Hyundai Grand i 10
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: 3/5
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: 8/10
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5.9 Lakhs-6.46 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Charm of new fresh car
  • Low maintenance expected
  • Value priced diesel option
  • Great mileage diesel & petrol
  • More spacious than current i10

Weak Areas

  • Small tyre width
  • Meek front and rear lamps
  • Steep windscreen impacts visibility 
  • Bigger i10, pricing could be an issue
  • Small windows and glass area cramps space
Hyundai Grand i 10

Hyundai Grand i10 Expert Review, Grand i10 Review in India

Loaded with features in the typical Hyundai way, the Grand i10 comes with a peppy petrol and efficient diesel engine.



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About 70% of the car market in India is only about hatchbacks and close competitors Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai know it quite well – they have regularly added to and refreshed their line-ups to woo the buyers. To be a stronger rival for the Japanese car maker and aim squarely at the Suzuki Swift, Hyundai added a fifth hatch to its product line – the Grand i10- and has positioned it smartly between the i10 and i20.

         Hyundai Grand i10 Expert Review

Even though it is called the ‘Grand i10’, this new Hyundai car is an entirely new model and not simply a facelifted or tweaked version of the standard i10. It also comes with the company’s first locally manufactured small three cylinder diesel engine - this gives Hyundai direct access into the relatively untapped small diesel hatchback segment. For the petrol engine it has the familiar 1.2 litre Kappa 2 motor that is already used for i10.

So how different and good is the Grand i10 for buyers in India? Let’s find out:


Slightly smaller than its rival Maruti Swift, the Grand i10 does not have a radical styling. Unlike Eon or i20, this hatch has been designed with a rather subdued form of fluidic sculpture.  There are straight lines, crisp details, and though the design may not be awe inspiring, it certainly does not leave you disappointed. This car also looks more mature and sophisticated than i10 and this will help it to gain better acceptance.

            Hyundai Grand i10 Grille

The elongated headlamps and the large hexagonal lower air vent draw attention and work very well for the new hatch giving it a bold, youthful and dynamic guise. The lower protrusion on the bumper is a safety feature as per Hyundai and it also adds to the beauty of the looks. The angular design theme floats over the bumper too. There is a stylish single slat front grille to complement the tapered headlamps – the design gives a sleek look to the front.

With limited styling cues on sides, Grand i10 gets a little modest in its profile. There is a single crease running through the elegant chrome door handles, across the length of the hatch. (Door handles have chrome finish only in top variants – Sportz and Asta)  The top end Asta model also has thick body mouldings that offer visual appeal. However, when viewed from sides, the best feature of Hyundai Grand i10 is the set of dual tone 8-spoke alloy wheels that give this car an upmarket look.

           Hyundai Grand i10 New Dual Tone Rear Bumper

Market research shows that Indians prefer large windows at the back for airiness and to prevent a claustrophobic feel. This is why Hyundai designed customised, less rakish window line for the Grand i10 in India. Also, there is a new C-pillar and bigger rear doors to make getting in and out easy. The best feature at the rear is the pair of wrap around tail lamps that blend very well on the boot lid. Although the big reflectors on the rear bumpers also look distinct, they may not be to everyone’s liking.


Hyundai is known for loading its cars generously and the same holds true for the Grand i10 (the top end variants). Thanks to the height adjustment feature for the driver’s seat and steering wheel adjustment, you can conveniently find an ergonomic position to drive. The chunky, leather wrapped steering wheel looks similar to the one in Elantra. The audio controls are also steering mounted. Most frequently accessed functions such as volume control and mute have meaty buttons within easier reach. Indeed all ‘touch points’ have a soft premium feel.
         Hyundai Grand i10 Dashboard

What might disappoint some buyers is that there is no climate control even in the top trim Asta. Furthermore, the HVAC controls are big but somewhat stiff and clunky to operate. 
The dual tone dashboard looks neat and there are no irrelevant or over embellished cluttering elements. While the top half has a quality rich, non-glossy black plastic finish, there is a light beige tone for the lower part of the dash. Most people will like the fine detailing used for gear lever – the glass finish gives it rich look and the numbers have been engraved with clean metallic touch. Faux metallic highlights have also been prudently used throughout the interiors to create an upscale cabin ambience. There is a voluminous glove box and cubby holes have been sculpted for storage of little things. 
          Grand i10 Cooled Glove Box
At the rear there is sufficient legroom, thanks to the wheelbase extended by 40mm. The tad reclined rear seat angle also makes it comfortable to sit at the back. However, the seats can be marked down a bit on thigh support. With fixed headrests on the front seat, visibility is also obstructed to a certain extent and so the rear does not feel as airy as the front part of cabin.
Grand i10 has two 12V outlets for your mobiles and tablets – one in the front and the other on rear AC console. The boot with 256 litres of capacity is spacious and this adds to the practicality of design.  
Engine, Transmission and Performance 
The most prominent feature of Grand i10 is the new U2 1120 cc three cylinder engine that has been introduced by Hyundai with this car. This 70 bhp diesel engine is largely i20’s 1.4 litre motor with 3 cylinders and the 4th cylinder has been removed for better fuel efficiency. It is mated to 5 speed manual transmission. The U2 also gets some interesting technicalities such as turbocharger housing that is integrated with the exhaust manifold for enhanced thermodynamic efficiency. 
Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel Engine
A three cylinder engine is normally prone to vibration and this is also evident in the Grand i10. The car does vibrate softly at idle and lacks the smoothness found in 4 cylinder diesel engine of i20. However, press on the pedal and the counter balancing shafts start working to wipe out the vibrations quickly. 
For the performance of this 3 cylinder motor, it all depends on where you drive your Grand i10. Within the city, the linear power delivery along with comparatively short gear ratios makes this car a good performer. In sluggish traffic – the typical stop start scenarios- the responsive nature of the engine and fairly light clutch make it smooth and easy to drive. 
               Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol Engine
Drive with your tachometer reading between 1600 to 2700 rpm to enjoy the finest performance of this Hyundai hatch. But as you touch the 3500 rpm zone, Grand i10 tends to lose power and gets noisy. This can be an issue on highways where for instance if you had to downshift from around 2500 revs to overtake, you may put the motor in the gutless zones of the power band. Hence sudden overtaking on a single lane road is tricky to execute well. With a narrow power band you would also have to use the gearbox more frequently but thanks to precise and narrow shifts, the task is not really cumbersome. 
Hyundai has agreeably customised the Grand i10 for India but it still does not reach the benchmark established by a high performing car like Maruti Swift. While Swift does a 0-100 km per hour dash in 13.5 seconds, Grand i10 takes 20.25 seconds for same. In-gear acceleration times are also sluggish. The 40-100 km per hour in fourth gear takes 17.23 seconds while Maruti Swift does in 13.91 seconds. 
Ride and Handling 
Hyundai vehicles have not been rated very high in this category but the Korean car maker has shown some improvement here and the Grand i10 feels much better than older siblings in its family. 
You will find it maintaining its poise at high speeds and it does not feel squishy on bad roads. In the city too the Grand i10 handles the potholes well but the suspension gets somewhat clunky and starts to jar over sharp edges. 
The ground clearance is appreciable and you can easily ride over big speed breakers although with fairly unsettling suspension, the passengers at back could feel some jerks on bumpy roads. 
Grand i10’s power steering is not as light as in other Hyundai cars and so the driver feels more confident at high speeds. With a fairly strong bite, the brakes do a good job and the ABS also feels well calibrated. 
Fuel Economy 
The manufacturer claimed fuel efficiency for diesel driven Grand i10 is 24 km per litre. Road test returns an economy of 15.4 km per litre in city and 19.5 km per litre on the highways – this compares well with other hatchbacks in the segment.


The Grand i10 is efficient and does reflect the work that Hyundai has been putting in to improve its products in India. A smartly designed family car, it comes with a comfortable and well loaded cabin – there are all the bells and whistles that buyers look out for in an average budget hatchback. 
There is a lack of punch in the diesel engine and the car gets marked down on ride & handling. But even on this front it is clearly better than the standard i10. 
Overall the new Hyundai hatch does come out as a good value for money. 
Comfort:  4/5
Refinement: 3/5
Safety: 4/5 (air bags and ABS are optional features even on top end model)
Ride: 3.5/5
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5

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