Mahindra and Mahindra Rexton
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Strong Areas

  • Powerful engine
  • High on space & comfort
  • Terrific style and design
  • Crafted luxurious interior
  • Tremendous road presence

Weak Areas

  • Unfamiliar brand
  • Poor last row space
  • Cumbersome city handling
  • Average automatic gearbox
Mahindra and Mahindra Rexton

Mahindra Rexton Offering Luxurious Feeling On Off-Road As Well As On-Road Journeys

Mahindra is known for offering various ranges of vehicles to the India, as well as in the different part of the world. It is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in India. For the last seven decades, they have come long way from just selling tractors, MUV’s, and other vehicles.



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Individual has their need for SUVs, LUVs, Sedan, Hatchback, and many more other types of the vehicles. The type of vehicle that is gaining popularity all over India is SUV. Mahindra itself has their variant of SUV's as per people choice, and they are Scorpio, Bolero, XUV 50, Thar, and Xylo. With the popularity of SUV's increasing day-by-day in India, Mahindra made the newest addition in 2012 with the collaboration with SsangYong Rexton.

           Mahindra Rexton
This SUVis made not only made to meet the people requirements on road but as well as off road ride as well.Along with the feeling of enormous power and great handling, it also offers top-class luxury to the passengers. This is the third generation SUV launched in India with collaboration of the Korean company. This SUV comes in the segment of Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero and Ford Endeavour. It beats the market with the great numbers as compared to other SUV's. When it was launched in the market, people were so impressed that many people had made advance booking to get hold of it. It is made for perfectly lifting your standard of living and way of other looking at yours lifestyle.

Mahindra Rexton comes with powerful engine same as Mercedes-sourced along with luxuries interiors such as premium leather work on seats, electric sunroof, rain-sensing vipers, auto headlights, ABS, 4x4 drives with automatic as well as manual transmission and much more other features. This SUV is more than automobile car; it is a masterpiece of engineering and technology that offer you the tribute to the success. Each detail of the car starting from exterior design, interior design, and engine or passenger seat is a state-of-the-art.


Apart from Mahindra’s other SUV vehicle, Rexton is completely different in style. The exterior design gives Rexton a bold and beautiful look. It is the perfect combination of the chrome grill, alloy wheels, headlight design matching with exterior body, etc. Let us look at the different exterior features of Rexton.
          Mahindra Rexton Chrome Grille


Classy chrome grille: Classic chrome grill gives the beautiful rich, bold look to the design with maximum space to pass the air in to the engine,along with the SsangYong embedded logo. It makes a strong statement when you arrive.
The Rexton emblem headlamp shaped as Eagle Eye: To give the crystal clear view with the maximum visibility by use of eagle eye projector headlamp irrespective of the weather condition and surroundings. The additional look is added by "L" shape parking light lamps that add up modishness to the front part of the Rexton.
Integrated turn signals and fog lamps in stylish bumper: It gives a perfect finish to the front bottom end with stylish bumper along with integrated fog lamps and turn signals.


           Mahindra Rexton Projector Headlamps


Integrated LED turn signals with OVRMs: Apart from providing visibility of backside vehicles with a stylish look, it also enables other vehicles with visible turn signal giving additional safety.
Rear tail light made of LED unit along with "L" shape parking lights: Added so stylishly on the rear of the car, giving extra bold look for safety on the road with additional “L” shape parking light.
Side moldings of chrome: Giving a fancy and stylish look on front and rear of the car is not enough. The car should also look bold and beautiful from the side as well. Chrome side moldings, curvy and muscular look gives additional looks to the car.
Scuff plates with Rexton branding: Even small details of the car are not ignored including scuff plated while entering in the car. These side scuff plates are embedded with Rexton branding plate and logo.
Premium silver colored roof rails: From the top view, these silver coloredrooflines give a perfect look.
Stylish 16-inch alloy wheels with 10-spoke: The look of the car does not end with front; rear and side look of the car. Wheels are also an important part of the car that gives them bold and beautiful look. With the 10-spoke stylish 16-inch alloy wheels, give Rexton look of modern art in motion.


The interior of the car is done so well that only word for it "Remarkable." This car is filled with various stylish looks and features like two tone interior design, eight-way adjustable seats, and Music player with different features, etc. Let take a look at all the features.


          Mahindra Rexton Automatic Transmission


Dual tone black and beige interior design with metal grain accents: Dashboard and side door handles are made from two tone colormaterials that give a perfect and bold look as soon as you enter the car. 
Premium leather seats: Seats are stitched with the premium leather material that gives stylish and bold look from inside of the car. Apart from giving bold look, it also gives luxuries feelings to the passengers.
Eight-Way electrically adjustable driver seat: For additional comfort of the driver, Rexton comes with an eight-way adjustable seat that can be adjusted various ways at fingertips. The automatic simple access system with auto retracts function that made solely for the driver seat. It helps the driver for an easy entry and exit as driver seat retracts to the default position.
Touch screen entertainment system: The entertainment system made for Rexton is state-of-the-art. The music system allows people to play different music formats including audio as well as video. It not only plays music but also guides driver with GPS navigation facility. Now people can enjoy their choice of music on the go without missing any route.


          Mahindra Rexton Centre Console


Adjustable steering wheel: Adjustable steering wheel provides additional comfort for the driver to choose a position to place steering wheel at desired position. It also has music control keys, E-tronic gear control keys and cruise control key at your fingertips.
Fully automatic climate control: The air condition system built in Rexton is made for automatic climate control as well as manual control. No matter what is the climate outside now passenger can relax with comfort environment inside the car.
Cup holder with AC vent for rear passengers: For rear passengers AC vent allow AC to flow with cup holder facility. AC vent also has facility to control the flow as per the requirement.
Rexton is not only known for providing stylish and fancy look along with comfort and luxury feel to the passengers. Rexton also offers top-class safety to all passengers with various safety features. Let us take a look at these features.


       Mahindra Rexton Premium Leather Upholstery
Ultra rigid steel frame with triple layer construction: Rexton frame is made from triple layer construction that absorbs all impacts and shocks so that passengers can have safe and comfortable ride. It also reduces the vibration caused because of the bad roads.
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): ABS avoids lock of wheels when brakes are applied in panic situations allowing more control of the vehicle.
Electronic Stability Program (EPS): EPS system allow driver to gain more control over the vehicle in case of bad road conditions when driver is about to lose control. It is integrated with ABS and active rollover protection system.
Active rollover protection: In time of slippery road or bad road conditions, this system moderates the body roll with assistance of sensors in order to keep the vehicle grounded.
Hill Descent Control (HDC): When the vehicle is running on hills downside and downward incline reaches 10%, this system automatically applies brakes to maintain a slow speed  that allow driver to concentrate on steering the vehicle.


          Mahindra Rexton Centre Console


Dual front and side airbags: These airbags are made for offering additional protection to the driver and the front pillion in case of accidents.
Engine Immobilizer: It prevents unauthorized entry without the correct key. Even if the doors are open, car will not start unless and until the right key is inserted.
Rear parking sensors: Parking SUV is always hectic, with the help of rear parking sensors help driver more precisely and easily.
Automatic headlamps: Headlamps integrated with Rexton are light sensing, without driver command it automatically senses the light and on/off the lights allowing driver to focus on driving.
Rain sensing vipers: Viper system used in Rexton is autosensing that as soon as rain start, vipers starts automatically allowing driver with highest possible visibility of the road in the rainy season.
Rear windscreens wipe and wash: No matter if, you are planning off-road or on-road trip, you can ride safe with maximum visibility of the road through back glass rear windscreen.
Rear windscreen defogger: Worrying about driving a car with low visibility of the back road due to moisture. With the help of rear defogger now, you can get highest possible visibility of back of the vehicle.
Engine, Transmission, and Performance
Rexton SUV is stylish; bold looking and powerful beast comes in three different models such as RX5 MT (TOD), RX6 MT (TOD), and RX7 AT (AWD). All the beasts are driven by 2.0-liter five-cylinder diesel engine that produces 2696CC displacement. All the model of Rexton with front ventilated disc and rear disc brakes. Rexton has turning radius of 5.7 meters with the help of electronic power steering.
RX5 and RX6 utilize RX270 XDi engine type giving out 162 BHP of enormous power to run the beast. 2.0-liter XDi engine produces maximum power output of 162Bhp at 400RPM and maximum torque output of 340Nm at 1800 to 3250RPM. Both of these SUV's comes with manual transmission along with intelligent 4x4 TOD with a low ratio. With such a powerfulengine, the maximum speed of the car tops up to 180KMPH with the fuel economy of 12.83KMPL as per company claims.
RX7 model use RX270 XVT engine type produces maximum power output of 184Bhp at 400RPM and maximum torque output of 402Nm at 1600 to 300RPM.  This is top class model that comes with automatic transmission with all wheel drive technology. This model also comes with cruise control features that allow the driver to at set speed without much effort. It also allows driver to shift the gears directly from the steering wheel with the latest feature of E-tronic shift buttons.The powerful engine allows a maximum speed of up to 194KMPH with the fuel economy of 10.98KMPL as per company claims.

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