Mahindra and Mahindra Verito Vibe
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6.58 Lakhs-7.5 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Bright interiors
  • Unique rear design
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Spacious roomy cabin

Weak Areas

  • Flat fit-finish
  • Poor performance
  • Gaping panel gaps
  • Avg quality interiors
  • Rival inferior interior finish 
Mahindra and Mahindra Verito Vibe

Mahindra Verito Vibe Expert Review By Ecardlr

The Indian auto maker is back with hatch!



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This time the Indian auto maker Mahindra is back with a bang and this time it’s a hatch. There is no doubt left that Mahindra wants to consolidate a firm place in the Indian market because after making its presence felt in the different segments they have now entered  the hatchback segment. They have launched lot of new vehicles in the past few years like the Rexton, XUV 500, Quanto and even the new Thar. Market for hatchbacks is very big so this car has a big point to prove if it needs to make its presence felt. It needs to be spot on with this one so let’s have a look how this car fares.

          Mahindra Verito Vibe Carbon finished front grille


The Verito Vibe is Mahindra’s bid to enter the hatchback market which has pretty much heated up with Volkswagen, Maruti Suzuki, Fiat, Tata and Nissan all in it. These are only a few names, yes there are more and this all the makes all the more important for Mahindra to make an impression and now that they are established in market, no better time to start than now.
           Verito Vibe Front fog lamps with Clear Lens

The car is very different from the hatchbacks present in the market now, they don’t have the curves running through the body which is the case with all the present cars, they have a different kind of approach which might be liked by people. With a wheelbase of 2630 mm this car is pretty long. Overall this car is longer than Volkswagen Polo. Coming to the looks the car has nice vents running throughout the front bumper and the fog lamps fitted in them look good. The grille again has a lot of vents and it looks fine, though you feel something is missing from it. Headlights look very plain and simple and Mahindra could have done much better. The bonnet dips down and has few lines on running on it, it looks descent enough but you will still feel headlights are spoilsport. Going to the side the wheel archs looks pretty good with the doors having a lot of cladding on the base and some of it on the middle too, which does pretty well for the Indian roads. Black pillars on the doors give it a better look. Body coloured side mirrors adds to the feel of the car and they are so well versed with it that you won’t even notice them at first.
           Mahindra Verito Vibe Wing shaped rear chrome applique

When you come at the end of it while looking from the side, the whole car suddenly sloped down which looks pretty good to me and is very different, it is something that car manufacturers used to do it when people didn’t use the curvaceous bodies. Coming at the back the car does look beautiful with the boot lid coming out a bit from where the back windshield ends. Even the tail lamps look amazing with the design. The car does have a fresh feel about it and the Indian public won’t mind going for it looking at the design.
The car has 3 variants D2, D4 and D6 in which D6 being the top end model of the lot. D6 will be the talked about model. First thing you notice about the car once you enter is that there are a lot of plastics in it, all of it does look good and gives you different feel in the car but at some point of time you feel that it might come out and you would have to take it back to the showroom. The black beige does give a very good impression of the insides. The black door handles in the inside give a plush feeling to it. The compartment above the glove box has a very unique and different type of cover to it which surely does look classy. The centre console which has the controls for the air con and the defogger is done brilliantly like the wings of a butterfly, it surely does look beautiful and you wouldn’t want to take your eyes of it. Car has power windows for the front and the rear and the point where it disappoints is that considering it’s the top model it doesn’t come with leather seat covers but instead comes with the fabric ones,
            Mahindra Verito Vibe Collapsible steering column

The front of the car has a lot of room for the driver and passenger and leg room wouldn’t be a problem as such too. It doesn’t have armrest in the centre so that might be a problem in case if you are travelling to a far off place. Car has neck restraints in the front and in the back but not in the centre at the back so it might be a problem for the fifth person but for four people they wouldn’t have problem in their necks when they are off from the car after long journeys. The car has ample space at the back so three people can sit in comfortably; the Vibe is wider than the Polo so three people at the back, not a problem. Since the car doesn’t slope down slowly and does dramatically the headroom doesn’t decrease for the people at back and tall people shouldn’t have any problem fitting over there. The head restraints are placed perfectly for the people at the back except for the fifth one which will have to be a child or have to do with a partner’s shoulder. There is no armrest at the back for the passengers.
         Mahindra Verito Vibe Plush fabric upholstery

The dashboard of the car has good use of plastics not making it plain and dull with a single colour, something or the other does catch your eyes moment or the next. Everything is places perfectly but you will fell the parking lights button is bit too low for your liking. The cigarette lighter is places beside the gear which is normally placed in centre console by other manufacturers. You wouldn’t get a leather wrapped gear knob or leather steering wheel cover but you wouldn’t even miss that much. The instrument cluster looks amazing with the orange light in the background, white dials and the red needles and all the indicators placed centrally. The fuel gauge, odometer and the engine temperatures are displayed on the LCD above.
You will fell the car is bit low on the storage side, it surely does have a glove box and a compartment above it and two cup holders but it lacks with cup holders in the back and also the door pockets in the front are very small, you wouldn’t be able to keep a water bottle inside it. Verito vibe has a boot space of 330 liter’s which is descent for a hatch but still you would wish if it was a bit more.
      Verito Vibe Instrument panel topper pad
The car is equipped with a good air conditioning system but it lacks the climate control feature. The entertainment system comes with CD, USB and AUX compatibility,it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity feature. Moreover in the safety features it has ABS, air bag on the driver side, engine immobilizer and EBD.
Engine, Performance and Transmission
The Vibe has been launched in diesel variant only with the same 1.4 liter CRDi engine which produces maximum power of 64.1 bhp at 4000 rpm and twist of 160 Nm at 2000 rpm. That engine has been taken from Renault which has been used a lot by them. First impression when you twist the key is that you can hear he hear the roar of the engine inside the cabin too which enough said, the noise levels are bit on the higher side. The car gives you enough power to zip it through city roads but as you move on the highway you will not be convinced by the engine and you wished you had a higher gear than the fifth. While driving in city you will be satisfied with the power under the hood. You wont need to shift the gear until around the 4000 rpm mark as it delivers the powers right till there though you will feel you are missing out on something below the 2000 mark.
             Verito Vibe Knob

Ride and Handling
The ride of the Vibe as with the case of its bigger cousin Verito is great. The suspension has been set up so well in it that you won’t feel any bumps or any deformations on the road and it won’t matter if you missed on potholes when the road is filled with water, it will come out of it without you feeling any major vibrations. The downside to its suspension system and ride is that you feel the body roll coming into play when you are going for the turn but that’s not a cause for concern considering the ride it provides.
In the department of handling one would feel that the steering is a bit hard though the car does as much as you want it to do with the steering. If only it had been a bit lighter considering its power steering. This makes the Vibe a it difficult to drive in the city because of the much overtaking which is needed.  The 185/70 R14 tyres work well enough providing you the much needed grip to stay on the roads even if the speed is past the three figure mark.
Fuel Economy
What’s a sedan if it doesn’t provide a good mileage in and off the city. The main reason people buy small cars is due to the mileage they provide, they even prefer hatchbacks to the lower models of the sedans due to the features and mileage.
The common rail injection engine provides a very good mileage of around 18 kilometers to the liter in the city while it gives somewhere around 20 kilometers to the liter on highways. The fuel economy of the vibe is pretty good which is better than Polo but Swift does have a better edge in this area.
In the Vibe you will get a completely different looking car, one which will surely make you stand apart from the crowd. It does look beautiful only if the headlights would have been a lot more different than there conventional square ones. The ride and handling of the car is great but you wouldn’t like to go on for long journeys in it as it lacks bit of power and also the features for it.
A bit of power in the engine and a bit of features and the car would have been ideal for anything. The car is more of a city car zipping around and overtaking in city, just be careful with the handling though. The fuel economy of the car is very good making it perfect or day to day use of it in the city.
The price of the Mahindra Verito Vibe base version that is the D2 is rupees 5.69 lakhs (ex-showroom price Delhi) , D4 will cost Rs 5.95 lakhs (ex-showroom price Delhi) and the D6 will be costing around Rs 6.55 lakhs (ex-showroom price Delhi)
Comfort and ergonomics: 3.5/5
Refinement: 3.5/5
Safety: 3/5
Ride: 3.5/5
Fuel efficiency: 4/5 
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5   
Overall: 3.5/5 

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