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Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF Review

Jaguar XF Review The 2016 model of Jaguar XF looks like a facelift of the older version but is indeed a completely new iteration. It also gets a 2.0 litre all-new Ingenium diesel engine replacing the old 2.2 litre unit. We check out the features and performance of both the petrol and diesel models.



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When Jaguar launched the XF sedan in 2016, it looked like a mild facelift of an existing Jaguar - all the traits of the family design were so apparent in the new model. Even today many find it difficult to differentiate between an XF, XE and XJ when they spot one of these cars from the front.
         Jaguar XF Review

This problem however is not just about the Jaguar brand. It is true for all cars in the high end luxury market comprising Mercs, BMWs and Audis. They are quite like a fashionable dress available in 3 or 4 sizes.  This trend will stay around in India for quite some time so we may as well get used to it. 

Then what makes Jaguar XF a different car than its siblings? What can you expect from a sedan that requires you to pay between Rs 49.5 lakh and 62.1 lakh? 

Before we explore its features and performance in detail, here’s a quick snippet of what’s under the hood. The XF comes in both petrol and diesel models for India the specs for which are: 
• 2.0 litre diesel engine that produces 177 BHP at 4000 rpm and 430 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm 
• 2.0 litre petrol engine that produces 237 BHP at 5500 rpm and 340 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm 

While the diesel is available in three trims: Pure (base), Prestige (mid) and Portfolio (top-end), the petrol comes in Prestige and Portfolio variants. 

The External Impression 

When this mid-sized sedan is observed carefully the changes become obvious. Jaguar XF gets a newly designed, expansive bonnet and updated headlights. While Pure and Prestige trims get only bi-xenon headlights, its only the top end Portfolio variant that has full LED units. The headlamps also have Jaguar’s unique J-blade, LED optimised day time running lights (DRLs).

         Jaguar XF LED Daytime Running Lights


The bumper has also been restyled for the XF. The air dam is broad and there are thick dollops of chrome on the sides. It’s a long car but is well proportioned and with its low hood and high boot it does look great. 

With the base and mid variants you will get 17 inch wheels and the Portfolio trim stand on 18 inchers that make its look even better.
          Jaguar XF Chrome Side Vents

Moving over the rear you will again notice the F-type like LED detailing on Jaguar XF’s tail lamps. These increase the sporty appeal of the car. And then there is the set of chrome tipped twin exhaust pipes which again point at the power of the engines. 

Inside the Cabin 

What impressed us straightaway is the layout of this sedan’s seats. They look great and are comfortable. The top trim portfolio comes with 14-way power controls including those for thigh support and side bolstering. However, there are some other aspects of the cabin that you may not find so impressive. 

           Jaguar XF Lightweight Aluminium Architecture

While Jaguar cars’ cabins are also replete with luxury elements expected in the segment, they fall a little short of what the Mercedes, Audi and BMW offer in terms of quality. So the XF also has some hard plastics here and there. The switches for the windows too are not as premium as in the German luxury cars. It is not that Jaguar is sub-standard in this regard – only the rivals have moved ahead at greater pace in this regard. 

         Jaguar XF Contemporary Craftsmanship

The layered dashboard looks good even if the design is not exceptional in its class. What many will not like is that the cowl for the new heads-up display (available only in top end trims) interrupts the run of ‘Riva loop’ that surrounds the dash. 

Let us also look into the some of the better things. The 12.3 inch fully digital instrument cluster has a nice layout that keeps changing through different driving modes. The cabin lighting is also well executed and it can be configured as per your preferences in the Portfolio variant. And the Jaguar handshake that makes the side AC vents and rotary gear lever rise on ignition is there in the XF. 

           Jaguar XF Space Relax

Another element that luxury car buyers will appreciate is the 825W Meridian sound system along with InControl Touch Pro infotainment system provided in the Portfolio trims. The 10.2 inch touchscreen of the system makes it easy to use the music player, navigation and toggle through other parts of the menu. The Pure and Prestige variants get 8 inch unit for touchscreen. The high resolution display and responsive interface make it a pleasure to use the system. 

The touchscreen also displays images from the multiple parking cameras that help to place this car in a desired spot. You will want to use these devices while taking this big Jaguar into parking zones. The top end trim comes with park assist feature that automatically and skilfully manoeuvres the car into and out of an identified parking spot. As the driver you just need to use the braking control. 

It is disappointing to see that despite packing so many elements for comfort and safety in the cabin, Jaguar did not provide a separate climate control setting for the rear part of the cabin. On the whole however the rear seat also offers the level of comfort expected by the chauffeur driven. The back support is fine, the cushioning is adequate and the legroom is generous.
         Jaguar XV Touch Screen

The rear seat occupants also get a nice view of the cabin and the large glass area permits them to get a good view of the outside too. It is the headroom that might be a problem for the taller people. Also the transmission tunnel is rather big and may feel intrusive to the person sitting in the middle.  

Driving Experience – Engine, Gearbox and Performance 


We tested the diesel model of XF first. This 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder engine belongs to the Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) updated Ingenium engine family group. It also replaces the previous 2.2 litre diesel engine used in older Jaguar cars. What’s more important though is that the new unit with 1999 cc capacity keep the XF sedan out of the possibility of any restrictions on diesel cars with engine of 2000 cc and above. 

              Jaguar XF Turbocharged Diesel Engine

The engine generates 177 BHP and has 430 Nm of torque. It is mated to 8 speed automatic gearbox. 
When compared to the 2.2 litre oil burner, the Ingenium engine feels better particularly in terms of its refinement. It is quieter although the diesel clatter is still audible. When pushed hard it still sounds gruff. 

However, at mild speeds in city the engine noise is well controlled and makes driving enjoyable. The engine also provides adequate power for commuting in the city and the auto ‘box keeps it revving above 2000 rpm to keep up with the traffic and for overtaking. There are 4 driving modes in the Jaguar XF – Normal, Dynamic, Eco and Rain / Ice/ Snow each having is unique engine, gearbox and steering up configuration. 

While the Normal mode does well for the city as well as highway driving, the Dynamic makes powertrain even better. On the open roads if you push the accelerator hard, this Jaguar does pick up quickly and feels strong.  The engine can be revved up to 4900 rpm in the manual mode. However the best of performance comes between 2000 and 4200 rpm. 

The XF diesel completed its 0 to 100 km / hour feat in 9.04 seconds. The fuel economy derived was also fine looking at the kerb weight of this car. It was 16.5 km/ litre on the highways and 9 km/ litre in the city with the AC running. 


The petrol engine of XF yields 237 BHP and has 340 Nm of torque. Inevitably then, if you prefer performance more than the lugging power, this will be the right option. This four cylinder petrol unit is also used in other cars of the JLR family. And those power and torque figures are indeed impressive. They make the XF really more powerful than its segment competitors – Audi A6, Mercedes E Class and BMW 5 Series.  
         Jaguar XV Refined Petrol Engines
The outright performance is good and the engine keeps things more interesting because there is adequate power in the upper limits of the rev band. When you push the A pedal the 8-speed transmission comes down by as many ratios as are required to get the best of power. It’s just that this gearbox is not really the quickest 8-speed box we’ve seen in the luxury segment. There is a little gap of time between input of commands (throttle control) and its reaction to them. 

On a positive note though, the paddle shifters are helpful and the devices used in the car let the driver hold on to the gear at 6500 rpm limiter in the S mode. This 2.0 litre petrol engine is smooth and it sounds cool when pushed hard it gives off a racy snarl. It is not very quiet at idling though and also grumbles at middle revs. 

The 0-100 km / hour in Jaguar XF petrol comes in 7.62 seconds. As compared to this the BMW petrol 520i takes 8.63 seconds for the same acceleration.  

Ride and Handling 

The XF has an updated suspension set up with F-type kind double wishbone front suspension and integral link system for the rear as in the smaller XE. This suspension is firm yet supple. 

The sedan can go over good tarmac and also dismiss small irregularities on the road. However, it does tend to thud over sharper bumps and potholes. The ride quality is better for Pure and Prestige variants that run on 17 inch wheels. With the 18 inch wheels used by the Portfolio, the suspension is noisy and there is some harshness particularly on bumps.
          Jaguar XV Entertainment and Information on your Touchscreen

On winding roads the XF feels pretty balanced. It has lot of grip and can take on to corners confidently. With greater use of aluminium in the chassis, the weight of the car has also reduced and so it does not feel very big at driving. The power steering wheel is light and though it does not weigh up well with speed, it helps to keep a control on the car. 

The Verdict 

In terms of performance, this is a car that enthusiasts will love to take on the road. It’s the pricing that makes it an odd proposition. 

The ex-showroom prices for Jaguar XF in Delhi are:

Diesel - Pure     Rs. 46.45 lakh
Diesel – Prestige     Rs. 55.90 lakh 
Diesel – Portfolio     Rs. 62.10 lakh
Petrol – Prestige     Rs. 55.65 lakh
Petrol – Portfolio     Rs. 61.85 lakh

There is considerable margin between the prices of variants and that’s because the bells and whistles adorning them are quite different. As an example while Pure and Prestige get bi-xenon headlamps, the top Portfolio has LEDs. The rim sizes are also different. Nevertheless, this variation in pricing makes the XF costly even in a segment where budgets don’t matter. 

Comfort: 4/5
Refinement: 3.5/5
Safety: 4/5
Ride: 3.5/5
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 3/5

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