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Honda Accord

Honda Accord V6 Review

It wont be wrong to call it a semi-lunatic or semi-sensible. The power that this vehicle carries is really insane. But if you are looking for any economic vehicle then it isn't for you.



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The last-generation Honda Accord V6 was a true sleeper.It could decimate 0-100kph times of regular cars and run away from the then performance king, the Skoda Octavia RS-not bad for a luxury car meant to whisk the white collar to black tie diners.
It had its problems though. Its drinking habits were notorious-drive it hard all the time and it had the ability to turn that white collar to a blue one double-quick-almost as quick as its quarter-mile time.
This eighth-generation accord V6 has got 500cc and 50bhp more than the old car. It’s also got some new fuel saving technology. Sad then that the price difference between the 2.4 and the V6 is now more Grand Canyon than chasm. At Rs 29 lakh, this Inspire variant is so pricey that it is comfortably in German car territory. The big question? Does it appeal to your heart and your head to justify the price? Out test of the ‘wild-man-from-Japan’ tell you if it does.
The all-aluminium, 3.5-litre, i-VTEC V6 is the largest and most powerful engine that Honda powerful engine that Honda has ever offered in a passenger car. With 271bhp and 34.5kgm on tap, there are few cars in India that can keep up with it in a straight line. The old V6 felt like a Rottweiler on a short leash, always snapping at the heels of slower traffic. This one does too, but it’s missing some of that immediacy in throttle response that the old car had. Still, the car lunges forward at the slightest tap on the throttle and your right foot has to do a constant dance between the throttle and brake pedal to control the surge. Here, at these low speeds, you’ll also appreciate the space, the soft and absorbent ride, the light, variable ratio steering and the refined engine – things that the typical Accord owner demands. But then again, the V6 is not for the typical Accord owner.
Show it some stick, and performance is blistering. The V6’s mid-range is bulldog strong and there’s no shortage of that lusty top-end performance that Honda engines are renowned for. It’ll breach the 100kph mark in a believable 8.6 second and blow past the 200kph mark like it has a rocket pack strapped on.
The power delivery is linear, the tug is strong and the engine is smooth; there’s everything you would want from a powerful engine. Performance, especially at medium speeds, shoves you into the seat and you really have to be gentle with the throttle to drive it smoothly. It’s huge fun, hugely addictive and you’ll need the abstinence of a monk to not rev it to the redline every chance you get.
If anything, the performance is too strong. This Honda motor, as usual, is generations ahead of the chassis it is mounted in. There’s just too much performance on tap for this chassis to handle. The massive accelerating, cornering and braking forces easily overwhelm the chassis and suspension and, as a result, the car seldom feels secure and totally at easy with the pace. It may have the performance to beat the Germans, but it certainly doesn’t have their unflustered composure and grip.
The problem lies in the soft suspension, which seems to be set up for the American market where the Accord is hugely popular. For this reason, it’s a bit of a boat around corners. Push hard and the nose washes wide when you attack a turn. Still, considering that a full 270bhp is going to the front wheels, there’s not much torque-steer to battle with when you put the power down. With time, you will get used to the way it behaves at speed, but this is not a car that is entirely comfortable at going flat out.
It does come to a stop in a respectable 26 metres but we found that after repeated hard use of the brakes, the brake pedal starts juddering. Honda says it is because of the sudden rise in temperatures that makes the discs heat up unevenly. The juddering disappears when the brakes cool down, so it’s only a temporary irritant.
On the outside, there’s little on the outside to distinguish it from the 2.4-the 17-inch wheels, the twin-exhaust pipes and the V6 badge are the difference. The interiors are similar too, the biggest change being the extra wood trim on the steering wheel and the dashboard. Equipment levels are similar (the V6 notably gets a Vehicle Stability Assist program), so in effect, you pay extra for that brilliant engine. It’s available in this Inspire variant and a regular variant that deleted the skirts and that ritzy grille. With prices starting at Rs 28.54 lakh for the base V6, this is a car that is an expensive buy. Surprisingly, it’s not all that expensive to run. We got 6.7kpl in the city and a stunning 12.2kpl on the highway because the VCM (see box) gets to really work its magic during highway driving.
Here is a car which is semi-sensible and semilunatic. On one hand, It’s got Japanese full-size luxury – space, refinement, soft ride and quality Interiors. On the other hand, it’s got insane power; power that’s not entirely comfortable in the car’s chassis. It’s more expensive than the 2.4 by a huge margin too. If you’re looking for economic sense, this isn’t it.
No, the true appeal of the V6 lies in its brilliant engine. But remember that it doesn’t have the composure, grip or handling that a compact German saloon has. If you enjoy a spot of hooliganism on Sundays and need to be chauffeured on Mondays, this is worth more than a look.

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