are round shaped fog lamp cluster which are placed very perfectly in the lower black section of the car. There is also a wide honeycomb air inlet and a silver front plate on the chin of the vehicle.
On the side one can see the Cross Polo badge which is placed just above the black cladding at the lower section. The side view is improved by a set of five spokes alloy wheels which look very sporty. The car has also been given silver roof rails which complete the black – silver – red combo of the Cross Polo. The wing mirrors are silver too. The side profile is also a bit longer and the car is definitely sportier than the standard Polo. On the rear one can find the reflectors which are placed into the cladding as well, this is not available on the Polo. The lower section black cladding is incorporated with a silver skid plate and the top end version gets a roof blended spoiler as well.   
Overall the car is much mature than the standard Polo and the car is also bigger than the predecessor. The length, width and height have increased by 17 mm, 16 mm and 21 mm respectively. The Volkswagen Cross Polo gets 17 inch alloy wheels in the international car market and 15 inch alloy wheels in the Indian market. 
The interiors of the Cross Polo have been given a few minor changes. The car comes with a stylish dashboard which is done completely in black and gives the car the required sporty look. One will also find beige color treatments on the lower end of the dashboard; this is although available only in some variants. The upholstery has been also done in black, which the engineers at Volkswagen call Livon Titanium black upholstery. The all black theme is very soothing and the seats are even better. The seats are very comfortable and done in rich fabric. The driver will be engulfed by the seats as he takes his position. The seats are very well supported and the riders won’t feel a problem even at speed as high as 140 kmph. The steering wheel isleather wrapped and feels very sturdy in one’s hand. The steering wheel is adjustable for both tilt and reach. The leather wrapping can also be seen on the gear knob and the handbrake lever. There is also a slight presence of chrome on the leather. The finish quality is really good and one will feel to see any panel gaps on the dashboard. The plastic is of top notch quality and has been polished very well. 
The car also has ample storage space. The front door storage compartment is very good and can be used to store magazines and files. There is also a dedicated place for the sunglasses inside the glove box and there are small pockets around the handbrake lever which can be used to place coins. The front center console comes with a 12 V power socket too. The Cross Polo comes with a powerful air conditioning system which cools the cabin very quickly. The air condition comes with a filter for dust and the climate control system is perfect for travellers. The car also houses a 2 – Din RCD 320 music system which comes with four powerful speakers making the car a good choice for long trips with friends and loved ones. The music system is Bluetooth, SD card and USB accessible and comes with a multi-functional display.
Safety has been well taken care of in the Cross Polo and the car has been perfectly designed to driven safely throughout India. The car comes with child safety lock, central locking and door or seat belt open warnings. The front airbags and the electric mirrors are a very handy addition the safety features of the car. The vehicle also comes with ABS, climate control and EBD technology.
Engine, Transmission and Performance
The Volkswagen Cross Polo features a powerful 3 cylinder TDI diesel engine. The diesel vehicle has a 1.2 liter engine and is very much similar to the one found on the Volkswagen Polo. The power delivery is very inaccurate and once you fire up the oil burner one can notice the massive noise that comes from the engine bay. The diesel variant has been incorporated with turbocharge technology which helps it in producing a maximum torque of 180 Nm at an rpm of 2000 and a maximum power of 74 bhp at 4200 rpm. The car is very irresponsive and lethargic at low speeds and one can feel the sudden surge of power with increases in acceleration.
This diesel engine has been mated to a five speed manual transmission gear box. The gears are at very shirt throws and one has to change gears at very small intervals while travelling within the city. Alsoit is quite frustrating when you have to go from second to third gear and vice versa again and again. The car doesn’t produce much noise but one can hear a lot of it while going up a hill. The car runs very comfortably after passing the 200 rpm mark. The car is very lazy while accelerating and it takes the car 16.1 seconds for the Cross Polo to hit the 100 kmph mar starting from standstill, thanks to its turbocharged engine. 
The car accelerates very well at lower rpms and the performance is the best when going on mid-level rpms. The torque laden vehicle is ideal for people who travel frequently and have to tackle uphill roads. 
Ride and Handling
The Volkswagen Polo was one of the cars which was loved and admired by everyone for its perfect balance between ride and handling. The Volkswagen Cross Polo has been made on the same platform and features the same comfort and memorable ride as the standard Polo. 
The car has a very simple vehicle dynamics system. The front of the car has independent wishbones with MacPherson struts while the rear has non-independent beam axle. If you remember the Polo had problem with a lot of body roll while taking high speed corners. Keeping this in mind the suspension system has been awarded with long and hard springs. This does create a bit of a problem as one can feel the big potholes on his back but that is something no car will help you avoid. In all, the suspension is very well designed for the Indian roads and will easily tackle the small potholes. The vertical movement of the car is well controlled but one can feel the thud of the springs at the rear. 
The car is not as sharp as the Punto by Fiat but it is sharp enough andone of the strongest points of the Cross Polo is its stability t even high speeds. The driver will never feel nervous no matter how high his speed maybe. Although the steering feedback is not as accurate as one would accept in the car and it feels too light at some times. But this light steering is also very advantageous in cases of slow speed such as parking and driving through market place. The braking of the car is very effective and the brake pedal acts very quickly and accurately. The carcomes with the traditional braking layout, disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.
Fuel Economy
The German car maker has been in India for some good number of years now and they understand the importance that fuel economy plays in the Indian car market and also that it is the first thing an average car buyer in India keeps in mind. The engineers at Volkswagen have worked hard to bring a car with a very decent fuel economy and still good power. 
The official rating for the diesel engine housed in the Volkswagen Cross Polo is given out by ARAI is a 17.2 kmpl in highways and it is 15 kmpl in cities and congested road. The fuel economy was tested with full blown air conditioning and the car laden with four people. 
The Volkswagen Cross Polo is the most stunning and the most muscular looking car in its segment available in the Indian car market. This car is only a small bit change over the standard Volkswagen Polo but it comes with some really spectacular features that re available only in the top end model of the Polo. The car has a very strong build quality and the lower section cladding is the icing on the cake. The vehicle has some mechanical changes over the Polo and the 1.6 TDI engine is more powerful than what you will see on any other diesel car. Along with it come the 17 inch alloy wheels and a high ground clearance.  The car has very ample amount of storage space and the ride is very smooth. The car will find buyers among the people looking for a car which looks adventurous outside and is adventurous inside. The car has a very beautiful blend of power and handling which one rarely finds in a car now a days.  
The Volkswagen Cross Polo has set quite a benchmark for its segment of cars. The car is priced only 70000 rupees above the standard Polo (the top end version). The cost of the car will certainly be an attractive aspect for the Indian car market. The Cross Polo will cost one as much as rupees 9.24 lakhs (price ex showroom Mumbai). 
Comfort and ergonomics: 3.5/5
Refinement: 4/5
Safety: 4/5
Ride: 4/5
Fuel efficiency: 4/5 
Handling: 4/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5   
Overall: 4/5

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