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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Enhanced Equipment 
  • Smart Interiors
  • Improved Ride Quality 

Weak Areas

  • Lacks Brand Value
  • Toned-Down Handling 
  • Average Boot Space
  • Average Diesel Engine
Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE Expert Review

The Jaguar XE is a smaller iteration of the XF sedan and it was originally launched in early 2016 only with a petrol engine in India. To give a stronger competition in the luxury segment having equitable Mercedes, Audi and BMW, Jaguar introduced the diesel XE a year later. 



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Entering a segment that is dominated by the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class, the Jaguar XE carries on the spirit of its sibling XF in a smaller size. It was introduced in India during the 2016 Auto Expo with only a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine.

The launch filled the lacuna in Jaguar cars line-up for India. The petrol version was a sporty option among luxury saloons. However, in a segment where diesels rule, Jaguar also had to give something to take on the A4, 3 Series and C-Class more competitively. And that brought the XE diesel to the markets in 2017. 

            Jaguar XE Review, Performance and Efficiency

Jaguar XE diesel has also been launched in three trims - Pure, Prestige and Portfolio. The 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine churns out 177 BHP @ 4000 rpm and has a torque of 430 Nm @ 1750-2,500 rpm. This engine is coupled with 8-speed automatic gearbox. 

How does it look? What does the cabin offer? How’s it like to drive? Will it be a good car for you? We have the answers: 

The External Impression 

This sedan is admittedly one of the best looking cars in its class. It is a lean and sharp version of the bigger XF. The face catches attention with its chrome lined black grille and long bonnet that carries a prominent hump. The creases add to the muscular looks of the car. With its J blade signature LED lights the Jaguar XE looks great at night. The lights actually make it appear wider than it is.
               Jaguar Tail Light

Running along the sides is the taut and strong shoulder line. The windows are bordered with chrome. Jaguar XE runs on 17 inch wheels strapped with Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres. Rims have 7-double spoke design and the tyres have generous sidewalls. Near the fender of the car you will also notice a chrome exit vent along with subtle sill extensions that spice things up. 

The roof line slopes down with a subtle curve and there is a shark fin radio antenna towards the rear. The diesel model of Jaguar XE saloon has a fuel tank capacity of 56 litres – that’s 7 litres less that of petrol XE. And the kerb weight of the diesel is more by ~ 15 kg than the petrol version.
        Jaguar XE Efficiency and Performance

At the back, the tail lamps too remind of the units used by its elder sibling XF. The Jaguar logo sits above the number plate. The twin tip exhaust system hints at the sporty nature of the engine.

Inside the Cabin

Just like the outer body, the cabin has also been crafted exquisitely. The black wrap around dashboard merges into the doors. When you are looking for the equipment and features, just remember that the XE is a car where your choice of trim level will strictly decide how much you get. 

The Pure and Prestige variants have plain all-black interiors and the top-of-the-trim Portfolio has dual-tone combination that looks more premium. Opting for lower variants also implies that you make do with smaller touchscreen of infotainment system and do not get certain comfort features. 

        Jaguar Luxury Dashboard

On the instrument cluster the twin dials surrounded by chrome are big and their clear fonts enable easy readings of speed and engine rpm.  The three spoke power steering wheel with audio and Bluetooth telephony controls is chunky to hold. 

Another aspect of this luxury sedan is its comfortable front seats. They are supportive and provide good thigh support. Legroom and headroom are also good.  The height for seats can be electronically adjusted. 

In the top end variant the 8 inch touchscreen display with the Meridian audio system works well. Its graphics look great and the navigational attributes are also fun. That said, however, we have found Google maps more convenient to use for navigation in India.

              Jaguar Innovation


While the seat and legroom are good enough for the front seat occupants, the same does not hold true for the rear part of the cabin. Indeed the downside of Jaguar XE is its cabin space for the backseat passengers. While the seat itself is comfortable and supportive, the occupants get just enough knee room and their knees will rub against the front seats if there is a tall occupant there. The luxury quotient for a chauffeur driven owner is missing in this car. 

It is also the big transmission tunnel that makes Jaguar XE a four seater car. The fifth person will just have to squeeze in if at all necessary. The boot behind also does not have much cargo volume. When it comes to cabin and luggage space, even the cheaper Honda City fares better than this Jaguar. 

The Driving Experience: Engine, Transmission and Performance 

It is the punchy nature of this 2 litre diesel engine that makes Jaguar XE a driver’s car. Indeed it does more justice to the sedan’s pretensions than what the petrol engine offers.
            Jaguar Luxurious with Space

This is a refined engine that can be barely hard at low revs. The throttle response is sharp and there is a real punchy mid-range that builds up after 2000 rpm. The surge of this diesel motor goes on till just above 5500 rpm and then it begins to taper down. The peak power of 177 BHP actually comes at 4000 rpm. The progress is strong between 2000 and 4000 rpm. On open roads, you will be able to rev up and also hold on to the gear at the 4900 rpm limiter in manual mode. Nonetheless, the 8-speed auto ‘box is capable of handling things on its own and you can enjoy your driving experience with it. 

When driven in the Dynamic mode, the gearbox enables the best performance of engine by choosing a ratio that maintains revs around 2000 rpm mark. Thanks to this, there is no delay in the power build up and the XE simply makes progress as you will expect it. 

The car feels pretty fast to drive but it is also content to settle into a cruise and stays relaxed even at 150 km /hour when the engine rpm is just below 3000 rpm in 8th gear.

Jaguar XE diesel is also good for a relaxed driving style in the city. The automatic gearbox controls engine revs and also keeps the engine sound low. However, the noise control could have been better. The throttle inputs are often accompanied by a whinge from the motor and there is little drone in the mid-range as well. If you compare the calm of the cabin to that of well insulated Audi A4, the XE scores lesser marks. That said, it is much better than the BMW 320d.
          Jaguar Infotainment and Connectivity

In our test, Jaguar XE diesel showed an acceleration of 0-100 km / hour in 9 seconds. The claimed time for the same however is 7.8 seconds. The top speed is 228 km/hour. 

Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency may not matter for owners of luxury cars. Just for the records however, the XE diesel gave 8.9 km/ litre with a prudent driving style in the city. On the highways the fuel economy can go up to 17.8 km / litre. The figures are good enough for a car of this size.

Ride and Handling

The handling experience of this luxury sedan will please its driver. Jaguar XE comes with a sharp chassis. Its responsive and directly assisted steering also offers a lot of feedback. On curvy roads you will admire the front end grip and the rear part of car is willing to move around on corner exits even if you do not activate the traction control. There is a natural balance in the chassis making XE fun to drive on winding roads. 

There is not really adequate power to make it glide at will. However if you push it into a corner aggressively, it will slide willingly. The understeer is also controlled and it comes up only when the car is driven at high speed. XE also demonstrated a strong and consistent braking performance. The pedal too has a nice and firm feel.

The chassis even though sharp is not too stiff for Indian roads. Despite being firm it feels supple throughout. Even when the car hits an average sized pothole it will not cause a thud that makes you feel that something is wrecked on the underbelly. The thick sidewalls of the tyres on 17 inch wheels are helpful in making ride smooth. However if you are not happy with their look for your luxury saloon, you can opt for 17 or 18 inch wheels. 

Jaguar XE gets a decent ground clearance and will not cause issues of scraping the speed breakers. On the whole, it does ride well in the city and on the highways. The ride and handling qualities are balanced as expected.

The Verdict

Price for this Jaguar starts at Rs 38.25 lakh and goes up to 46.5 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). And that makes it more expensive than its immediate rivals. If you go purely by driving idea, then spending that kind of money will be fine. The XE diesel proved in its test drive that it is one of the finest driving cars in its segment. It has a punchy and strong engine, wonderful dynamics and lots of equipment to make your experience better. 

Then there are the downsides. If you drive only occasionally and prefer being driven around, you may not enjoy much being at the cramped rear seat. Also, if you do not mind losing out on the larger touch screen and few more bells and whistles, the Pure variant at the base of line-up is also a reasonable choice. 

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