Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Safety Equipment
  • Good Mileage
  • Superior Dynamics

Weak Areas

  • Lack Comfort Features
  • Average Boot
  • Small Rear Space
  • No Petrol Version
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Breezing On with the Maruti Vitara Brezza

The compact SUV segment was getting crowded but Maruti Suzuki too has now formally introduced its model to make it more competitive. After S-Cross, the new offering Vitara Bezza comes in a diesel only avatar with attractive body styling, spacious cabin and good suspension. 



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The leading car seller of India established its stronghold in the small car segment but it got a tad late in reaching the compact SUV slice of the market. The wait ended when the company finally showcased the Vitara Brezza at the Auto Expo 2016. Designed and developed fully in India, this will be a significant element of Maruti’s product mix in the sub-continent. After the premium hatchbacks, it is among the compact SUVs that the competition has intensified in the past three years. Vitara Brezza has to jostle for customers against Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta, Ford EcoSport and Mahindra TUV300.

              Maruti Vitara Brezza

A sub-4 meter SUV, the Vitara Brezza is underpinned by Suzuki’s global C-platform. Like its chief rival Ford EcoSport it has a monocoque body, transversally placed engine and only front-wheel-drive. Predictably enough, the engine under the hood is the same that drives Swift and S-Cross. The 1248 cc turbo diesel unit churns out 86 bhp at 4000 rpm and 20.4 kgm torque at 1750 rpm. It is mated to 5 speed manual gearbox. 

There are 6 variants including customised optional versions for the LDi and VDi categories and the top end ZDi+. 

The Outside Impression 

In their effort to create a compact SUV the design planners at Maruti have been able to capture an upright stance within a small footprint.  Vitara Brezza has short overhangs, squared out wheel arches and a slightly raked tail that together give it the appearance of a scaled-down vehicle.

           Vitara Brezza
The front end design is somewhat different from the conventional styling language of Maruti. The clamshell bonnet and toothy radiator grille are noticeable to this effect. Overall however, the design is conventional and will not offend anyone.  The contours on the big bumper in front are sharp near the indicator and fog lamp clusters. The pilot lamps that function like daytime running lights add some character although they are not as intense as the units on S-Cross and Baleno. You may not even notice them during daytime.

The faux skid plate below the air-dam has matt silver finish in the
ZDi and ZDi+ variants. Other versions have it in black. It is there purely for aesthetics and does not have practical utility. The bonnet does not have any aggressive creases and reflects simple overall design.

           Vitara Brezza Head Light

It is from the side that Brezza looks like a consistently designed SUV and not merely a puffed up hatchback. There is black cladding along the lower half and quality of its plastic is not flimsy. Blackened pillars and a sporty roofline also butch up the SUV looks. And the underbelly of Brezza stands 198 mm above the ground level. All of this adds to its appeal as a thoughtfully designed utility vehicle.

The squarish wheel arches enhance the tough SUV look. For ZDi and ZDi+ trims, Maruti provides 215/60 rubber on 16 inch wheels. The other variants are shod with 205/60 section R16 tyres.

              Brezza Fog-Lamp

From the rear end the design is comparable to S-Cross but not acutely. The black cladding goes around the rear and as in the front there is a faux skid plate at rear too. Ford EcoSport and Mahindra TUV300 have a tail-mounted spare wheel but Maruti is more particular about weight and so the Brezza does not get this conventional trait of an SUV.  The L shaped LEDs in tail lamp cluster lend a novelty to the rear look and there a large chrome appliqué over the number plate with ‘Vitara Brezza’ embossed on it. Rear washer is integrated into the high mount stop light console. The lens of this light is white here ( we see red on most red other cars).

Paint job is smooth and shimmers well in daylight. And there are dual colour options for the top trim to make the look snazzier. You can choose between Cerulean Blue with Pearl Arctic White Roof / Fiery Yellow with Pearl Arctic White Roof / Blazing Red with Midnight Black Roof. The more subtle, but better selling colours (white, silver) are available across all variants. The quality of fit and finish is nice and build is conventionally Maruti. The doors do not feel as light as that of the Baleno hatchback although Ford EcoSport’s doors shut with a more satisfactory thud.

           Maruti Vitara Brezza Alluminium Alloy Wheel


On the whole, the styling of this car is not flamboyant but the clean lines make the design appealing for all. In comparison to the single colour versions, the dual shade ones do change the personality of Vitara Brezza significantly. 

The Cabin Saga 

Trigger the soft request button on the door handle with the smart key fob in your pocket and you unlock the Vitara Brezza. The 198 mm of ground clearance gives it a tall stance but that does not make ingress and egress difficult. Behind the wheel, you will find the driving position comfortable. Occupants on the front seats  can see the bonnet clearly even if they are not tall.

             Maruti Vitara Brezza Dual Front Airbags

The cabin layout incorporates the goodness of both form and function. All the controls are logically placed within reach and feel comfortable to use. The all black dashboard has highlights of chrome and silver that make it classy. The texture on the plastic is of good quality and piano black finish surrounding the AC vents also looks nice. The parts that have been shared with other recent Marutis are easy to identify. These include the steering unit and the power window console.

While most of the parts are black in colour, the upper half of the cabin has a grey finish and the interiors therefore do not feel claustrophobic. There is adequate glass area and the cabin space is actually generous for a sub 4 meter vehicle.  Tall drivers have ample legroom. A dead pedal has been provided and it is well angled for use by anyone. What’s noteworthy is the fact that Vitara Brezza is 15 mm wider in comparison to the old big Vitara. Headroom is admirable even for tall and turban wearing Sikh men. Fabric seats are common across all variants and the quality of fabric is also good. Even though the under-thigh support is average for tall occupants, the seat base and backrest get bolstered edges to provide satisfactory lateral support.

The driving seat can be adjusted satisfactorily for height but action of adjustment levers for the backrest and seat height is not very smooth. The centre armrest has nice width for both front seat occupants and it comes with fore & oft adjustment. There is stowage space underneath. The padding could have been thicker for more comfort. Maruti works well on ergonomics and within minutes on the driver’s seat you will know what we are talking about. The switches, stalks and gear lever are easy to reach for. In the ZDi+ trim that has Smartplay infotainment system the centre fascia has a clean look. The only feature that looks cluttered us the steering wheel. With the buttons for telephony, voice commands, cruise control and the audio system, there are 13 controls on the surface. Another bummer is the fact that the steering offers only tilt adjustment. Even the cheaper Baleno gets telescopic adjustment for its steering.

There is a simple arrangement for the instrument cluster. Analogue dials for the speedo and tachometer are outlined by mood lights. There are 5 hues to opt from: white, blue, yellow, orange and red. In the middle you see an MID that shows data with bars for the fuel-level and engine temperature. Odometer, time, outside temperature, trip meters, average & instant fuel economy, range & DTE counter – all of these have digital readouts. A gear indicator sweetly prompts you for upshifts and downshifts. With a dot it tells you that you are in the right gear. The A pillars do not obstruct visibility in Brezza and the electrically foldable ORVMs are large enough. It is the inside rear view mirror that seems somewhat small and does not have auto-dimming feature.  The C pillars hamper rearward visibility but the parking sensors are there with versions VDi and above so reversing should not be a problem.  ZDi+ also comes with a reversing camera.

             Vitara Brezza Dual Front Airbags

Maruti has indeed made the range topping version of Brezza replete with comfort and convenience features. There is a Smartplay infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink on the ZDi+. The Navigation system comes with pre-loaded maps from an SD card by Nokia HERE. Quality of sound through the audio system is pleasant and the touchscreen is also easy to use but not so (and not advisable to use) on the move. Passengers at the back can use Suzuki remote control app to use the entertainment system. You see a logical layout for the climate control system and the AC does chill you delightfully even when the temperature is as high as 40 degree Celsius. Driver airbag has been provided as standard for all variants. The passenger airbag, ABS with EBD and seatbelt optimisation with pretensioners + force limiters can be taken on LDi and VDi through the option kit. Utility is another planned aspect of Vitara Brezza’s cabin. All its doors have 1 litre bottle spaces and little area for knick-knacks.  On the front passenger’s side there are two glove boxes with upper one being a cooled unit. 

At the rear 

For the seat at the rear, the backrest angle may feel upright to some people although it is not quite discomfort able. Legroom again is ample for a sub 4 meter car and three people can sit more comfortably than in the Ford EcoSport. Passengers on the window seats get big, adjustable headrests. The rear window is of medium size but with a rear quarter glass, there is a fair amount of light coming in through it. The centre armrest is ergonomic to use and has cubby holes to hold cups. Coat hooks and grab handles are provided on the doors. There are no AC vents at the rear. The top-end trims (ZDi, ZDi+) have flexible 60:40 splitting seats, while the rear seat flip & fold feature is standard across others.

The hatch door opens vertically and there is 328 litres of stowage space here. While this much of area may seem small, Maruti has designed the boot very practically. There are no wheel arch bulges to reduce space of the boot as in the EcoSport. It's adequately accommodating for the weekend luggage and the loading lip is set at a good height. 

Engine, Transmission and Performance 

Brezza is powered by the Fiat sourced 1.3 litre, 4 cylinder diesel engine with variable geometry turbo – we have already seen the set up in S-Cross, Ertiga and Ciaz. It churns out 89 bhp at 4000 rpm and 20.4 kgm torque at 1750 rpm. It’s due to Brezza’s greater kerb weight that Maruti decided to give it a higher state of tune than Baleno and Swift. Start up the engine and the familiar diesel clatter is heard but the vibrations are in control. Revving it up makes the motor sound fairly audible in the cabin.

           Brezza J-Series-DOHC-Engine


Those who have driven the Ertiga will have a familiar feel behind the Brezza’s steering wheel. And even if you have been driving Swift or Baleno, you will see things in common. Within the city and at low rpms, the Fiat sourced ‘national engine’ has some turbo lag but it’s not excessive. The engine is not even dead below 2000 rpm as it felt in Renault Duster 110 FWD. It performs satisfactorily in the 1500 to 1800 rpm and you don’t need to change gears frequently driving through traffic. But if the rev needle goes too low, you will have to downshift for the instant punch. You will also need to downshift more frequently while climbing up steep hill roads. Acceleration on highway is adequate and once the turbo spools up there is a spike which makes the mid-range feels punchy. Performance on open roads is praiseworthy and overtaking is effortless as long as the needle on tachometer hovers above 2000 rpm. With its free revving nature, the 1.3 litre DDiS engine lets you go beyond 5000 rpm holding on to a gear. At 100 km/hr in 5th gear, it goes over to 2400 rpm and 120 km/hour comes at over 2900 rpm. Brezza is not a speed machine but it performs well on highways and is good for inter city commutes too. It is great for a sedate, controlled driving style. 

The NVH package is just average and diesel clatter that could be heard at idling continues on move too. It can be heard even if the AC is running but within the city at low rpms, it is not disturbing. A fair amount of wind & road noise filters into the cabin. On the positive side, the vibrations and harshness levels are well controlled. 
Vitara Brezza has the same 5 speed transmission that Ciaz uses and behaves similarly. The gates are defined well and the lever slots in properly. The clutch is also light and is not tiring to use in stop and go traffic.

Ride and Handling

Brezza offers a compliant ride quality for both front and rear and it can deal well with uneven tarmac. Over the big potholes or sharp edges, the firmness of suspension can be felt but it is not as stiff as in the EcoSport. On poor roads too the Brezza provides a better ride quality than the Ford.  Ride comfort gets better with speed and even at 100 km/hour, the bumps on highways are absorbed well. The ground clearance of 198 mm also makes it possible to efficiently handle pot holes and the typically Indian ‘speed breakers’. 

A neat and neutral handler, Brezza has very predictable behaviour on road. The grip from its 215/60 R16 tyres is inspiring. The body roll is controlled even though it’s (naturally) more than in a sedan or regular hatchback. While you feel the height, it does not cause nervousness and this SUV feels planted at all times. Brezza is also adequately stable at high speeds. It is easy to drive and is not like Duster 110 which attracted complaints about the aggressive comeback action of the steering, the heavy clutch, the weird ergonomics and the big turbo-lag. 


Steering is a unit that people who have already driven Maruti cars will be familiar with but turning radius is not impressive at 5.2 meters.  It is light at parking speeds, and within the city the EPS can be conveniently used as it is fairly direct in its operation. With increase in speed, the steering weighs up well and it does not cause any twitchiness.

Brakes work as we expect them to and stopping ability is fine. Brezza does not lose composure under hard braking although the nose dive is noticeable at front even with moderate application of brakes.

Fuel Efficiency 

The 1.3 litre diesel engine has never let down with fuel economy and the Brezza got an ARAI rating of 24.3 km/litre. It performs up to expectations in city and on highways. 

Price and Verdict 

The 6 variants with their metallic, non metallic and top end dual tone colours are priced between Rs 6.99 lakhs and 9.68 lakhs (ex showroom price Delhi). Nimble as the company has always been at service and sales, Maruti unveiled the Brezza at Auto Expo in February 2016 and the car was launched by March. The Maruti dealerships have gone up to 1800 outlets across the country and bookings are flowing in.

Clean and proportionate styling, good cabin space and that trusted diesel engine make Brezza a good choice for those who want to upgrade from premier hatchbacks to compact SUVs. The ones who still prefer petrol cars will have to wait as the Boosterjet turbo-petrol will come only after Maruti records some satisfactory sales statistics with the current model. You can also book your Vitara Brezza online with best deals and discounts through ecardlr. 

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