Mahindra and Mahindra Quanto
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Strong Areas

  • Good handling
  • Good fuel economy
  • Ultra-modern styling
  • Loaded luxurious cabin
  • Performance driven engine

Weak Areas

  • Poor ergonomics
  • Middling fit-finish
  • Poor slow-speed ride
  • Imperfect gear clogging
  • Dull interior colour scheme
Mahindra and Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Quanto The Compact SUV Expert Review By Ecardlr

The compact SUV is launched in four variants across the country in the diesel version.



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After the huge success of its Scorpio and Xylo, though both of them don’t fall in the same category but it does tell about their success story of the big cars. Now it was time they entered the compact SUV market and challenge ford with their Ecosport in the market. We never expected Mahindra to diversify so much and also experimenting in it with Mahindra also bringing their high end SUV, the Mahindra SsangYong Rexton to challenge the big SUV’s which tells us that Mahindra surely does want to make an impact in the Indian market. The car comes in the diesel version only with it having four variants. So let’s see how much impact can it really make.


The Quanto is built om the Mahindra Ingenio platform which is direct competition to the Renault Duster. This platform is completely visible and trending in markets with also the ford ecosport including the duster so it was very smart of Mahindra to bring out a car based on same platform. The concept is interesting because this is not even small and not that big too that you have to think once before taking it out of your garage.
The car is quite different from its Scorpio and the XUV 500which were quite big and had more of a aggressive look on their face. Mahindra have tried to put a smile on its face and make it more like a happy little girl. Its having a wheelbase of 3985 mm as said above being a little less than 4000 mm to keep the price of this down it is around 300 mm less than the Renault duster hence the difference in pricing. Mahindra now have been seen as making cars with a bold look which does not apply to this one. In the front it has a grille running between the lights which doesn’t have a chrome on it but it is no reason to complain it still looks good, The headlights arch around backwards which round of in circular shape and come down. The bumper looks good with lots of vents running in it around the fog lamps and in the middle too. The bonnet dips down a bit and has some curvaceous lines on it, it also has Mahindra emblem on the end of it which seems to be look like a lower lip of the bonnet which looks very awkward.
Coming around the side you would see cladding on the door and the side footing which you would normally expect on a big car. Depending on the model you will also be getting a 6 spoke alloy wheel. As you reach the end of the side of the car you will be disappointed much because in the bid to make the car cheap Mahindra has abruptly ended the car. You wouldn’t have expected the car to end this way somehow. Another major problem is you feel the car is very low just by the looks of it; don’t know what will happen once the car is laden with weight, something that is not associated with the word SUV. The back of the car looks descent enough nut somehow it gives u the feel of being a box leaving that aside the rear wiper is tad bit small and even the rear lights are puny as well, lights look similar to those of a Maruti. All in all looks are okay, though they could have been better.
Since there are a lot of variants for the Quanto and also the top model of Quanto is cheaper than the base model of the Duster, let us have a look at the top model of the Quanto. Like any modern car the car comes equipped with central locking so there shouldn’t be any problem opening it for everyone. The first thing you will notice about the dash board is that there are lot of plastics used in it with cream and grayish colour which we are not that pleased to see, we would rather see a little bit of woodwork or something different rather than the same plastic being used all over. The side vents of the air con have a chrome lining on the outside which looks very good. The top model doesn’t have leather seats too instead it has the fabric upholstery which does give a fair bit of disappointment.
The driver and the passenger have affair bit of room in front to sit without adjusting much with both of them having their independent armrests something which is missing in most of the cars and it is pretty distant from the gear lever so it wouldn’t be difficult for the driver to adjust accordingly. But since the car is not very long and it has a capacity of 7 persons it becomes difficult for the 5 people left in the back,3 in the second row and 2 in the back. There is barely enough leg room in the second room and it is all cramped up while in the last row it is too much congestion at the back.
The dashboard of the Quanto is not that great due to the large amount of plastics, the colours fit in well enough though. The central vents have a very different shape than those seen in cars these days and it looks pretty good. The music system is placed really low for anyone’s liking and the music system and air con controls look pretty average. The instrument panel looks very good with the white light in the background and red needles. All the warning lights are placed smartly in and around the panel. There are digital readings for the odometer which looks good.
In terms of space you will find plenty of pockets in the front, you have places to keep you bottles in the door on both the sides then there are cup holders in the centre console. You also have a minor pocket besides the steering. Unfortunately same cannot be said for the middle row and back, its pretty bland and not much room to sit for oneself leaves alone the small stuff
Car comes with the air conditioner and the heater; you can’t say it’s a climate control but the normal air con. You only have the radio and CD player, no AUX, USB or Bluetooth connectivity which is very sad because it’s something that is used a lot now and pretty much basic in every car given it is he top model. You do have folding tables for the second row which is good for long journeys. Then you have the ABS, power windows, power steering, engine immobilizer and the EBD. Safety has been taken up well enough by Mahindra.  
Engine, Performance and Transmission
The Quanto is launched only in diesel engine with the same engine across all the four variants of the car. The car is powered by 3 cylinder 1.5 litre mCR100 diesel engine with a twin stage turbocharger which churns out a power of 100bhp at 3750 rpm and a maximum torque of 240Nm at 1600-2800 rpm. When you fire up the engine you would not even feel the vibrations and the presence of a 3 cylinder engine, its then when you reach around the 1500 rpm that you will fill the presence of 3 cylinders under the hood. When you drive the Quanto around in the traffic and you want to zip past around the cars, this car can certainly do that, it is nippy and the turbocharger does is job well. Its good if the gears are shifted below the 3000 rpm as the power goes on decreasing after that. 0-100 takes around 15 seconds for this car and max speed of 145 kph. The engine comes with a 5 speed gearbox in which you wouldn’t have to put much of effort in the gear changing. The gear changes are good but it’s on the highway that you will have to work with more. The car comes with a 55 litre fuel tank which is more than its competitor Duster.
Ride and Handling
The steering wheel of the Quanto feels pretty good on the city roads at normal speeds and it does good at high speeds too considering the weight of the car. Due to the quite zippy engine it works well on the city roads and coupling it with nice steering, the ride feels good. Also the power steering compliments ride a lot.
When you are driving a big car you always have a fear of the roll and it doesn’t feel less in this one too. The car has a high centre of gravity so as you go around the corners there is a lot of body roll and you can’t say the car is sharp. The handling of the Quanto hence is not that great, you will always feel that you are driving a big big car and will have to be very careful when you are driving it. You might need an experienced driver, any other person can drive it too but he has to keep in mind the big car he is driving. Ground clearance of the Quanto is around 180 mm.

Fuel Economy

The engine of the Quanto has 3 cylinders which is smaller than the engines which are normally present in the cars these days. It is advantageous and has its disadvantages as well like you can feel the engine at higher speeds and the vibrations too. 
The diesel engine with 3 cylinders and 5 gears provides a good mileage considering it is a SUV as the company says. It will give around 11 kilometres to the litre in the city and around 14.5 on the highway about which the people will be happy about.
The Mahindra Quanto is a cheap car considering it is a compact SUV and you can get thar and bolero in this range and the Ecosport and the duster are quite costly. Is a family car with descent looks and though it has a small engine its performance is not that bad at all. Handling this car is quite tricky and it’s not that versatile around the corners but the ride is good and the steering feels well in the hand too. 
It does lack features like a better entertainment system, the leather seats and the space at the back. It would have been better if it was made a 5 seater instead of the 7 seater because the last two seats are very much congested, even if two people sit I don’t know if they will able to keep their legs properly inside it.
The Mahindra Quanto Diesel basic C2 Variant will cost you around rupees 5.82 lakhs (ex-showroom price Delhi) and the high end C8 variant of the Fluence will cost you around rupees 7.36 lakhs (ex-showroom price Delhi).
Comfort and ergonomics: 2.5/5
Refinement: 3.5/5
Safety: 3/5
Ride: 3/5
Fuel efficiency: 3.5/5 
Handling: 2.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5   
Overall: 3/5 

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