Mahindra and Mahindra Verito Vibe
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Strong Areas

  • Bright interiors
  • Unique rear design
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Spacious roomy cabin

Weak Areas

  • Flat fit-finish
  • Poor performance
  • Gaping panel gaps
  • Avg quality interiors
  • Rival inferior interior finish 
Mahindra and Mahindra Verito Vibe

Mahindra Verito Expert Review

Mahindra has tried to freshen up things with the all new verito.



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Originally launched in india with Renault in 2007, it has become a complete Mahindra with changes and upgrades over the past 7 years. It was high time they made a change to their car with the obvious competition in the market with these segments of cars due to the entry in the sedan segment as well as the low cost. The car comes in two variants, the petrol and the diesel with six variants distributed among them.Lets hope that this changes our perception of Mahindra being only associated with Scorpio only, so let us go through what the car has in store for us.
The all new revamped Verito has a lot of teeny weeny changes on the outside. Being on the same platform as of the Tata Indigo and Swift Dzire, it would have to do exceptionally well to make some room for itself in the market and now that Honda amaze has been out too with exceptionally good engine and the looks too. Mahindra verito has come up with a hatchback model of the new verito called the verito vibe.
The new verito is almost similar to the old verito in length being 30 mm bigger than its predecessor. The width and height are the same having no changes at all. Verito is the longest than its rivals Dzire and Indigo which are approximately 4000 mm in length and has a similar ground clearance compared to both. Coming to the changes that the Mahindra has brought, well in terms of design they are completely none, the car looks absolutely same barring some cosmetic changes. The grille of the car is now chrome plated, new headlamps, bumper and the 10 spoke alloy wheels. Then there are other changes like the roof rails, clear tail lamps and new boot lid which bulges out. If Mahindra has to do it right they have to get their designing team together and do something new.
It does have a look of a sedan but it is not that appealing to the eyes, like the design of the front new bumper is good but few good things don’t make up for everything wrong in terms of designing. They have tried to make the car luxurious with the blackened pillars, alloy wheels, roof rails and clear tail lamps which given the pricing of the car is very good and that might even attract some people.
On the bottom side of the door of the car one can see cladding and in the middle of it too which is a good thought as it does protect the door of the car which in india is a must. The back lights running along with the lines of the boot lid look perfect and make you feel the future design of the verito can be better. 
The Verito has different features for its six different models, the D2 and the G2 which are the basic models of diesel and petrol respectively don’t have power windows or central locking, it is very basic and where as the top G4 and D4 models are concerned  you do have the above mentioned stuff like the power windows and the power steering and if you want to go for the high end executive model you even get the host of safety features like the ABS and airbag in the front and it also comes with the infotainment system and the leather seats. Now if you sit in an executive Verito the dash looks pretty good with the centre console neat with its buttons and the beautiful butterfly effect on the air con controls. It also has a nice shiny verito badge above the glove box which adds to the black and silver on the ac vents. Though the instrument panel having the beige combination has a black piece of plastic on the dash which looks certain to come off someday. You have the buttons for the electronic ORVM’s beside the steering wheel which is pretty descent. The door handles have the combination of black and beige again , it looks fine but again you have that feeling that it might come out someday
The executive version of the car is fully loaded and its all that you would want from it. The entertainment system even has a USB and an AUX input including the CD player. Then you have the leather steering when for the better grip to it. It also has a engine start/stop button which none of its competitors have.
When you go at the back you feel the car is pretty spacious to accommodate three people and having much more room to spread your legs and not being conjusted and it even has cup holders at the back which are missing from the indigo and Dzire, sometimes it’s these small things which matter and become factors on deciding a car. The thing I feel missing is the centrearmrest at the back which should have been present, its not a necessity but it is something you would expect in the top model of the car.
In terms of space you will feel that there are plenty of pockets to keeps your things. The side doors having the pockets and then you have cup holders both in the front and in the back. You also have plenty of space in the glove box and the pocket above it on the dashboard. So all in all Mahindra have utilized there spaces well and have targeted the public of india. 
The instrument panel of the Verito looks great with the orange light in the background but one will feel it is is clustered with all the indicators in the middle, the dipper, indicators and all the engine checks. It has a digital fuel indicator with also the digital engine temperature. So the instrument panel looks fantastic but the indicators are all just too cluttery.
Engine, Performance and Transmission
The Verito has been launched in petrol and diesel and both of them having yop and lower model. The diesel is equipped with a 1.5 litreCRDi engine which gives out a maximum of 65 bhp at 4000 rpm which is less to its competitors and it produces a maximum torque of 160 Nm at 2000 rpm. The ride in the diesel variant feels very good with motor tuned well that it drives well around the city, the clutch of the car feels very light and is responsive. The cabin noise is very less too which means that the engine is well protected under the hood. Though you feel that there is loss of power after 3200 rpm everytime you shift a gear. The CRDi engine does works for the car and does make the ride very well and pleasing.
Ride and Handling
The Verito has similar ride as the old one, smooth and very good and no doubt no changes are required regarding this, you don’t change something that is already good and Mahindra have stuck to that. The body of the car handles okayish around the corners as well and the soft suspension works well for the car taking up all the rough surfaces of the road and giving you a sweet and comfortable ride.
In the front it has mac-pherson type  with a wishbone link and at the back it has a H-section torsion beam with programmed deflection coil spring which means that suspension at the rear is not independent, so overall Verito rides pretty well in straight line as well though the handling might not be as good as the ride. Working with the car in the optimum ranges within 3200 will give a great ride .
Fuel Economy
Mahindra and Mahindra have a great engine with them and might be able to challenge the cars in its segment but the cars being sold in india do not solely depend on the looks and the specifications provided. Indian market also does consider average as a huge factor in buying a car in indian economy.
The five speed gearbox does give a descent average which the company says to be between 16-21 for different variants. This average is pretty good but we will have to wait and drive it well before we can conclude if the fuel economy which the company promises on is true or not 
The Verito by Mahindra and Mahindra which was sold in collaboration with Renault before now sold and made solely by them does have quite a lot of fresh and appealing changes to the eyes but the same boxy type of look doesn’t appeal much to the eyes. The car does ghave a great engine and it rides well in the city and handles also pretty well. The suspension system compliments the drive and takes all the potholes and un-evenness on the road pretty well.
In the inside the executive model does give you everything that you would want in a sedan but the base model is very basic, but given the pricing its worth it I reckon. The economy of the car is descent too.
The Verito diesel executive will cost around 6.44 lakhs for the D2 version and the executive version will cost around 7.8 lakhs. D4 and D6 versions will cost 6.66 and 7.33 lakhs respectively.
Comfort and ergonomics: 3/5
Refinement: 4/5
Safety: 4/5
Ride: 4/5
Fuel efficiency: 4/5 
Handling: 4/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5   
Overall: 4/5

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