Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Well-Equipped Variant
  • Value For Money 
  • Good Ride

Weak Areas

  • Mediocre Quality
  • Average Performance 
  • No Automatic Variant
  • Dicey Handling    
Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio-back with a sting?

The Indian automaker is back with the all new revamped Scorpio.   



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Mahindra has been in the market for quite some time with is Scorpio and it has made an impression on the market with its cheap pricing and a good engine which has worked very well for them but slowly their share in the market is decreasing because the model has lost its freshness and they have new competitors in the market. Can the change be what they are looking for to establish them in the market and be the best selling SUV which they were at one point of time. Mahindra Scorpio comes with two types of engines and two transmissions, so let’s see how this works out.


It all started for the Scorpio in 2002 when they took out their first model and it was one of the first few SUV brought out by the Indian car manufacturers, the only competitor it had that time was Tata Safari. It was an instant hit and it was loved by the people due to its aggressive pricing and mighty muscular body. Tough it can be seen the muscles haven’t been taken out by Mahindra and keeping the legacy still alive even after 12 years.
One look at the front of this mammoth of a car and you realize why the company has come up with the tagline, “mighty muscular Scorpio.” The front bumper looks beautiful with well-placed fog lamps and number of vents. There is big jaw like vent just under the front number plate which looks ready to chew of all its opponents. The front bumper does make it look very very mean. You look above and you will be a bit disappointed by the headlights which remind you of bolero, you will feel that they could have done things a little different with their premium SUV. The grille gives it a aggressive look with it bulging out a bit. The bonnet remains at a constant height throughout to give it a tall and bold look. The scoop on the bonnet gives it a very sporty look while also cooling the engine in return, beauty with brains I must say.
Looking from the side you will feel that the car can literally take on anything, the huge car that it looks. It has got very big tires while maintaining its muscular looks with thick cladding on its sides with its name embossed on the lower side. The roof rails on the top are different and give it a very sporty look. The P 245/75 R16 tyres are big enough to keep the Scorpio on the road with ease. The Scorpio is shorter in length as compared to the Safari with a wheel base of 2680 mm which is lesser than the Safari’s by 100 mm. 
Like the previous Scorpio’s the back has not changed much by Mahindra keeping its original look. The rear windshield is big enough with it covering almost half of the boot door. It has big tail lamps standing like a tower. Scorpio also has a spoiler which I don’t think will be serving the main purpose which it usually intends to and its more to do with a sporty look which we can see all over the Scorpio.
The Scorpio has a lot of variants up its sleeve, mainly there are 4 but then there are manual and automatic, 2 choices of engines and also with different emission norms so let’s talk about the best in the lot and what it has to offer. The VLX version has tons of things to offer. It’s got the central locking feature in it firstly which you will notice with the key in your hand.  When you enter the car you will see the key illuminator so even if it’s dark, you won’t have any problem of putting the key inside it. It’s the top model and you don’t get the leather upholstery, it’s the two tone tan and beige fabric upholstery, it looks good but then at the end looking inside the car you will feel that there is too much beige in it, not on the dash but everything else is covered with it, even the doors, you might get bored or irritated with it as time passes but it looks different and new in the starting. The front seats have individual armrests, which is a good thing, driver won’t have problem during long journeys.
There is a lot of room for the people in front with the bucket seats and also with the people in the middle row though a last one you will feel is a bit cramped. The second row has sliding seats so the people in the second row can sit comfortably if there is no one sitting at the back. Mahindra has given an armrest in all the three rows so if there aren’t many people and it’s a long journey, everyone can travel comfortably with their own personalized space. Everyone has a good comfortable neck support except from the middle seats in the second and third row. It looks like Mahindra doesn’t want anyone on those seats as it is bit uncomfortable sitting on the armrest and without neck restraint. There is less room in the last row because of the high flooring at the back.
Take a first look at the dashboard and you won’t be impressed by it as impressed you were from outside. Mahindra did try a lot but it somehow doesn’t work. It has black and beige dashboard. Centre console has woodwork on it but the oval air con vents look ugly on it. Knobs for the air con are too chunky and it gives a feeling that it will come out after some point of time. The gear knob is very weird being rectangular in shape which gives a feeling of a cheap car. The buttons for the volume control on the steering wheel are placed well but again they give a feeling of cheap plastic, it does not have that plush feeling which normally the high end model has. Buttons of power windows are placed on the central console and not on the door of the driver, it’s a disaster, it’s inconvenient for the driver as well whoever changes to this car will have a lot of problems adjusting to it. Fuel lid opener is smartly placed below the air con controls rather than below the seats, smart move Mahindra. The instrument cluster looks great with green background light and red needles, it has two dials one for the speed and other for rpm, digital meter in the centre which has fuel gauge and the engine temperature indicator and also the odometer. On the top of the digital screen it has all the engine check indicators and the turning indicators.
The cabin has some smart pockets like the mobile pocket in the centre console along the mobile charging point. The glove box has good amount of space, it also has a slot above the glove box which doesn’t seem of any use to me as it looks pretty certain that whatever you keep there is going to fall off. The door doesn’t have any kind of pocket so nothing to keep over there, though the center console has 4 cup holders. There are barely any other pockets to keep small things here and there. 
The car comes equipped with a lot of things that one can Umph at. The audio system comes with CD/MP3 player, USB, SD card and Bluetooth capability, rear air con but air con for third row is missing so there can be bit of difficulty there. It also has tyre pressure monitoring system, intelli-park, rain and light sensors, cruise control, ABS, voice assist system, digital immobilizer, blue vision headlamps and the list goes on. The car does miss out on rear ac vents, leather seats, climate control and AUX input in the music system.
Engine, Performance and Transmission
The Scorpio comes in two variants, with only one model having the m2DiCR engine and majority having its famed mHawK engine. The m2DiCR engine is a 2.5 Liter engine which produces 75 bhp at 3200 rpm and twists it at 200 Nm at 1400 rpm whereas the mHawK engine is a 2.2 liter engine that churns out a whopping 120 bhp at 4000 rpm and massive twist of 290 Nm between 1800-2800 rpm. The MhawK goes 0-60 in mouth opening 5.7 seconds, which for a SUV is a great number and great amount of people will go for this brute force. This tells how fast the car can accelerate from a standstill. When you twist the key, the beast under the hood fires up but you barely feel it inside the cabin, is the refinement which amazes you. You will find it a bit rough to move the gears around, a bit of effort has to be put in while the clutch is very soft something which you don’t expect from a single clutch gearbox. The cabin remains silent all the way through but its only a tad bit problem when u try to force through higher revs. The car easily goes into three figures and one can cruise at high speeds all the time. The performance of the engine is great just like its looks. 
Ride and Handling
The steering of the Scorpio is light which works very well for the day to day city use but its completely the other way when cruising at high speeds. Even if a light steering turns a bit when at high speeds it could be disastrous for a mammoth of a car like the Scorpio. The handling is particularly good in the traffic when you have to make your way through heavy traffic, with its acceleration and great handling its perfect for city drive.
Major problem for all the big cars is the roll they experience while cornering, Scorpio having independent coil spring with anti roll bar suspension in front and multi link coil spring suspension at the back still cannot counter this problem and it is pretty obvious on the turns. The ride is bumpy on the roads and is pretty uncomfortable compared to its rivals, you would have wished it was smooth. The 235/70 huge tyres keep you on the road at all points of time and you need not worry about it.
Fuel Economy
In India where people ask the retailers mileage of cars before asking their specifications it’s very important to have a good mileage with a good car. It’s important for any car maker is they want to establish themselves.
The MhawK gives a good mileage of 15.4 kilometres to the liter which is great considering it’s a SUV and is a seven seater. While the m2DiCR gives an average of 14 kilometres to the liter which is not less but comparing to the mHawK engine which has more power and torque compared to the m2DiCR engine its less.
The Scorpio is still the huge beast which when launched in 2002 was nothing less too but the upgrades over the years have made it better and still a lot of room for improvement is there. The car has a great engine with a good response from it and rides very well. It has certain problems in the department of handling which Mahindra should be able to correct with their new versions. Mahindra also could do with improvement of the interiors which is beige and the dashboard doesn’t look that great. 
The Scorpio has number of versions whose price can be listed of which MHawk engines will be listed as they are the most successful variants in the market. Base version of the car that is the Mahindra Scorpio LX BS 4 costs Rs 8.76 Lakhs while the 4 wheel drive costs Rs 10.02 lakhs, the VLX model costs Rs 11.16 lakhs and 4 wheel drive of VLX variant with airbag costs Rs 12.29 Lakhs while the automatic version of the same costs Rs 12.46 Lakhs. All prices (ex-showroom Delhi).
Comfort and ergonomics: 3.5/5
Refinement: 4/5
Safety: 3.5/5
Ride: 4/5
Fuel efficiency: 4/5 
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5   
Overall: 4/5 

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