Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
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Strong Areas

  • Luxurious cabin
  • Excellent drivability
  • Responsive DSG gearbox
  • Ergonomically laid-out cabin
  • Powerful engine and excellent performance

Weak Areas

  • Steeply priced
  • No manual option
  • Ordinary mileage
  • Spartan centre console
  • Mediocre rear seat space
Volkswagen Polo GT TSI


Detailed review of the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI based on its performance, safety, working knowledge and user-friendly features and the verdict put together in the end. 



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What is amazing and most eye-catching about Volkswagen as a Company is its brand name and logo that has respect following it and why would it, the Company that started out in 1937 is very close to having a century earned for their upgraded and invented models that please one and all. A hundreds of different models speak the success story of Volkswagen on a national and international scale!
Known to design and manufacture cars that can fulfill the customers’ demands and desires, the Volkswagen Company has an history very versatile and strong by far and despite of hitting quite a few highs and lows and seeing a unstable market, the Company has managed to float above it all. With its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony in Germany, the company that once faced a hard time surfacing as manufacturing enterprise because of the stature of the Motor Cycle Industry in Germany back then has now turned into the biggest Company on Germany and the second-largest manufacturing Company all over the world. 
Back in 1952, the Company had started its collective Marketing in England and until the year 1967, the car models that were deported by the Company to England for sales and display had been doing tremendously well. Post 1967, however, the numbers hit the rock and sales fell down due to competition in the market and ever since Volkswagen has been giving it their best to surface to the top once again and by 1971 they succeeded to reaching their original top ranks again and went on to beat their own record sales too. 
After the production of G40 in 1994, Volkswagen launched its first GTI branded Polo with just 3000 models up for grabs and only left-hand drive modules and a 1.6L 16-valve 88 KW engine; UK hadn’t had any GTI models by then but by 2000 the first GTI branded Polo was seen entering United Kingdom! 
Volkswagen has determined in the future scenario that in the year 2018, their sales in the US will hit a new skyline and they will be able to capitalize much more than any numbers in the charts internationally. A market share of 8.4% is now spreading into China for a total percentage share of 15.6 and in Western Europe for 12.7 percentage of share that will give them a podium to display newer models and invention in the market. 
The Volkswagen Polo GT TSI traces back to the original Polo, the 1.3L 85kW G40 supercharged that was sold between 1990-1994 in the United Kingdom was very well received. There wasn’t a vast numbered sale of the car back at that time as it was very expensive in comparison to its fellow competitors; the likes of Ford Fiesta, Peugeot and Opel Corsa were doing the rounds along the same time period as GT TSI version of Polo. Now, in today’s date, this very car for all these reasons has become a valuable collectible and has been termed ‘ a potential future classic’ by Top Gear Magazine.  
The Body Details of Polo GT TSI 
To be able to buy a car, there is a lot people have thoughts about and a nice and exclusive exterior and design is pretty much the basic ballpark criteria; the exterior of the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is with a lot of specifications and minute relevant details that makes it one of the most selling car models in the market! Volkswagen models are always known for having all that a customer can possibly desire for- the style, the drama and the performance coupled with technology and comfort that can do wonders in the market; guess there is no surprise on how GT TSI tops every potential buyer’s chart after all. 
Detailed Comfort and convenience features:
1. Power steering
2. Power windows front and rear
3. Automatic climate control
4. Remote fuel lid opener 
5. Accessory power outlet
6. Rear seat headset
7. Height adjustable front seat belts
8. Cup Holders front
9. Multi-functioning steering wheel
10. Seat lumbar support 
The styling of the car has a very bold feel to it and the whole body is galvanized and that helps protect the car exterior from rusting. Although the Polo GT TSI does lack quite a few features and that does pop-up when the performance reviews hit the market and some of them are more vital then you think they could be!
What GT TSI lacks is the remote trunk opener option and the trunk light that facilitates easy access and functioning of the trunk of your car and the rear reading lamp to add to it is also missing in the TSI module.
Other missing features;
1. Rear Seat centre arm rest
2. Rear cup holders and A/C vents
3. Heated seats in rear and front
4. Cruise control 
5. Navigation system
6. Engine button for start/stop
7. Voice control
8. Steering wheel gearshift paddles
For the safety measure in the Polo GT TSI, the Anti-Lock braking system covers up for more than a lot of security for the passengers as well as the passersby and the central locking system is an added benefit as it ensures safety to the passengers, especially for children. 
The driver and the passenger airbag along with the rear view mirrors for day and night enable thorough security on the part of the car design; all in all it could be said that the car is comforting and secure and a very good one at being a family module. 
Mechanical Layout 
If a GT TSI zooms past you, no one would be astonished at the sight of you having noticed it in seconds and with the new alloy wheels, rear altered spoiler and the GT badges to go with it on the front grille it has almost everything going on for it to be the eye-catching model! 
An award winning 1.2L TSI petrol motor combines directly to the injection and the turbo-charging that result in a powerful output that usually comes from a 1.6L engine. 
This Volkswagen car is packed with 103bhp and the 175Nm of max torque and with a 7-speed dual auto engine at that; no manual variant has been seen developed as yet.
A hint of turbo-lag is hardly felt and the power from as low as a 1200rpm is made available and it can be pulled up to a 5000rpm; towards the mid range, the car performance actually lets you feel the power and the motor revved hard there on. The DSG responds surprisingly well to the throttle pedal so as to keep the motor boiling at the required rpm  and in an accurate gear; the in-gear tests for the GT TSI show that it takes 1.89seconds for 30-50kmph of speed and for 50-70kmph it takes 2.48seconds! Unlike the other two Polo models, the GT TSI holds on to lower gears and doesn’t upshift very soon and Volkswagen doesn’t quite offer paddle shifters. 
Competitive Market
One of the most comparative studies might be in the house of Volkswagen itself, with the Polo GT TSI and Polo GT TDI having such a close cut that often customers get confused with both the versions being different; they do on many notes seem like twins of the Polo home itself! 
The competitive twin study:
Both the models look more or less the same in comparison to their three-cylinder siblings and the same logo printed on them. 
The TDI’s manual gear knob hit a striking contrast with the automatic shift unit than that in the TSI and that is one of the stark differences between both the models.
Another big difference between the sibling-looking car models is the ESP i.e. the Electronic Stabilization Program that is present on the central console that’s present in the petrol only. 
The Polo GT TSI runs on a 1.2L Turbo petrol that makes a torque of 175Nm and 105PS while the Polo GT TDI features a 1.6L Turbo Diesel Making and pulls stronger torque at 250Nm but has an identical 105PS mark.
Compared to the 5-speed manual in the TDI, the TSI Polo gets a sweet shifting of a 7-speed dual clutch automatic unit; the manual box, however, isn’t as slick as it would have been expected to be as it doesn’t switch through the ratios easily. 
The automatic gear box of GT TSI is what makes it the easier one of two to use petrol and drive around in.
Apart from its own twin competition from the same production house, Volkswagen Polo GT TSI also faces strong competition in its fellow car models like the Swift, Brio, Honda City, i20 and even the Vento TSI. 
The oldest of the lot is i20 without a doubt but one can surely say it has been aging beautifully and still has the brand new vibes to it while Micra is now bolder and looks a lot more attractive! 
In Polo GT TSI, the engine is smooth enough as a gearbox and it is a simple no torque converter, dual-cultch gearbox and with seven cogs to work with; the GT beats i20 by an easy 2.5 kilometers per every litre of Petrol and it is quicker of the two cars too at it has a capacity of hitting a ton in 10.85 seconds as compared to the i20 that takes 13.18 seconds. 
None the less, it would take much more than just appearance and exterior to beat the Polo GT TSI as with references to mileage, high performance and fuel-saving model. So if you are looking to buy any of these cars then the Polo GT TSI in its pitch red body is definitely making a better case for itself than the evergreen i20 and the funky Micra. 
The Final Verdict 
It is quite commendable the way Volkswagen Polo GT TSI has built up in terms of comfort and class and its performance rates are more than appealing; its special feature of handling the power drive while cutting around the corners is what gets eye-grabbing for its customers! 
This car model is known for bringing in the new technology and is by far testing out to be quicker than many other competitive cars in the market; GT TSI has efficiency and style to add on to its cart and that definitely puts it on the top list for many potential buyers looking for a sleek, classy and power-packed performing car! 
Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is only available in the Highline trim that means that whatever the entire Volkswagen as a company can offer, the car has it all and with almost no rival in the field so far, the TSI model has gotten a clear headstart. With all its shock absorbing qualities of the automatic engine and the in-built safety measures, the power-pack performance and the compact design look of the car; it is obvious that you can very easily pick it as a family car without batting an eye-lid. However, TSI might not be the best of the models for a sports lover, car racer or an enthusiast but this car surely offers to smoothly race through much better than many other models in the market presently; with amazing bold exteriors and clean finished interiors, you are surely not going to complain about buying this economic and fuel-saving model to any raging sports car! 
Comfort – 4/5 
Safety – 4.5/5
Performance – 4/5
Style – 4/5
Price worth – 4.5/5

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