Tata Motors Movus
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Strong Areas

  • Incredible value for money
  • Strong performance 
  • Good mileage
  • Seating flexibility 
  • Spacious cabin 

Weak Areas

  • Crude interiors
  • Flimsy build quality 
  • Low reliability 
  • Poorly equipped 
  • Average handling
Tata Motors Movus

Tata Movus Expert Review By Ecardlr

The Tata Movus launched in October, this marked the venture of a new innings for Tata Motors’ very successful Tata Sumo Grande. Tata Movus is a entry level Multi – Utility vehicle. The Indian automobile manufacturing company now had something to prove to the country that its car had something worth its price. Though the sales aren’t going that well but let’s keep hope for better. The car Tata Movs come in two variants – CX and LX.



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Tata Motors – An Indian multinational Automobile company – was founded in 1945 by JehangirRatanji Tata and manufactured its first vehicle (commercial) in collaboration with Diamler AG. It entered passenger vehicle segment in 1991. The company is known for its multi – utility vehicles (MUV), Cross Country Vehicles and also known for light commercial vehicles. It also manufactures tractors, buses and certain heavy commercial vehicles and military vehicles. Formerly called TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company), the company is world’s second largest bus manufacturing company and 17th largest Motor Vehicle Company. Tata has brands like Jaguar and Land Rover to its name. It also has Tata Daewoo (South Korean Automobile Company) to its name.
The company also manufactured engines in collaboration with Fiat till 2013. Tata also has world’s cheapest car to its name – Tata Nano whose launch created quite a buzz in India.
The company has many vehicles to its name, which includes Nano, Indica, Manza, Aria, Safari, etc. in terms of personal vehicles. In terms of Commercial vehicles they have TATA 407 – India’s most famous truck, Tata Marcopolo, our low floor buses and many more. Since it also manufactures Military vehicles theyinclude Tata Sumo 4 x 4, Tata Landrover 1515 F, Tata Xenon, etc.  They developed India’s first mini truck – Tata Ace which changed the dynamics of the LCV which by done by TATA 407 formerly. The car Tata movus comes at an asking price of 7.28 lakhs and ranges upto 7.56 lakhs in its two variants viz. CX and LX (top - trim). The car invites a lot of competition with Ford Eccosport, Renault Duster, Mahindra Bolero and its major and immediate rivals – XUV 500 and TataMovus.


The Movus has been facelifted but does not hold much to its novelty. To a common person, the car won’t look any different from its previous versions. There are but a few changes like we have black bumpers and black OVRMs but weren’t body coloured good (In Sumo Grande)? It’s just to cut the pricing down (this is just the beginning).
The car has 215 / 75 R15 LT Tubeless Tyres for both the CX and LX trims none of which feature any sort of alloy. Sad isn’t it?
The features listed by the company for Movus are pretty standard- child lock,for example and power steering. The Movus brings nothing new to the table in terms of exterior features, which they have basically lifted from another product of theirs,the Sumo Grande. The clear lens headlamps too look familiar to Tata Sumo Grande and Tata Xenon XT.
The car has the same material as did its previous models no sheet metal has been used to make it cost efficient. Talk a walk around the car anything you notice as “Fresh” will be so basic that even a common man with no technical education can do like the side decals or be it the stylish silver band. The rear lamps are a little different. The car’s only advantage over Sumo is its ground clearance 180 mm and smooth round edges which is something we can call “updated”. With a little change made to the suspensions the car become better to ride. The car comes in two pretty basic shades Arctic white and Arctic Silver. Even their cars like Tata Nano comes in better shades and other car companies like Chevrolet offers more shades than this car.  Isn’t Maruti Suzuki’s Ertiga economical MPV? But does it not come in better colours and better exteriors? Ponder on that too whilst buying this car.


The interiors of the Tata Movus are pretty basic and look similar to those of Sumo Grande. The car is equipped with nearly every basic feature like a HVAC (Heating, ventilation and AC), Mobile holder in center console, Illuminated Ignition Key slot, Cable operated remote fuel flap, Digital Trip meter, etc. The Tata Movus has a varying passenger carrying capacity – 7, 8, or 9 passengers.  Similarly, there are different seating options viz. front facing and side facing with or without captain seats. The presence of captain seats is quite a boon for front facing seats as the car can be loaded from the back door in case of the side facing seats.
The cars interiors are basic and they are fabric upholstered with Black vinyl. The cockpit is well designed and all controlsare easily accessible. The car has only two variants that too with only two differences first being Air Conditioning and the other one being the side foot step. Let’s take on A/C first. The difference is not between Automatic and manual. No, No, No! It’s between its presence and absence and so is the case with side foot step. The CX feature has only heating feature for A/C whereas the LX has HVAC. Similarly, for the side foot step. There is some fabric insert on the door, nothing fancy.
Engine, Transmission and Performance
This is the only section which can garnish some positive reviews in the market as the engine and power it churns out is the best part of a Multi – Utility Vehicle.
The car is powered by an engine which also powered the Tata’s best seller Safari – 2.2 L VariCOR BS IV engine which offers a displacement of 2179 cc. The car has 4 inline cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder with DIHC technology.  The car has Direct Injection Common Rail type enginewhich churns out a total power output of 120 PS at 4000 revolutions to the minute and a healthy torque of 250 NM at the rate of 1500 RPM - 3000 RPM. This engine is mated to a G – 76 – 5/ 4.1 – Double Synchromesh with Overdrive 5 + 1 manual speed – varying gearbox. The Tata Movus comes with CSC + SAC clutch which is known for its life and helps maintain constant clutch effort. The car has a turning radius of 5.35 meters which is small for such a large and heavy MUV. So we can expect it be a good partner in traffics, or can we? The engine provides quite nice driving experience in the city and steams pretty early on Highways at forced acceleration. The engine is helped by the later mentioned suspensions and a fuel economy of 15.16 kilometers to the liter. Such a mileage has been met due to the optimum change frequency fuel filter element (a performance – enhanced fuel filtration system), a long lasting timing belt system and a new turbocharger. Also, the 15 inch wheels provide quite a wheelbase of 2550 mm which gives a decent ride. The car reaches 0 – 100 kilometers per hour in 15 – 16 seconds which is pretty nice. The car crossed speed of 150 kmph on forced acceleration which is better in comparison to the top - speed 140 kmph of Sumo Grande. The car is quite stable at high speeds in comparison to others because of its large kerb weight which crosses two metric tons (2535 kilograms). The car has rear wheel drive terrain. The company offers the standard 3 year / 1, 00,000 kilometers warranty (which ever is earlier).
Ride and Handling
Being a people's mover, no one expects the ride quality to be as good (read plush) as, say, the Tata Safari. Yet it has to be good enough to be comfortable and unhindering to be able to traverse long distances. As mentioned above, the car has varying seating capacities with or without captain seats – your choice. What is impressive, though, is the overall ride quality. It is much quieter within the cabin than before and large and spacious seats are advantageous. The kerb weight crosses two tons which pretty much overpowers the suspensions but they still manage to give us quite a good ride. There are Independent, Double Wishbone with springs as front suspensions and Parabolic Leaf Spring at rear. The brakes are pretty effective to with Disc & Single – Pot Calipers at front and Drum at rears.
The presence of the dampers makes for an unsurprising ride. What should not be expected from the machine, however, is for it to perform like a razor sharp tool. There is enough body roll to remind you of that time and again which makes you think why they have provided with an anti – roll bar. The car has been prepared for long distance but not for hard cornering. Even if the speed is a little bit on the higher side while negotiating a corner, be prepared for the car to wobble around before settling. The higher ride means comfort even with a stuffed cabin. The Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Steering is power assisted and is quite responsive alongside the peppy engine. When one looks at the, you expect it to perform in tune with rudimentary vehicles like the Maruti Omni. But Tata's work has shown since then there is a marked improvement in the suspension, which translates into a good ride and stability at higher speeds.
For safety we have – nothing. The car might have a tank like build but it’s not a tank; it will not survive every blow. The brochure says the collapsible steering, motorized headlamps, child lock and every substandard feature under the safety segment. But what about Anti – Braking System with Electronic Brakeage System, airbags, ESP, etc. When will India pass a law for sum basic safety features and a crash test regime? With growing cars on road and accidents, there has to be some safety standards.
Fuel Economy
The Tata Movus comes with a65liters engine – come only in diesel. The Direct Injection Turbo Charged Diesel engine offers a fuel efficiency of 15.16 kilometers to the litre. The Indian car automaker has done sufficent work for such a fuel economy over its predecessor (which offered only 13.55kmpl) and also has provided an efficent and great powered engine.
The car has been improved and is better than its predecessor and this is only because of the new stronger and cleaner and also quieter engine. Remember everything missing in the car is to keep the price of the vehicle low. What actually lacked in our Tata Movus was the chrome detailing. As there was none, there were not even a little bit of chrome accents not even on the grille, logo or the “stylish” band on the rear (made of Aluminium).
The Tata has been improved substantially from its previous version and this is mostly down to the stronger, cleaner and quieter engine. The suspensions are new and better and have made ride a little better than its previous versions. Although the interiors are a nugatory and the exteriors are also not much different from the previous model (same is the case with interiors).
The car is modestly priced between 7.28–7.56 lakhs. Due to such a price and ability to be such a great people mover it might be a strong player in the market, as it offers an unmatched mileage of 15.16 kmpl with a fuel tank of 65 litres. It is a car in which 7 – 9 passengers can be placed without much strain. All in all a good car but a few more equipments and safety features would not hurt. There’s a chance that this car might end up branded “Taxi” tag. Remember since it’s an entry level MUV it lacks those entire latest tech – features or safety features but it sure is economical and best for long journeys providing a great mileage. It’s an entry level MUV – can’t expect any frills or extravagances.
Comfort: 3.5/5
Refinement: 2.5/5
Safety: 1.5/5 
Ride: 3/5
Handling: 3/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5

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