Fiat Linea
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Strong Areas

  • Beautiful flawless design
  • Best-in-class ground clearance
  • Class leading dynamic abilities 
  • Feature loaded functional cabin  

Weak Areas

  • Poor driver`s vision
  • Lacks finesse in fit-finish
  • Compact rear seat space
  • Small dealership network
  • Unanimated diesel performance
Fiat Linea

Fiat Linea Style That Meets Perfection To Deliver Best Drive

The flamboyancy of the Fiat Linea, the facelifted version has received massive cosmetic update and even the base variant is loaded with exceptional braking system.



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Fiat cars have always stood tall in Indian car segment for their small but robust design and amazing performance. With new variations and upgradation happening over the years, car lovers have got so much more to look forward to from the Fiat factory. The latest addition to the family of Fiat India is the Fiat Linea. The car made its debut in India at the auto expo held in 2014. 
It looks like its car maker Fiat India has made sure that its flagship sedan has a refreshing look by bestowing it with an array of cosmetic updates which makes it look far better than it was introduced initially in 2009 in the country. This revamped number from Fiat has an outrageous stylish look that makes it an immediate competitor to Hyundai Verna as the new whiff of design lent by the fascia on the front, enhanced interiors and improved rear style makes it a stunning one. So will this newbie from Fiat India live up to its manufacturer’s expectations in Indian sedan market? The team of experts at Ecardlr finds it for you!
Fiat has offered this premium sedan in two stunning petrol and diesel variants. The petrol variant of the sedan has a T Jet engine of 1.4 liters and the diesel variant has a multijet engine of 1.3 liter under its hood. The latest sedan flaunt a hike in its length by 36 mm as it measures 4596 mm. Though the car manufacturer has retained the technicalities of its outgoing car, it has tried to improve a number of features. 
The Fiat Linea arrives in three trim levels such as Emotion, Dynamic and Active. All these trim have efficient power mills under their hood, exceptional braking features and security features. It also enjoys a fair amount of chrome treatment which offers it a trendy and sporty look that can turn heads even on a closely packed road. Apart from the four color variants such as Hip hop black, Tuscan Wine, New pearl White and minimal grey, two amazing shades are offered this year which is the Sunbeam gold and Magnesio grey. 
Racy Exteriors
The latest 2014 Fiat Linea arrives with a brand new body style and design that makes it an eye grabber. The restructured radiator grille would grab your attention as it is well complimented by a liberal chrome surround. The frontage appeal is further enhanced by the logo on the grille and a wider air intake area with fog lamps studded on it. The most striking part about this car is its size which is perfect and can easily zoom through the congested roads of India. This mid-sized sedan has a face-lift, which offers a modern tinge to this otherwise traditional looking car. The headlight cluster is quite quiet sedate looking compared to the retro-styled cluster that was seen in the previous car versions.
Lots of new chrome trim makes the sedan look stylish. The air dam is a bit larger and there is a prominent two-slat grille. The bumper is adorned with a thick chrome strip and the number plate has been shifted to the boot lid. There is another chunk of chrome, present just beneath it and houses the insignia ‘Linea’ embossed on chrome. The bumper at the rear flaunts a protective cladding along with the strip of chrome that adds up to a fresh design on the rear. Good-looking new alloys have been inserted in the model and the indictors are found in the wing mirrors. 
The strong front and curvaceous sides of the car makes the car look elegant. Compared to other cars in the category, Linea has better dimensions. The intelligent additions include a low bumper, a sloping bonnet and a chrome plated radiator with grills. The waistline of the car is quiet high and the ORVMs are in body color. The four 205/55 R16 Goodyear tires housed by the flared wheel arches offer good grip. The interesting part is that the spare tire is a 195/60 R15 space-saver which also has an 80kph restriction. With a width of 1730, 1487 mm height, a minimum ground clearance amounting to 185 mm and a wider wheelbase of 2603 mm, this car promises ample leg room inside. 
Interesting Interior
The well pronounced changes of the Fiat Linea interiors is been bestowed with a two tone dashboard of premium quality.  It is clearly visible that Fiat has worked hard to improve the ambience of the place. A smooth Italian flair is noticeable in the brand new dashboard present in the interior. The color scheme on the inside is black and cream, that works amazingly. The central AC vents have a black glossy theme and the audio system is very neatly integrated there. On the dash board, the soft-plastic touch works wonders. The concealed ambience created by the lights, creates an orange hue in the interior. The AC vents present on the outside are round and have a premium-feel. The car is quite spacious. People sitting in the back can have all the space to themselves and can move about freely. The glass area present in the front does the trick of making the car look more spacious that it actually is. A height adjustment option is present in the driver’s seat. There is a front arm rest has consists of a hidden storage space. In order to accommodate a third person, there is a foldable armrest in the center of the seats at the back. The leather wrapped steering wheel has all the controls loaded on them. The soft beige touch of the dashboard gives the car an up-market feel. However, we feel that the plastics covering the AC vents and music system do not look tacky. The 2014 Linea version has a better music system thanks to the well integrated music system with Blue & Me system, Apart from the USB connectivity, there is also an AUX-in port. The rear AC vent and sunblind is available from the previous sedan. The interiors of Linea are sophisticated and one must say that Fiat is making really positive changes with this one.
Those who are first time drivers can be totally comfortable to drive this Fiat Linea because a big digital Infotainment screen is available that offers a lot of information. Information like distance-to-empty also gets flashed on the screen. The cabin quality is completely step-up. The levers and buttons are well-damped and solid. But, a little looking around can give a picture of the rough jet present. The leather seats are perforated and offer tremendous support although the knee-room provided for rear passengers are not as good as expected. In an overall, Fiat Linea is a well-equipped car. Though the number of kits is good enough, a cruise control has been added to the long list. Features like wipers and auto headlamps along with a collapsible rear curtain are also present here. The solid chassis along with a good mix of handling and ride can be afforded. In certain models the ground clearance goes up to 190 mm. This car can be taken to any places as it will ensure smooth running in almost all terrains. This is the reason Indian people find it the best vehicle to hit the congested roads with. Hydraulic power steering is installed in this Fiat vehicle.  
Safety is the middle word for this car. It has dual stage front air-bags which ensure that people sitting in front are able to avoid accidents and mishaps, while driving. The early-crash sensors present in the car make it even more viable. Thus, the safest technology has been installed and there is nothing for its occupants to worry about. Integrated passive safety features are fitted into the basic building blocks of the car. The high tensile steel frame of the car is really good. The reinforced bodywork and the crumple zone are made with the most hi-tech formula to ensure that a protective cocoon is made around the driver and his companion. Judging distances properly becomes difficult in certain weather conditions and therefore real parking sensors are installed in the car. One no longer needs craning his neck in order to judge the distances on either side. 
The security feature in this car is the anti-theft immobilizer which has a rolling code. It prevents the engine from starting if the correct key has not been inserted. Thus, no one else can hope to get away with your car, if you are not around. Thus, all one has to do is change the security code every time the car is used. 
Engine Transmission and Performance
The engine is obviously the most important area of discussion. A turbocharged petrol engine is powers this brand new Fiat Linea. The car has a 16 valve, 1369 cc FIRE engine. It is capable of producing 207 Nm of torque and that too at 2200 rpm. It is capable of producing 114 Ps of power at about 5000 rpm. A 5 speed manual transmission gearbox is installed in the car. The engine is one of the best available in the car market so far. A new flywheel has been added to the valve train of the car. This enables the car to offer maximum power and hence maximum efficiency. In only about 15.5 seconds, a car can go from 0 kmph to 100 kmph. Thus, passengers can comfortably go as far as 185 kms within a jiffy. But, the problem is that the diesel up to is sluggish until 2,000 rpm. After the car reaches this rpm, the real punch is felt. Another issue that we felt is the diesel engine, which after 3,500 rpm, gets quite noisy. The T-jet is familiar with the punchy mid-range that is exciting as well as useful. There are five-speed gearboxes that feel nice and mechanical for using. The tight clutch helps in traffic movement. There is this feel-good factor about the car which no one can ignore. The engine of the car is powerful and eco-friendly. This makes this car a worthier one. The fuel efficiency of the car offers a smooth drive which gives people an even bigger reason to opt for this vehicle. 
The mileage this car produces is one reason people are more eager to purchase this car compared to all other cars released in the past one year. It is not just an economical car as it offers a neat 11.9 kmpl mileage. On the highway, a mileage of 15.7 kmpl can be expected in case of the petrol variant model. The diesel car will offer a mileage of 20.4 kmpl on the highways, if it is driven at a moderate speed. Thus, mileage provided by the diesel car is higher than that provided by the petrol one. Mileage on the Indian roads can go up to 20 kmpl. 
Prices have been slashed for this car but the demand for this car has always been on the high. It has an identity on its own and their interiors as well as mechanisms may be inspired, but have an ingenuity that cannot be denied. Since the car is longer and wider, it is ahead in competition with other popular cars in the same price range. Its elegant and stately appearance has made it a grand show. Thus, both the look as well as the engine performance is praiseworthy. The top versions of this car, has power steering facility along with rear defogger, power windows, tilt steering and center locking. All these things in a regular sedan is something really great. Fiat and GM. have, jointly designed the multi-jet engine placed in all the Linea cars. A noticeable change found in the top versions is 76PS which is offered by the 1.3 liter diesel power train. Those who have taken a test drive, are of the opinion that the steering is butter-smooth. This is what is required to avoid accidents in messy Indian roads. Thus, turning the steering becomes a piece of cake for men, women and senior citizens as well. There is very less amount of muscle work needed as the steering mechanism is light and low speed. When higher speed limits are reached, the steering becomes a little weighed up. The responsive engine does not cause much trouble and hence long drives will be as pleasurable as ever. Linear power delivery offers impressive acceleration. All the cars of this range offer excellent torque availability and the good rear experience offers easy driving. Learners can easily learn to adopt in these cars. 
Braking & Suspension
The Fiat Linea is bestowed with an advanced disc brake mechanism. The diesel variant arrives with a disc brake and drum brake feature on the front and rear respectively. In addition, the top state-of-the-art features installed in the cars include an Antilock breaking system (ABS) and an Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). Thus, in the category of a family car, there can be no better option than this one. These features of efficient braking mechanism make sure that car does not skid while promoting its stability on the road. 
As far as the handling of Fiat Linea, the sturdy suspension system it sports establishes good amount of stability. The front axle of the sedan flaunts an independent type wheel suspension and the mechanism of torsion beam type on the rear axle assures better driving experience. The suspension set-up in the car, gives people an even stronger reason to drive the car. We felt that the suspension was a bit stiffer. It offers highly commendable ride comfort such that high speed handling can become easy. Moreover, taking bad roads will not be difficult at all. When the speed is low, the stiffness can easily be felt while riding over bumps and potholes, making it a bit shaky. Drivers need to be careful in such situations. Slight jitters go over the cabin and people sitting on the back, can feel it. But, the effect is mild and is therefore not too disturbing. In addition, the premium sedan is packed with helical coil springs with dual action telescopic dampers plus the stabilizer bars to tackle the jerks while driving on bad roads.
We feel that the body roll is well managed, which is why cornering Fiat Linea even at mid-range speed limit makes the entire process effortless. There is a long throw with the gearbox, but the shift action provided by it is quite smooth and easy. The ARAI-ratified fuel efficiency is what this sedan promises of. Though an Italian model, this car feels picture-perfect to operate in Indian roads as the car maker has tried to rectify the wrongs it did earlier in 2009. While cruising on the road or on the highway in a Fiat Linea it becomes really easy and smooth. If this high end sedan is marketed properly in India, there will be a swarm of buyers for its looks and performance. It would be unfair, if such a grand car gets lost among the masses of regular cars hitting the market every day. The car also boasts of a brilliant drivability and easy handling. What is amazing is that even though the car has such a complex engineering, its appearance and regulation is easy and impressive. Decent mileage, good space and big boot are its best qualities. The price is also within range which another feather to its hat. To be frank, the car looks and feels much more costly that what its price tag shows. Shifting gears easily and driving smoothly is a positive and rare feature about this car. Hence, people who are thinking of purchasing a spacious car this year should by all means go for this car which promises of all the top features coupled with good looks, which any high range car can offer. Hence we feel that this premium sedan that has rolled out from the factory of Fiat India can make a prominent mark in the sedan market of India. The fiat saloon is priced at 6.99 lakh based on the ex showroom price, New Delhi. 

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