Nissan Terrano
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Strong Areas

  • Good mileage
  • Appealing design
  • Spacious rear bench
  • Powerful performance
  • Excellent driving view

Weak Areas

  • Ride is bit jittery 
  • Familiar profile view
  • Average value for money
  • Ergonomically flawed
  • Average fit-finish and build quality
Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano AMT Diesel A Pleasant Surprise

A powerful AMT machine, ticks on all the right boxes of mileage, power, handling, build quality and cabin comfort. However, brand perception in India with over the top pricing seems to hindering the acceptance level of the Terrano AMT amongst compact SUV buyers.



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Expert car reviews are many; however reviews of cars/SUV not owned by common people who have been driving other cars for decades are rare. That’s what we at www.ecardlr.com decided to do when we got the opportunity to test drive the Nissan Terrano AMT. We believe such a review would be easy to understand and free from expert biases. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as the team enjoyed putting it together.

          Nissan Terrano AMT A Competent Compact SUV to Drive.

Spontaneous Response

Amit (Service Expert): Best AMT that I have driven till date.

Naresh:  20 Minute ke baad car se pyar ho jata hai or car pe confidence bhi aa jata hai.

Prateek: As silent and peppy as a petrol engine. However the power drops on up-shifts are quite perceptible.

Rajesh: The smoothest gear slotting that I have experienced in my last 18 years of driving.  What a pleasure to drive. Humungous boot space, but that seems to be at the cost of legroom in the rear seat.

AMT Transmission


6 Speed Nissan Terrano AMT.

Amit Tiwari (Service Expert): This is my first diesel AMT drive as most AMT’s I had driven earlier were all with petrol engine.

Nissan Terrano AMT is the Best AMT I have driven till date in terms of power delivery and that too with diesel power plant which is supposed to have its own diesel lag characteristics.

Power drop during gear up-shifts is a common phenomenon with all AMT transmission. Having clocked decent miles with Terrano AMT, I can, with confidence say that the power drop experienced in Terrano AMT during up-shifts was least bothering. Managing throttle input can to a great extent mitigate the power drop issue, however throttling hard to generate immediate response makes power drops very obvious. This is not to say that the SUV does not have power as it could effortlessly climb many flyovers with full passenger load.

Highway driving was a pleasant experience, overtaking on highway was never a problem, as I was confident of the SUVs’ ability to deliver power to overtake without any fear. Power drops during gear up-shift on highway was not troubling me.

In manual mode, the SUV felt as if it was driving in sport mode as it will hold the same gear over a much broader RPM band, but would up-shift automatically before touching the redline, whilst its good from safety point of view as crossing red-line might lead to extensive damage to gear box or the engine, however it does take away the thrill of driving a manual car.

While taking a turn I deliberately kept the throttle pressed to the level at which I entered the turn, however, I realised that the car did not keep up the acceleration, it rather lost speed and this was a dampener. Whilst it could once again be because of safety reason as the AMT may not be supplying power to differential on the turn, however, it took away the fun of driving for me.

Keeping its price and other features aside if I have to decide in favour of Terrano AMT basis the prowess of its kit, I would like to know the following:

Life of the AMT device is normally expected to be around 60000-70000 kms, however, if it lasts longer it will be a big positive.  AMT Kit life of around 1 lac Kms would make me a strong protagonist for this SUV.

Will Nissan offer Child part/s (example actuator or sensor) of its AMT kit? Other manufacturers don’t. If it does offer child parts then it will be a big positive for me. Replacing a complete AMT kit will hit my pocket by around Rs.60000 to 70000.

Prateek: Getting used to AMT takes little time initially. One needs to always press the brake to move through gears (i.e from N (Neutral) to R (Reverse) or N to D (Drive)), that’s how most AMT’s need to be driven. It’s good from safety point of view as unlike pure automatics where one needs to press a button on the gear lever to engage the gear, AMT gear slotting is as simple as tapping the lever front or back thus increasing the probability of slotting gears accidentally. Making brake pressure mandatory before engaging AMT gear therefore is a good safety feature.

I did experience a slight lag in power delivery during up-shift; however it used to be brief. Post the gear shifts, the power delivery used to be quick till the next up-shift. Let’s not consider the power drop a big thing, as the driving experience does not get diluted in any way due to this feature of AMT. As a matter of fact, once I got used to the up-shift power drop, it stopped bothering me.

I wish AMT’s came with a P (Parking) option. Nevertheless, AMT is a very convenient feature, given the fact that most of us will be riding in city traffic.

I had heard stories about Terrano AMT not being powerful enough to climb flyovers with 5 passengers. In order to experience the same while driving the Terrano, I brought the SUV to near standstill at the entrance of a flyover and accelerated from near zero speed upwards. Must admit, I was pleasantly surprised with its pick-up, even though there were 4 decent sized adults sitting in the SUV.

Rajesh Sood: As a rear seat passenger, with Prateek in the driver’s seat throttling to his heart’s content, I never felt any delay or drop in power delivery.  I was pleasantly surprised by the cars ability to accelerate so effortlessly. Had I not driven the car, I would have rated Terrano AMT transmission box better than even pure automatics, the power delivery was so linear.

Once in the driver seat, the power drop during up-shifts becomes a reality, but to the SUVs credit, they are brief and it gains stronger legs with each up-shift, while holding the gear over a much wider RPM band. I must admit that over 2-3 days of driving, I started waiting for these drops before accelerating to my liking. It was almost like crossing a hump.

Whilst Amit did not like the manual mode of Terrano AMT, I just loved engaging it and found myself doing so more often. Maybe it was my urge to take control of the SUV or it could simply be the ease of slotting the gears manually. I haven’t had so much fun operating a manual gear box as I had with Terrano AMT. Add to this, its ability to go up to the red line in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gear which made my driving experience equivalent to a sports car. I only wish that the box algorithm was not set to up-shift automatically closer to red line, as it impacted my driving pleasure. If this is more by design, what’s the use of manual mode?

Overall Experience

Prateek – I had just got out of the Honda City CVT. A much lighter, silent and nimble automatic petrol sedan and drove the heavier Nissan Terrano AMT diesel SUV. Comparison therefore, was bound to happen.

To my pleasant surprise, the SUV was as silent and peppy as my petrol car. The engine noise was near zero in the cabin. More importantly, the SUV seemed eager to please.

On the highway at 120 Kmph, I decided to be adventurous and did some Zigzag driving, the SUV obliged with great handling and near zero roll characteristic. Initially, braking seemed a little slow (maybe as I moved from lighter petrol engine) but once on the go, it inspired confidence with ABS tech behind it. I did some hard braking and was fairly happy with its braking prowess.

Although the diesel engine was heavier than my petrol car, it was fairly peppy and responded well. Its hydraulic power steering delivered acceptable road feedback.

I took this car over some really some tough potholes and speed breakers. I was happy with the way the SUV handled itself. The ride was comfortable, though some occasional bumps did give us some pain. Overall, on most potholes and speed breakers the SUV managed to minimize the impact to its passengers.

After driving on the dirt track for some time, getting out of the SUV particularly from front showers you with the mud/dust collected over the door sill. A huge let down, more so after a great drive.

Naresh – Over 2 days, I must have driven around 150 + Kms. On most occasions, I had to remind myself of the fact that I was driving a diesel and not a petrol power plant. The cabin was silent as it had no engine noise.

When in AMT mode, the power would drop as soon the gears were moving higher. I did not particularly fond of this happening. Later, I was told that most AMT’s will behave like this while moving onto higher gears.

Even though, Terrano AMT is a compact SUV,  on various occasions I felt it to be no different from the sedans that I had driven in the past. Ride and handling was as confident as my earlier sedan’s. I could confidently move around in traffic even at decent speeds. I had taken this SUV up to speed of 150 Kms, still, I felt as safe as I used to feel in my sedan. Even at such high speeds Terrano’s road grip was praise worthy. Braking was equally efficient.

Even on rough roads, I did not feel a lot of jerks inside the SUV. While I was sitting in the rear seat, and Rajesh was taking the potholes, I did not feel the need to hold the rear seat grip holder.

I wish the front seat had side bolstering, cocooning me just like my Brezza and Innova seats. Rear seat incline being uncomfortable gave me some back pain.

To summarise:
I loved the safe feeling of driving a sedan and the styling of the SUV.

I did not like power drop while the gear was moving up.

Rajesh – I agree on most of the things that Naresh and Prateek have already articulated. Although ‘I wish this SUV had Electric Power Steering instead of Electro Hydraulic Power Steering’. Most car aficionados may not agree with my preference but the Jury is still out on both forms of powering the steering system.

Nothing could describe the prowess of Terrano AMT better than what  my family members had to say about it during our 10-15 Kms late night drive to Natural Ice Cream.

My younger one, like all 16 year old, is perpetually online. That night was no different. Completely engrossed in her Instagram and /or Snapchat Streak without looking up, she says and I quote ‘Dad, what are we waiting for mom’s already here, why aren’t you moving’? I thought she was joking as by then I had travelled nearly half the distance at speeds varying between 40-50 kmph. On being told that we are already half-way, she looked up & around and gave me another one of her gems ‘This car seems to be just gliding on the road I don’t feel it’s moving at all’.

On the way back, I asked my wife about her feelings about Terrano and she said and I quote, once again ‘This car really hugs the road when it’s moving’.

Jury speaks and I rest my case.

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