Tata Motors Sumo Gold
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Strong Areas

  • Sporty styling 
  • Improved interiors 
  • Spacious cabin 
  • Soaking ride quality 
  • Excellent mileage

Weak Areas

  • Average performance 
  • High sticker price 
  • Small equipment list
  • Unrefined oil-burner
  • Poor overall sound insulation
Tata Motors Sumo Gold

Tata Motor Sumo Gold- The Indian SUV For Comfort Lovers

The design and engine performance of Tata Motor Sumo Gold has been appreciable. Those planning to invest on an SUV, this will be the best. 



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There has always been something very special about Tata Sumo cars. Tata motors is one of the premiere automobile manufacturers in India and its SUV has been utmost satisfactory for people who love to travel. Basically, the reason behind buying a Tata Sumo, is its multi utility. Though it is true that its big size does not allow it to get park in small places, its spaciousness and comfort makes it a hit with Indian people. The first Sumo ever was launched in India in 1994. Since, then it has proved to be one of the most promising passenger vehicles. It has suffered a lot of competition from its contemporary cars. But, with time it gradually improvised and detailed its features and parts. Gradually it became one of the most loved cars which formed and inspiration for many for SUVs in India. Today this vehicle has captured a huge part of the utility mobile market present in India. The market is only growing with more and more people vying for this car. The Sumo has evolved through many phases and today it has become quite a stylish vehicle.
In fact, for long distances nothing can be more comfortable and spacious than a Tata Sumo. An average Indian with a family of more than five people, always go for this vehicle. Now, with the addition of another new vehicle in this series, people have another reason to be happy. Tata Sumo has always been one of the most favorite light passenger vehicles. Tata Motor Sumo Gold, the newest vehicle has become quite a widely accepted vehicle. With a seating capacity of 5-9 members and five doors, this car is the best thing to go on a holiday in. Its robust and sporty look is perfect for all terrains which is why they are one of the most suitable cars to be taken on a highway or hilly areas. Spacious and affordable, this car has some brilliant features to convince people about its usefulness. It has provided a perfect combination of style and comfort. People who are finicky about vehicles will not be able to find any faults with this vehicle. 
Enchanting Exteriors
This sporty solid Sumo has a very bold exterior. Its characteristic robustness and solidity is clearly visible in the outward appearance of the car. Tata Motor Sumo Gold has the exact SUV design which is loved by most Indians. The best part is that one can choose from among an array of different colors like Light Gold, Arctic White, Arctic Silver, Castle Grey, Dew White and Sardinia Red. The colors blend perfectly with the personality of the car and lends it’s a dashing classic appearance, hard to miss. The exterior dimension of the car includes a height of 1925mm, width of 1700mm, length 4258mm and a wheel base of 2425mm. A ground clearance of 190mm is offered along with 900 Kgs overall weight. The steel tubeless tyres are of 16 inches. They have a minimum turning radius which is 5.3 inches. Sumo lovers would be happy to know that the overall wheel size is 235 / 70 R 15 and therefore ease of driving is ensured. This car comes with adjustable headlights. The bold-looking grille bears the TATA symbol proudly. The engineers of the car have developed this car with very intelligently and that clearly shows. The three amazing features about the exterior include Power Adjustable Exterior Rear View Mirror, Manually Adjustable Ext. Rear View Mirror and an Electric Folding Rear View Mirror.
What makes the exterior even more impressive is the presence of exterior body graphics. The vinyl body is stylish and can make the otherwise serious-looking vehicle, classy. The side footstep is interesting stylish, which is not very common with Tata Sumo cars. The front grill is quite stylish, but the fact that it is painted in body color, makes it even more special. The headlamp is quite stylish compared to Sumo standards and is clear too.
Impressive Interiors
Since the exteriors are bold, the interior of this car is a little subdued. Though the colors are low tone, the functioning and specifications of the interiors are as strong and bold as the exteriors. The Electronic Multi-Tripmeter is a superb addition and the fabric upholstery completely matches with the theme and style of the car. The glove compartment in the front is quite spacious and every necessary thing can be stuffed inside it. The Digital odometer and digital clock are perfectly functional and there is provision for every basic need. There is a grab handle with the 3rd row seats so the seated people can have complete comfort and convenience. The front part of the vehicle has a ventilated disc brake while a brum brake has been fitted in the rear part.  They adjust very easily and hence a stable driving is ensured. 
The design has been made with double suspensions. The double wishbone is fitted with anti-roll bar suspensions and coil springs. The car has an integrated MPFI Fuel supply system but the best part is the cargo space. There is sufficient space to fit in goods and commodities without any discomfort. For people who love doing their bit for nature, the car has followed Emission Norm Compliance of BS IV. Thus, it does not create much pollution. This car has everything that people would like to see in their personal vehicle. It is sporty, capacious and highly comfortable.
The inside has AC with demist. The presence of a heater system makes it really comfortable inside the car when getaways are planned in winter. The floor console with hand brake has been installed simply for comfort. The spare wheel for the car is present below the floor. For a person who is driving, the mobile can be kept inside the holder. 
Engine Transmission and Performance
A Tata Sumo generally has a very powerful engine. Tata Motor Sumo Gold has a 3.0-litre (80.5-83.1) bhp 3.0 CR4 Diesel Engine which makes it the car of the year. Diesel cars are in demand and today they are seriously doing great business. It produces a displacement of 2956 cc and the maximum power it produces is 80.5-83.1bhp at the rate of 3000rpm. The engine offers a torque of 250Nm at the rate of 1600 rpm to 2000 rpm. The fact that it offers a manual 5 speed transmission makes it a dream drive. With an FWD drive and a Hydraulic 240 mm Clutch Type, the car is anything but stiff and rigid. 
Fuel economy is obviously the first thing that people notices, especially when fuel prices are soaring by the day. Fuel efficiency of the car is satisfactory as it offers 11.03kmpl city mileage. The highway mileage provided is 14.07 Kmpl. As expected from a Tata Sumo, the fuel tank capacity provided by it is 65 liters. With 17.6 seconds the car can take it acceleration from 0 to 100 Kmph. It has a MPFI Fuel Supply System which is why there is nothing to worry about pollution. The engine transmission is done manually. 
Braking & Suspension 
For the purpose of stable driving, the drum brakes and the disc brakes have been installed in the car. The various suspensions and coil springs makes the car stable and inmates would not have to face a bumpy ride. This car which has the braking system of an SUV ensures complete driving comfort. Thus, surfacing around various geographical features without the need to stop anywhere in between, is the privilege offered by this vehicle.
Truly, there is nothing much to say about this car as it has everything which modern Sumo cars and SUV have. Perfect engineering and zero complication are the two too features of this car, but, since no vehicle is perfect, we would like to list a few cons which are though not very significant, should be known from beforehand. First of all, we feel that the fuel economy could have been a little better. Also, there should have been a few more interior features. Other than these two points, the car is quite magnanimous. The two best qualities are its power and its tenacity to pull over very long distances. 
This vehicle has some standard safety features which make the car even more comfortable than its previous versions. But, it cannot be denied that it lacks the safety features which are present in certain other variants. The rear seat belts are good additions which make the car perfect for senior citizens. The car also has halogen headlamps and also front ventilated brakes which enhance the safety features. Its front suspensions and rear disc brakes are fitted with coil springs and double wishbone types. Hence, there is no way one can get back pains and hitched after a journey along a rough road. These features control the robust frame of the vehicle and enable it to drive smoothly along the road. The presence of front as well as side impact beams is mainly for increased safety. The seat belts have height adjustment facility which can ensure a totally comfortable and stress-free journey. The driver side safety mirrors along with a fuel tank which is centrally mounted, make great safety features.
What we like best about the vehicle is robustness it shows on the outside is contradictory to its inside. It has minimum features which avoids complications and makes it the ideal one for driving. It is a high comfortable SUV and that is its plus point. It has some basic comfortable features which completely eliminates the need for extra or added comfortable features. The suspension technology of Front Suspension with Double Wishbone Type offers total comfort. They have been designed in a way that the SUV would be able to carry many people without them getting backaches after the vehicle reaches its destinations. The shock-absorbent features in the technology makes driving as well as relaxing, highly comfortable. There is a low fuel warning lights which signals every time the fuel goes down the standard limit. There is also a remote fuel lid opener which does not require the driver to get out of the car in order to open the lid while filling diesel. The seat lumbar support at the back provides total comfort. The cup-holders front is also for increased comfort. For comfort to patients, senior citizens, tall people or passengers on long journeys, enough leg room has been provided to the car. Also, the shoulder room is for the comfort of the travelers. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that this car has every fine detail that people expect in an SUV.
We know that no matter how big a fan of stylish cars a person is, if he has a big family and often goes on vacations, an SUV would be the one he would buy. What can be better option than Tata Sumo as an SUV, as it is available within affordable limits of people. This SUV from Tata is priced at 5.87 lakhs to 7.55 lakhs based on ex showroom price of New Delhi.

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