Mahindra and Mahindra Quanto
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Strong Areas

  • Good handling
  • Good fuel economy
  • Ultra-modern styling
  • Loaded luxurious cabin
  • Performance driven engine

Weak Areas

  • Poor ergonomics
  • Middling fit-finish
  • Poor slow-speed ride
  • Imperfect gear clogging
  • Dull interior colour scheme
Mahindra and Mahindra Quanto

Quanto - Why does it make sense for Mahindra?

Mahindra Quanto gets another review now from car experts of ecardlr.com. More from a common car Indian car buyers perspective, without getting technical. Qunato is meant for Indian family of 7, Dada, Dadi, Papa, Mamma, Chotu, Pinki and their cute dog, familes which loves to have fun together and therefore like travelling together, which is precisely what Quanto offers



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To start with it’s a sub 4 meter version of its low cost MPV ‘The Xylo’.  Has an engine which is a tweak from their earlier CRDe 4 pot diesel engine. Shares parts with the Xylo. No wonder it got made in under 100 Crore production cost. Government’s low excise ruling of 12% for sub 4 meter cars and cars with sub 1.5 litres engine helps Mahindra keep its pricing very low. Its 7 seater configuration also makes it eligible for commercial registration, which in turn will help commercial car buyers buyers avail tax refunds from the government, thus reducing its entry cost even further. For Mahindra the Quanto helps them eye a much larger pie of the Indian car market, which includes; premium hatch, eco sedans and MPV buyers.
The question that needs to be answered is whether spoilt for choice, feature pampered Indian car buyers go for this Mini-Xylo oops Quanto. We at www.ecardlr.com decided to have a closer look with this simple objective in mind and drove the Quanto.
Quanto Exteriors
To start with Quanto is a straight lift from the  Xylo, though with every possible effort being made to make it look like the compact SUV, so that it can compete against Indian car buyers current favourite the Renault Duster and expected Ford Ecosport.
Mahindra in order to get the sub 4 meter length car simply chopped off the rear of the Xylo, doing away with the Xylo overhang. The chopped off rear with side opening rear door,  matt silver finished partial cover on the spare wheel which is mounted on rear door, the XUV 500 inspired horizontal strakes above the D pillar mounted rear tail lamp makes the rear quite attractive. As a matter of fact, it’s the rear which could be the saving grace for the Quanto as its help its buyers to move away from the Xylo imagery.
The front though reminds one of the Xylo, yes there are differences from the Xylo, like the additional new lip over the grille and more pronounced V on the bonnet. Large windscreen, raised headlamps and similar bumper seems like a straight lift from the Xylo.
Quanto’s side profile post the chopping looks far more balanced, with the overhang gone the car looks more like a compact SUV and quite manageable. Quanto’s 15” wheel (Vs 16” on Xylo) adds to the cars manageability looks. The large Xylo rear windows have got replaced with quarter glass. Quanto gets D pillars finished in black, which adds to its side profile. Chopped back with low overhang and tall profile of the car makes the quanto look top heavy, this might impact the cars cornering ability (to be discussed later).
Overall Quanto does deviate externally from its original avatar the Xylo and we like the rear of the car quite a lot, the front though is a different story. Up to this moment, we are struggling with a 50:50 Go, No-Go decision. Let’s keep it in abeyance for some time.

Quanto Interiors

One needs to step into the tall Quanto and we thank Mahindra for providing the side step, else getting in would have required some serious effort. Once inside, Xylo images comes back immediately right from the dash (even though it’s finished in lighter beige), aircon knobs and large windscreen (ensures all-round visibility). The grains and dash plastic, crudely finished door pockets and old Ford Escort inspired instrument cluster might not be to the liking of the premium hatch buyer.
Spacious foot well, height adjustable driver seat (difficult to do so when seated on it), rake adjustable steering wheel, adjustable lumbar support with foldable arm rest makes driver seat quite comfy. Row two seats are flat, with near upright back support, low padding and thigh support could make long drives a tedious job in row two of the Quanto. Row two does have lots of leg and headroom which along with the flat floor might ease of some pains of long drives for row two passengers. Rear side flip seats are good only for small children, they are minus any kind of comfort feature and it seems they are there only for getting the Quanto qualified as a commercial vehicle. These seats have no headrest, headroom and leg room is real tight and also do not offer even a lap belt. Mahindra could have well done away with them, thus releasing the space for luggage which it is suited for.
Quanto does not get Xylo’s Digital Drive Assist System, instead it gets a much simpler unit which displays information like; distance to empty and average instant fuel consumption. Stereo system with AUX connectivity and MP3 player, sans steering mounted controls are available in Quanto C8 version. Reverse parking a must for a car of this size is quite a thankful feature.
Post exterior and interior analysis, we feel our tilt towards a no-go for premium top-end hatch buyers has increased, even though it’s yet not a clear decision.
Quanto Engine and Performance
As mentioned earlier, Quanto has to play a much larger role in Mahindra’s future plan, starting with sub 4 meter length car and under 1.5 litre engine, it’s success will pave way for Mahindra to launch future compact cars from their stable with such configurations.
Quanto’s engine is a downsized 3 cylinder version of Mahindra’s ever popular 2.2 Ltr mHawk diesel engine. Downsizing has being achieved by reducing the cylinder bore and stroke from a configuration of 85:96 to 83:92, thus converting it to a 1493 cc engine. The engine however, retains mHawk’s 4 V/Cyl, DOHC, 18.5:1 compression ratio architecture. This new 1.5 ltr diesel engine coded as mCR100, boasts of dual stage turbocharger designed to deliver good low-end torque (pulling power) thus ensuring an almost zero to low diesel lag, delivering almost linear power within the 1500 to 3500 rpm band, which unfortunately tapers off quite dramatically post the 4000 Rpm rev range, even though peak power delivery is slated around 4600 Rpm. mCR100 performance is also aided by intercooler. 
Mahindra engineer have done a fab job in the refinement area, since a 3 pot engine normally is quite rough and noisy. At idle the engine is quite silent, the engine however does starts to grunt and moan at top-end of its rev range. Such great NVH values have been achieved thanks to tuners at engine mount which function quite similar to torque dampers, which dampen those fare known to be noisy. Heavy insulation of engine bay has also managed to add to the noise dampening feature of the Quanto.
At 1640 Kg Kerb weight the Quanto definitely is a heavy car, and even a 100 Ps power with almost 280 NM torque the car does need some prodding and downshifting on the highway. Quanto would be more happy ambling in the city, its linear power deliver starting at low rpm would aid this feature of the car.
Quanto also comes with the micro-hybrid feature of the mHawk engine. This start-stop function of the car, when activated switches off the car during long halts, this feature unfortunately also put-off the Ac and is therefore not of much use in Indian conditions as has been observed with a many aScorpio and XUV 500 user, who tend to deactivate start-stop function.
A smaller engine should have resulted in better fuel mileage figures, but unfortunately, the mCR100 does seem thirsty at 17.21 KMPL ARAI mileage, when compared to a similar powered Renault duster which delivers a much better mileage. One reason for the same could be the kerb weight or maybe the engine needs some more work in this department.
Basis our drive experience, Quanto at best could be a city run about, as a car it does not like to stretch itself and power it’s legs adequately on the highway. The jury still seems to be pondering on Quanto’s ‘Go, No-Go’ decision.

Quanto – Driveability

With a double wish bone up front and 5-Link set-up in the rear doing the duty of a suspension, Quanto has being designed to carry weight which could be substantial with the weight of full complement of 7 passengers added to Quanto’s Kerb weight of 1640 Kg. Whilst the Quanto can carry weight, however, on rough surfaces decent amount of undulations and road feel gets transferred inside the cabin in particular in the row 3 and row 3 seats.
Being a top-heavy car, its hates hard cornering and does depict lots of body roll, how, we wish Mahindra adds the anti-roll bar to Quanto’s rear suspension. Hydraulic assisted power steering also feels heavy and does not turn instantaneously.


We would advice a much sedate driving of the Quanto thanks to its suspension and top-heavy construction. Add to this Quanto’s engine dislike for higher rpm speeds, makes Quanto a decent city run about. It’s compact size and a turning radius of just 5.4 M makes it most suited for city driving.
Within a price range of 6 lacs to 7.50 lacs, there are much better equipped, though with smaller space premium diesel hatch available in the Indian car market. Add to this a possibility of it becoming a commercial car; this vehicle may not be suitable for Indian car buyer looking for top-end feature and tactile feel inside their car, irrespective of it being a hatch or a sedan.
Quanto is definitely for large joint families who love to travel together and are not too bothered about the car‘s tactile feel. Quanto from the house of Mahindra also offers the trust of a very competent Indian car manufacturer with more than decent service reach across the length and breadth of this vast country. We also believe that Quanto will alson not be too heavy on one’s pocket when it comes to servicing cost. 

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