Datsun Redi Go
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Ground Clearance 
  • Spacious Cabin
  • High Fuel-Efficiency 

Weak Areas

  • Mediocre Handling
  • Average Boot 
  • Crude Interiors
  • Average Performance
Datsun Redi Go

Datsun Redi-Go Expert Review

Datsun has improvised upon its economy hatchback in creating the Redi-GO. The little car is chiefly about unconventional design, comfortable ride in the city and a fuel efficient engine. 



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Nissan Motors had reincarnated the brand Datsun in 2013 for developing markets of India and Russia in 2013. After GO and GO+, the third car that comes for the buyers in India is the Redi-GO.

The first Datsun hatchback in India - GO - could not get a good share in the market where Maruti Alto already had and continues to maintain its stronghold. While the GO was competitively priced and its on-paper specs are not bad either, the poor build quality and bare bone cabin became setback for it.

            Datsun Redi Go

So here’s the Redi-GO, a car with superior styling and more features. It is underpinned on the same CMF-A platform as the Renault Kwid. They also share the same 0.8 litre engine but there are some differences too. Kwid has the feel of a small SUV and the Redi-GO looks is more like a regular urban hatchback with tallboy design. 

The 0.8 litre petrol engine has power of 53 bhp at 5678 rpm and its peak torque is 7.34 kgm at 4386 rpm. It stands in the segment of Maruti Alto and Hyundai Eon.

The External Impression 

Redi-GO gets some distinct design cues to carry a look different than its cousin Renault Kwid. It has a length of 3429 mm against Kwid’s 3679 mm but the Redi-GO is shorter in height and is also narrower. Its wheelbase measures 2348 mm which is also shorter than that of Maruti Alto’s 2360 mm.


Tallboy designs on small frames can look odd but Datsun’s designers have worked well with the styling factor of Redi-GO.  Discarding the simplicity of GO, they have fashioned it more radically. This product version also looks very close to the concept that we saw that Auto Exp 2014.

The hood is small and the grille with honeycomb design and chrome border looks large. The stretched back large headlamps too are embellished with chrome. Datsun Redi-Go also gets a faux skid plate at both front and rear. It is in silver colour against the lime green body colour of the car and in black against other body colours - Silver, Grey, Ruby and White.

There are no fog lamps with this small, budget car but it has day time running lights (DRLs) with six LEDs inside. However, the quality of these DRLs is not high enough to make them visible in very bright light. Also, once the headlamps are switched on, the DRLs get switched off automatically.

          Redi Go ProjectorHead Lamps

This hatchback has a single arm wiper on its windscreen. As against this, the GO got double arm wipers. There is a twin jet washer.  

When viewed from the sides, the prominent character lines of Redi-GO catch attention. It looks quite different from its sibling that was more of a plain Jane. The tapering of the window line in front helps in improving visibility for the driver. The improved ground clearance of 185 mm can become a selling point for this new Datsun car. In the quarter glass area on the rear doors, there is a black plastic insert.

Redi-GO gets 155/80 R13 tyres and alloy is not an option even on the upper end trim. There are full wheel caps with T, T(O), and S and centre hub cap with D and A variants.  For wheel well cladding, there is plastic at the front and rubber coating at the rear. 

The outside rear view mirrors (ORVMs) are in black plastic and not in body colour for any variant. They cannot be adjusted from inside. Door handles once again are simple flap type and they are body coloured only for top three variants. 

             Datsun Redi Go Tail Lamp Design

At the rear you will see bigger tail lamp units that are in rhythm with the contours of the tailgate. Reversing light exists only on the tail lamp on the left had side! Safety reflectors are not a part of the tail lamps cluster – they have been affixed down on the rear bumper. 

The high mount stop lamp is like that of the Kwid. Down on the hatch door, you do not see name of the variant. It carries only the Redi-GO moniker and chrome accents. 

Lid for the fuel tank is on the right side of the car. Indian and Japanese cars typically have it on the left. Redi-GO’s build quality has improved from the GO even though it is still on the lighter side. While the metal sheet does not feel flimsy, there is inconsistency in the panel gaps. 

For safety, the top trim gets driver side air bag but there is no ABS offered. 

Inside the Cabin

Ingress and egress are simple thanks to the tallboy design. The seating position is high and you can simply walk into the Red-GO. Inside, the colour scheme is light grey that the makers call Greige. Dashboard looks well designed for a budget hatchback. A small drawback is the curvy layering at its bottom – this can feel disturbing to knees for taller front seat occupants. Aesthetically though, it looks nice.

           Seating with Great Five Headroom

The steering wheel is ergonomically designed and is chunky to hold. It also has thumb pads for better gripping. Material used on the steering wheel is soft to touch. The unit cannot be adjusted for rake but its very position will be suitable for majority of the drivers. All controls can be accessed conveniently.

Right in front of the steering wheel, the hooded instrument panel is similar to that of GO. So there is a digital tachometer on the side of the speedometer. This rpm counter is not very easy to read but it is certainly better than having no tachometer at all. The multi-information display (MID) tells about distance to empty, the average and instantaneous fuel economy and has a trip meter. It also gives low fuel signals. There is a gear shift indicator too in the form of a small arrow.

The air conditioner unit is similar to that of Kwid but the knobs here are altered. They are easy to operate and can effectively keep the cabin cool and comfortable in sultry weather conditions. The triangular vent in the centre is fixed but there are three circular units that can be adjusted for desired air blow outs.

Audio system has functionalities for USB, AUX & CD. There is no Bluetooth. Sound quality is acceptable for a car in the budget segment. You also get a tiny remote control for the unit.

              Datsun Redi Go Driver Airbag

Power window controls are placed on the centre console unit. There is a pair of cup holders ahead of the gear lever. Another cubby hole has been provided in front of the hand brake. The glove box is very small and can just hold car’s papers and maps. There is only one cabin lamp – at the front and its activation is related only to the driver’s door.

The slim front seats are supportive and under-thigh support is also satisfactory even though the cushioning is on the softer side. Headrests are fixed - a feature that has become common in this segment. Headroom is fine. The driver’s seat can be pulled back to some extent and visibility is good with its high set position.

For the rear part of the cabin, the doors once again open well for ease of getting in and out. The glass area of the rear windows has been reduced as there is no quarter glass – the part that is covered by plastic on the exterior side has body coloured metal on the interior. Indeed, for the interior door panels, plastic covers them only partially, the outer area is all body-coloured metal.


Rear bench seat is supportive but because the width of this car is small, it will feel comfortable only for two adults.  The headroom and legroom are sufficient for adults of average height. We would have preferred a more reclined back-support – it feels rather upright.

The rear windows roll down to about 80% of the total area. Seat belts here are not retractable. The hooks on the C pillar can be used to hang them when they are not being used. Grab handles are provided for front seat passenger as also the rear seat ones. 

There is a plastic based rear parcel tray that can be purchased as an accessory. It stands like a cover over the boot area. It is split into three sections of which the middle one moves upwards when the boot door is opened. 

Datsun Redi-GO has 220 litres boot with usable depth. It is better than Alto’s 177 litres. A full sized spare wheel is provided and is fastened into the boot with three lug nuts. You can push down the rear bend seat to create more space for luggage.

On the whole, the fit and finish of the cabin is fine and has improved from the previous Datsun GO. While the rearward visibility could have been better, the glass area and tall stance make the interiors bright and airy. 

Engine, Transmission and Performance 

The 0.8 litre engine that Renault had developed to power the Kwid also goes into the Redi-GO. It is a 799 cc, 12v DOCH unit with 53 bhp at 5678 rpm and 7.34 kgm torque at 4386 rpm. The kerb weight of car is only 625 kg giving a power to weight ratio of 85 bhp/tonne.

Being a very small engine, it is not refined and its roughness is evident as soon you crank it up. Turning on the air conditioner makes the idling even more lumpy and vibrations can be felt in the cabin. The sound levels are just acceptable when the doors are closed and all windows are rolled up.
               Datsun Redi Go 0.8L Petrol Engine
Redi-GO is a nice hatchback for city commuting and the engine has been tuned for this sort of driveability. It responds energetically to initial throttle inputs. When you take your foot off the clutch and just press the accelerator lightly, the car feels excited to leap forward. In fact it is advisable to stay gentle on the throttle in city driving because the pedal too has a light weight feel.

You can up-shift early while driving in the city and engine feels perky up to 70 km/hour.  You can stay in upper gears and the engine does not feel under-powered. 

It is while approaching the triple digit speed on highways that the small engine’s power begins to taper down. For overtaking you will need to downshift and plan out the gears. While going up hilly roads too, the gearbox needs to be worked through. Usage of air conditioner also impacts the power of the 0.8 litre engine. There is significant difference when this hatchback is driven without the AC on.

With its limited power, you will naturally not want to push the engine hard.  It is good for urban commuting and low speed driveability.  The tachometer redline is under 5200 rpm and the engine also sounds crude when it is pushed hard. So it is wise to drive this car in a sedate style on highways.

The tall fifth gear is for fuel economy and Datsun’s engineers have tuned the engine for maximised efficiency. If you cannot make progress after 80 -90 km/hour, you will need to downshift to 4th gear pick up speed. 

Clutch is light and gears are easy to slot in. The throws are medium – length and the gear shift is on rubbery but sure-slotting.


To summarise the NVH factor, we have talked about the vibrations at idling earlier. On the go, the Redi-GO shows acceptable levels of refinement but at high rpm levels the harshness of engine becomes apparent – it’s not a motor for enthusiastic driving anyways. Tyre and wind noise are fine up till 80 km/hour and they increase with speed.

Ride and Handling 

This car is built on the same platform as Renault Kwid and ride quality is compliant. Driving within cities is comfortable - the small to medium potholes are absorbed without causing disturbance. The ride is stiffer than the Alto 800 and this can be felt on bigger impediments. It is after 80-90 km/hour speed that the Redi-GO does not feel planted. This can also be attributed to its small wheelbase and overall size. There is annoying vertical movement on uneven tarmac especially at high speeds. You should therefore stick to sedate driving style. 

You will find it easy to maneuvere the car with its light, electrically assisted power steering. Also, thanks to the light clutch and low-end torque, the Redi-GO is effortless to drive in the city. The steering’s turning radius is 4.7 metres. It is simple to make U-turns and move out of parking zones.

The steering does not weigh up much when out on the highways and this is another reason to keep the speed in check. You don’t get much feedback from this steering. As a lightweight economy hatch, the Redi-GO is best to drive below 90 km/hour. Its tyres are small for road grip and an upgrade to 165 is advisable. With a jacked-up suspension, there is body roll but not threatening. On the whole, the on-road behaviour of Datsun Redi-GO is good for a hatch in this segment.

Having 185 mm of ground clearance, this hatch does not scrape its under-body on poor roads and high speed breakers. 

For braking, there is no ABS on offer even for the top end variant. You may take some time getting used to the little extra effort that the brake pedal needs but the braking action is consistent with easy modulation. 

Fuel Efficiency 

The small engine in a light car as expected makes the combination for a wonderful fuel economy. Its ARAI rating is 25.17 km/litre that leaves behind the fuel efficiency of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Tata Nano and Hyundai Eon


When you are planning to buy a small hatch for basic commuting, one of the criteria may be good driveability coupled with fuel efficiency and by that standard the Redi-GO is a good choice. Its other positive attributes are funky exterior design, 185 mm of ground clearance and a boot larger than that of Alto 800
The points that go against it are engine vibrations, mediocre performance on highways and cost cutting such as exposed metal on door panel interiors. The after sales service availability for Datsun is behind Maruti and Hyundai.

But then there’s the very attractive price tag. Pricing that starts at just Rs 2.41 lakh and goes up to 3.72 lakh (ex showroom price, Delhi) makes Datsun Redi-GO an excellent value for money package.

Comfort: 3.5/5
Refinement: 3/5
Safety: 3/5
Ride: 3.5/5
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5

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