Skoda Fabia
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Strong Areas

  • Contemporary styling
  • High quality interiors
  • Exemplary build quality
  • Spacious well equipped cabin
  • Commendable ride & handling capabilities

Weak Areas

  • Priced high 
  • Noisy engine
  • Average power plants
  • Costly spares and service
  • Few service centres outside metros
Skoda Fabia

Skoda fabia 1.6 Vs Volkswagon Polo 1.6

Even though the Fabia and Polo are built on a similar platform they resemble nowhere. Skoda fabia is more of a family car while the Volkswagon is more of a personal car.  



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Hyper sensitivity over fuel efficiency has slain many a good 1.6-litre petrol car. Pockets were not so deep in the past, so affordability and running costs took precedence over everything. But with the Indian economy (and salaries) going through the roof, today’s car buyers are a wealthier lot and more willing to indulge themselves. They have the capacity to absorb higher running costs and many of them are genuinely interested in the additional performance provided by powerful motors. As a result, the 1600cc hatchback class is .. pop the champagne … back. Promising the driving pleasure of sub-Rs 10 lakh saloons at a more affordable price, these new larger-engined hatches are the bridge between practicality at one end and driving pleasure at the other. Sure, the Fabia 1.6 and the Polo 1.6 are not for everybody, but if you are willing to pay extra for a lot more performance and driving pleasure, these are the cars for you.
One glance and its’ crystal clear that these cars bear no resemblance to each other. They may be built on similar and successive platform the VW Group; the Fabia on the PQ24 and the Polo on the more evolved PQ25, but the manner in which they’ve been packaged and the customers they target are quite different. So while the Skoda is more family oriented and spacious, the Polo is more of a personal car. This is clear when you look at the cars in profile. The Fabia’s cabin is longer and taller than the Polo’s, and the Volkswagen’s tighter-fitting roof encloses a considerably smaller passenger cabin. Also, where the Fabia is full of curves and organic shapes, the Polo’s sharply chiseled profile and spot, on proportions deliver the stance of an athlete. Skoda’s baby has only recently been facelifted (it’s now called the 5), but so subtle are the changes that you need to take a long, hard look to spot the differences with the old car. Anoraks among you, however, will notice the elongated and sharper headlamps, the wider grille and the new chin.
Both these cars are very closely related and as a result the Polo and Fabia have very similar suspension and steering systems. However, the set-up of the springs, dampers, anti-roll bars and electric steering differ. And of the two cars, it’s the Fabia that is heavier, but only by 10 kilos.
Where these cars are almost identical is under the hood. The 1598cc engine is a four-cylinder version of the three-pot 1.2 that powers the lower-spec Polos and Fabia. But the EA113, as this 1.6 is internally known, has in iron crankcase instead of the 1.2’s aluminium lower half. Built in South Africa, this twin-cam 16-valve motor is the same unit that powers the Vento. Changes include a reduced compression ratio of 10:5:1 for India and China, as against 12.1:1 for other markets. And both cars have identical gearing, eventual road speed only influenced by tyre size.
But how do these cars drive and which one is better from behind the wheel? Of the two, it’s the Polo that feels the sportier to sit in. The lower stance of the car, three-spoke steering wheel, simple but very functional gear lever and the clear and legible dials all add to a feeling of sportiness. The Polo’s insides have the better detailing and it’s not as stripped of features as is the Skoda.
The Fabia’s more upright stance may be better for space, but this makes it feel more grown up. And the four-spoke wheel and the heavier-set interiors contribute to this feeling too.
The biggest change you notice, over the 1.2-litre versions, is how potent these engines are in comparison. An extra 30bhp is a substantial amount and it’s immediately obvious. On part-throttle or when you need that instant stab of power, these cars are leagues ahead of their smaller-engined siblings. The engines don’t strain or wheeze to make power and feel delightfully effortless. Flat-out acceleration on these 1.6s is much stronger too with 0-100kph coming up almost five seconds quicker than their 1.2 versions. The Polo is the quicker of the two cars for in-gear acceleration with its stronger midrange and it’s quicker than the Fabia 1.6 to complete the slog from 40 to 100kph. The Polo is faster in the race to 100kph too. It takes 11.62sec from standstill to 100kph and 24.5sec to 140kph. In comparison, the Fabia takes 12.15sec and 25.8sec respectively, which isn’t too bad either, Compared to the heavier Vento saloon, the Polo is also almost two seconds quicker, improving the ‘performance to paisa’ equation no end.
Between these two hatchbacks, it’s also the Polo that feels the more energetic in the daily slog. It has more grunt in its midrange, the motor has been calibrated for quicker responses and it feels sportier at medium engine speeds.
Both engines rev cleanly to 6200rpm, which is a conservative limit for cars with sporting intentions and especially when both engines feel quite relaxed at the redline. However, in the interests of long term durability and a bit of economy, a modest rev limit has been imposed.
The ride quality of both cars is terrific as before but drive them back to back and you can immediately tell that the Polo has a bit on an edge, thanks mainly to the large 15-inch wheels and tyres that do a better job of flattening bad roads. Also, the Polo’s suspension feels a touch stiffer than the Fabia’s, the steering has better feel and overall the VW is a bit more agile and the better car to go ballistic on a twisty road. Playing to the Polo’s hand is a slightly slicker gearbox and strong brakes that deliver more bite. That’s not to say the Fabia isn’t entertaining. The Skoda too has superb body control and like the Polo feels well planted at any speed.
We couldn’t quite test the fuel efficiency of these 1.6 hatches but it’s safe to estimate a range of 10 and 10.5kpl in the city and 14.5 to 15kpl on the highway. Given that both cars have a comparable power-to-weight ratio and not too dissimilar gearing. There won’t be much to choose from these two in terms of fuel consumption.
With their larger 1600cc motors and 105bhp on tap, these cars are the closest thing we have to hot hatches. Sure, in reality, these are merely warmed up rather than truly hot, and they aren’t particularly outstanding in the handling department either. This pair just can’t be compared with a Fiesta S on a winding road but still, these cars are a bundle of affordable fun and practicality all rolled into one. If you need more space for rear seat passengers as well as a good does of driving pleasure, the Fabia 1.6 is the car to go for. It delivers plenty of thrills and is practical as well. However, it’s how these cars are behind the wheel that really matters and that’s why the Polo noses ahead of the Fabia in this comparison. It’s faster in a straight line, is more fun on a winding road, and its sharp styling makes it feel sportier as well. In addition, it’s better equipped and feels a touch more upmarket. The Polo costs just Rs 17,000 more than the Fabia and that we think that’s worth it for the luscious red paint job alone.

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