Maruti Suzuki Swift
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Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift upgraded to meet tomorrow's challenges

Sign of a true leader is that they are always one-step ahead, they are not afraid of changing a successful formula. Maruti by launching the new Swift petrol version, one of its fastest selling car has displayed true characteristics of a genuine leader. The change is deep, real deep, it has changed the engine under swifts hood, it's suspension has been tweaked and even the transmission has been worked upon. No wonder they command such dominant market share in each category they operate. 



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Fine tuning is the hallmark of a champion. Tendulkar practices thousands of cover drives, Schumacher does thousands of laps and can you imagine how many free kicks Beckham must net to bend the ball just right. So too Maruti which, aware of impending competition and tightening emission norms, has taken the opportunity to sharpen up the Swift.
This Swift may look identical to the one sitting in your garage but under the skin, this one has a brand new engine, new gearing and a new suspension set-up. But why the change, you ask, especially considering the success Maruti enjoys with this car. Those of you with a head for numbers can crunch on this – Maruti has lately been selling 18,000 Swifts (Dzire saloon included) on an average every month and that’s a serious number.
The real reason for the upgrade, however, is the impending Bharat Stage IV emission norms. When Maruti launched the Swift in India back in 2005, it had plonked the free-revving G13B engine under the hood. The 16-valve version of this all-aluminium motor gave the Swift sprightly performance. But the G-series motor has been around internationally for more than two decades, and that means its internals were designed with lower emission norms in mind. Sure, Maruti could have added additional after-treatment, but this would only have added to the costs and lowered the performance and fuel efficiency.
Instead, the all-new DOHC 1197cc K12M motor is a much better bet. Cleaner, more powerful on average and more efficient, this motor clearly is the better choice. It also happens to be a 101cc smaller than the G13B, which means it ducks under the 1200cc mark, qualifying for a 12 percent excise cut in comparison to the 1300cc Swift.
The K12M is a motor we’re already very familiar with. The Bharat Stage IV pertrol motor that power the Ritz has already won legions of fans with its spine-tingling top-end performance and hunger for revs. It’s fair to say that we’re pretty besotted with that motor. Under the hood of the new Swift, however, this motor has been re-tuned to make it more driveable and less peaky.
So while some of the effervescent character of the Ritz is lost, this engine feels light years ahead of the old G13B motor. The change from behind the wheel is noticeable immediately. To start with, this motor is considerably smoother and much more refined. Modern mechanicals mean the earlier G13B’s slightly discordant vibrations when spun fast are history and the motor feels smooth and very well damped despite having a higher compression ratio (that is used to boost output). There is, however, a subdued mechanical whine when it is spun to higher speeds, but this is not obtrusive or troublesome.
While the K-series motor makes approximately two bhp less, it makes more power and importantly more torque over more of its revband and has a flatter torque curve as well. And this means you don’t have to work the motor as hard as the earlier Swift. The bottom end of this motor also feels considerably more punchy than that of the Ritz. The result is fewer downshifts and more relaxed and stress-free performance, all the way from 2000rpm. So while the earlier Swift is faster in a straight drag by 0.8sec, the new car is marginally quicker when in-gear acceleration is measured in second and third.
Flat-out acceleration is impressive too, especially considering that this 1.2 motor is a 100cc down on the earlier Swift. It winds through its rev band with plenty of enthusiasm and acceleration is linear with no sudden step-up. Zero to 100kph comes up in 13.09 seconds and it continues to pull hard till 140kph. But the Swift feels faster than the clock suggests. Rowing through the gears on the now lighter and easier-to-Engage Swift gearbox is also a pleasure. Maruti has drastically shortened the gear ratios of the new Swift to improve low-speed flexibility, and the gearing is identical to that of the Ritz for more effortless in-town driving.
This Swift is also marginally more efficient in the city (11.9kpl) and slightly more efficient on the highway as well (17kpl), the shorter gearing not affecting the latter at all.
Maruti has also softened the suspension to make the car ride better. The lumpy ride of the earlier car is gone and in its place comes a suspension that feels marginally more pliant and absorbent. Whereas earlier the car would apprise you of every poor patch on the road, you now seldom get more than a hint of deflection. And it’s very silent over the bumps as well, with almost no drumming or crashing heard.
But the improved ride has impacted the Swift’s now-famous razor-sharp handling. Sure, it still remains impressively stable at speeds and steers precisely and accurately too but it has lost some of the magic that made it a hero of a car on a winding road.
On the inside, the new Swift is indistinguishable from the earlier car. The upholstery is new but that’s about it. It’s still has the fabulously comfortable driving position, the comfortable but slightly hemmed-in feel to the rear seats, the same door pockets, steering wheel and gear lever.
New engine significantly raises the Swift’s game.
The Swift entered the Indian market like a hurricane. Its sporty. youthful shape appealed to almost everyone, it was comfortable, fun to drive, and Indian car buyers took to it in droves. With a new motor under the hood, the new Swift is now even better. The double over head camshaft K12M motor turns it into an effortless performer and it now feels lighter on its feet, peppier, more refined and is more efficient too. Some die-hard Swift owners may miss the raw appeal and punch of the previous 1.3 G-series engine but the new Swift has a wider appeal with its more rounded and refined character. More importantly, the Swift has raised its game just when there is new competition around the bend, to hang on to its crown as the hatchback king.

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