Chevrolet New Cruze 2012
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Safety Equipment 
  • Powerful Performance
  • Superior Dynamics

Weak Areas

  • Lack Comfort Features 
  • Average Boot
  • Small Rearspace
  • Low Mileage
Chevrolet New Cruze 2012

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

It did not seem that Chevrolet Cruze was suffering from a mid-life crisis and the sedan’s 148 bhp churning diesel engine had already made it a successful performer. But to inject a bigger dose of power, GM did go for a makeover after three years of its initial launch.



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The mid life nip and tuck for Chevy Cruze came with some major mechanical changes that include an all-new engine. Agree, the old car’s 1991 cc 4 cylinder in-line diesel engine was punchy and powerful. It churned out 148 bhp and had 33 kgm of torque. Strengthened by the power of this motor, the Cruze could beat some of the finest petrol saloons with its performance. Why then an alteration? It is simply because General Motors has internationally substituted the old engine developed by Italian firm VM Motori with a new ‘Family Z’ unit.  
Along with the new 1998 cc 4 cylinder diesel engine that has even better specs in form of 164 bhp and 38.7 kgm torque, the Cruze also gets a new 6 speed manual gearbox in place of the old 5 speed manual. And how does the saloon actually perform in its latest avatar? Your favourite automotive portal ecardlr brings a comprehensive review of all important aspects: 
Call it funky or fashionable but the Cruze is a good looking car and the sharp styling has been retained on the facelifted model too. The external design is markedly different from the plain Jane saloons that GM has conventionally launched. There is ample road presence - the sharply shaped dual bezel headlamps, the two port front grille with the Chevrolet bow tie crest, and the round fog lamps within the air intakes create an imposing look at front. From its sides Cruze appears more like a coupe thanks to the subtle slope of its roofline. The wheel arches are flared and chrome finish for door handles (LTZ variant) adds opulence to design. Chevrolet uses 205/60 R16 tyres with alloy wheels for this saloon. 
At the rear, the split tail lamps draw attention and chrome garnish adorns the boot lid. The broad and sleek bumper balances the look with its well chiselled edges. So the facelift has not played much with the cosmesis of the car because the looks of the previous model were not really dated. Few touches to just freshen up the features for another inning have helped in improving the saloon’s appearance. The LTZ variant of the car (in Manual and Automatic trims) gets an electric sunroof with pinch guard and protective mesh. 
Cruze comes in lively body colours: Caviar Black, Switchblade Silver, Summit White, Velvet Red, Sandrift Grey and White Diamond. 
Cruze is a low slung car but you don’t really need to crawl inside – the ingress is fine. The cabin design stays unchanged for the facelifted model although the upgraded look that was already implemented for the older model has been carried forward to the new car too. Detailed attention to all parts is appreciable. There are several well sculpted cubby holes and the map pockets on doors are large enough to hold 1 litre bottles. 
The multi function steering wheel looks stylish and feels chunky to hold. It can be adjusted for rake and reach. A refreshing change is the suitable positioning of wiper and indicator stalks as per Indian cars standards. On the right side of the steering wheel you also see controls for trip meter, cruise control and instrument panel’s multi information display. With their blue illumination the speedo and tachometer dials look quite sporty. Thick chrome surrounds for the dials highlight their outer shells. As required, you can toggle between trip meter, distance to empty and fuel economy figures on instrument panel. Integrated music system with radio, CD/MP3, USB and Aux in is a standard feature and controls are easy to operate on steering wheel. The funky LCD information screen in the centre can be read easily thanks to high resolution display. 
More chrome has been used to embellish the thick gear knob and the parking brake switch on the lever. The dashboard also has a smart look and blends with the central console to form a neat cockpit for the driver. GM designers have worked heavily on the aesthetics to create a premium cabin for this saloon. 
Comfort of front seats has been improved with better cushioning, lumbar support and headlining. But the positioning of centre arm rest (that also has storage space and Aux in port) is not ergonomic. It can hardly be used by driver or front passenger for its supposed function – arm support. At the rear, seat comfort leaves something to be desired and tall passengers do not get enough legroom. The climate control works well even when the mercury levels are soaring in Indian summers. 
Among the equipment for comfort and convenience, the parking sensors get credit for their effectiveness. So even if the rear view is not very clear and the reversing lights get weak, these sensors work well to detect objects, stray animals or people standing at the back and help you in maneuvering the car safely. ABS and front air bags are standard safety features with all variants. 
Engine, Transmission and Performance 
With more horses under the hood, the Cruze has become the most powerful car in its class. Along with 164 bhp and 38.7 kgm of torque, the 2 litre diesel engine comes with improved refinement, finer performance and higher fuel efficiency.  
The improved refinement is instantly felt when the engine hums to life with a little turn of the starter motor. You cannot help but wonder if it is really a diesel. Bring down the window glass and that faint idle clatter will tell you it is – but the refinement continues to impress. Even when revved hard this motor does not get noisy so thumbs up to the engineers for a good job on the NVH factor. 
This refinement and improved power is the result of a range of improvements with the mechanicals. The engine block got optimised to imbibe extra power and torque. And a fully redesigned cylinder head incorporates chain-driven DOCH valve-train as against the rubber belt operated one on the pre facelifted saloon. Air intake that featured far from the inlet manifold, has now been shifted closer to improve airflow and help decrease turbo lag.
Cruze’s clutch pedal has a considerable backforce and this becomes tiresome in stop and go traffic. Also, while driving in first and second gear there is some turbo lag. On the open highways, this saloon shows the best of its performance. The 0-60 km/hour comes in 4.57 seconds and it goes from 0-100 km/hour in 10.22 seconds. Even after entering the triple figure zone, the saloon does not stop showing its zeal. It can go up to 150 km/hour at 2650 rpm. It can put most petrol competitors to shame on highways. But the mid range is the best to enjoy the amusing performance of this saloon. 
The power delivery is linear and hides the feel of speed in the car. And you do have ways to control it too. ABS equipped disc brakes work neatly and even while braking at high speeds the Cruze feels composed. There are no sudden jerks or big movements. 
The manual gearshifts are smooth (at least by General Motors standards) if not very slick. 
When you judge its overall performance, the Cruze proves to be more apt for highways than for bumper to bumper metro traffic. 
Ride and Handling  
Definitely, it is on the open roads that the best of Cruze’s ride quality is enjoyed. It glides smoothly at high speeds and very few road undulations can cause any disturbance in the cabin. Straight line stability of the car is admirable and it feels steady while cruising at as high as 150 km/hour. Road grip levels are safe and predictable. There is a bit of body roll round the curves and the chassis loses control but gently – so you can rectify it well in time with a light push on the brake pedal and control of the steering wheel. The sedan is apparently predisposed to travelling between lanes. 
At low speed the sharp bumps on road can be felt and the ride remains on stiffer side. 
In terms of handling it is the turbo lag that annoys Cruze’s driver the most. While inching forward in traffic the spring back action of clutch can cause you to stall the car. So you need to press the button to switch off and switch on the engine again. The hydraulic steering feels little vague at turn in. This car becomes pleasing to drive on open, stretching roads once you get the feel of engine’s powerband and learn to adapt. So to get the best out of a Chevy Cruze simply enjoy it on long road trips. 
Fuel Economy 
The 2.0 MT variant of Chevrolet Cruze is a big saloon loaded with equipment so you cannot expect much on this front. But it manages to give 10.8 km/litre in city and 14.5 km/litre on highways. The automatic transmission trim has fuel efficiency range of 9.8 km/litre to 13 km/litre. 
Chevrolet Cruze has become more user friendly with its powerful and refined new diesel engine. It has been the horsepower champion in its segment but now its remarkable performance makes the diesel saloon even more alluring. Solid build quality and respectable fuel economy are other strengths of the car. 
The price ranges between Rs 13.43 lakhs and 15.78 lakhs (ex showroom price Delhi) as per variant choice. That turbo lag and firm ride at low speeds are its main flaws. Furthermore, Chevy could have done better to keep the cabin fit and finish at par with the attractive exteriors. 
If you are looking for a powerfully performing premium diesel saloon and are more of a highway cruiser, the Cruze is recommended. 
Comfort: 3.5/5
Refinement: 4/5
Safety: 4/5
Ride: 3/5
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5

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