Maruti Suzuki Eeco
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Customer Rating
: 3/5
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: 8/10
: 2 Yrs / 40,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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3.37 Lakhs-4.43 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Good mileage 
  • Excellent driving view
  • Great value for money
  • City responsive engine 
  • Generous space and room 
  • Good big-family tour vehicle 

Weak Areas

  • Feels unsafe at speed
  • Looks more like a van
  • Runs out of grip easily
  • Car & tyre size mismatch 
  • Missing utility options-Cup holders
Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Expert Review - Ecardlr

Maruti is known for providing various ranges of vehicles in a different part of India. For the last four decades, Maruti Suzuki has come long way from just offering basic level vehicles. In earlier, 74% of the company was owned by Indian government and 26% by Suzuki Company of Japan.



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Eeco is not only used for a comfortable ride but also used for multiple uses depending on person requirements such a person take out his family for outing and also they can use it for work purpose. The car looks nice with exterior and interior design with various features.
Maruti Eeco Customer Review

Even if the Eeco look simple it is very stylish in its way. The design of the car is created keeping in mind of Indian roads and conditions. From the front of the car, it looks perfect view of the car with stunning design. Front grill and bumper give enough of room to pass the air to radiator and engine.
          Maruti Stylish Clear Lens Headlamps

The side of the vehicle comes with the sliding doors for the entry with stylish graphics on both sides of the car. Side signals are been given on both sides for additional safety of the journey. For the more visibility on the road, it comes with fashionable clear headlamps and tail lamps. The lights used in headlights provide maximum visibility of the road during dark conditions. It also comes with the option of fog lamps so additional visibility of the road.
This car does not look stylish and modern from the outside but also from inside as well. The interior of the car come with very impressive finishing with two-colour tone dashboard and door covers. The interior space of the car is various spacious that even tall people can fit inside it very easily. Starting from the front of the car dashboard comes with two-tone colour and plenty of the space to store the belongings.  Seat of the vehicle is stitched with artificial leather of two-tone colour. That looks stylish and also provides a comfortable ride to passengers. Both front seats come with integrated adjustable headrest that give additional stylish look as well as comfort to driver and companion.
             Maruti Eeco Elegant Dual Tone Interiors

Compared to other models of Maruti in this segment Eeco come with stylish tachometer with digital trip option various indicators in it. It gives a modern look to the vehicle as per today's modernized world. The digital meter contains fuel level indicator, odometer and trip meter. The space between all seats is very comfortable allowing any height of a person to seat anywhere.
This car comes in two options that are five-seater and seven-seater. Both types of cars have plenty of room space allowing this vehicle to use for work reason as well as family trip purpose. Moving to back of the car, this vehicle has large boot space of about 540 liters that allow people to use it for multiple purposes. The large boot space allows people to store their materials and good for work-related purpose as well if people are going for long or short tour they can even store their good in the back of the car. For the entertainment, Eeco comes with 1-din music system on which passengers can play music plus radio.
             Maruti Eeco Integrated Headrests Driver

This vehicle comes in two options that five seater and seven-seater, the feature of air conditions is only available in five-seater vehicle. The five-seater vehicle come with powerful AC feature and has an air vent in front of the car ventilating air in the complete vehicle. This AC unit also works as a heater making people travel using this vehicle in any weather comfortably.
Performance, Transmission and Engine
When it comes to performance of the vehicle, Maruti has not let down the quality. Along with giving peak performance of the engine it gives great fuel economy in the class. All the model available of Eeco use the same petrol engine that is 1.2 liter four-cylinder 16 valves that deliver the displacement of 1196CC. The engine gives maximum power of 73bhp at 600RPM and maximum torque of 101Nm at 3000RPM.
           Maruti Eeco Powerful Fuel Efficient Engine

Maruti Eeco comes in variant of petrol and CNG. The engine is incorporated a range of advanced technologies and has tuned for maximum performance that with maximum fuel efficiency. As per Maruti this vehicle gives mileage of 15.1KMPL. The Eeco engine also incorporated with Engine Management System (EMS). The EMS system allows the engine for high-pressure fuel injection system, compression ratios, knock sensors, low friction and crank sensors that allow the engine for better fuel efficiency and drivability. 
All the models of Maruti Eeco come with manual transmission allowing people for smooth handling and performance. Unlike other cars with manual transmission Eeco transmission system come with Diagonal Shift Assistance (DSA) for easier gear shifting. This vehicle comes with rear wheel drive (RWD).
The suspension system of the Eeco is developed and designed for best in class comfort driving. For the comfort feeling during journey, this comes with front McPherson struts and rear three-link rigid suspensions. Both front and rear suspension has coil springs with tune that are perfectly tuned as per Indian road. No matter if you are driving the vehicle on-road or off-road, the suspension system will provide perfect comfortable ride during the journey. The steering system of the vehicle uses Rack and Pinion technology for the vehicle and has electric power steering for easy and smooth handling of the car with turning radius of 4.5 meters. For more additional comfort driving, driver seat can be moved back and forth as per driver comfort level.Apart from meeting BS IV emission control standards, the Maruti Eeco is also come with End-of-life (ELV) environment friendly and compliant that makes Eeco best petrol cars in India.
Even though Maruti Eeco looks small, light and compact it does not give up on safety of the passengers. It is designed to make sure high safety level for the passengers and successfully fulfills the safety regulations of the vehicle. The safety of the car includes side impact bars, energy absorbing materials, crumple zones and high seating position that offers better visibility of the road for the driver.
For the additional safety of the driver and passengers, the car comes with seat belts for all the seats along with child lock for windows and sliding doors. For better visibility in dark, it has headlamp leveling and high mount stop lamp. Front ventilated disc and rear drum brakes offer additional safety to the passengers with better handling of the car. Along with this the extra big type size of 115 R13 LT provides additional grip on the road.
Fuel Economy
The engine of the Maruti is designed for maximum power with less fuel consumption. The fuel tank of the car can carry 40 liters of fuel with the fuel economy of 15.1KMPL for some models and 20KMPL for some models.
The different variants  available for Maruti Eeco:
Maruti Eeco Standard Five-Seater (Without AC)
Maruti Eeco Standard Seven-Seater (Without AC)
Maruti Eeco Standard five-seater with AC + Heater
Maruti Eeco with CNG fuel Five-Seater (Without AC)
Maruti Eeco with CNG fuel Five-Seater (With AC)
Maruti Eeco Flexi Green

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