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34.5 Lakhs-44.5 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Dynamic styling 
  • Mature handling 
  • Good mileage
  • Excellent fit-finish
  • Grunty diesel engine

Weak Areas

  • Mediocre space  
  • Small equipment list  
  • Compromised quality
  • Stripped-off features
  • Suspension is still a bit stiffed

BMW X1 Review

It is quite natural for a person to want to become a cynosure of all eyes and BMW X1 has the potential to make itself stand true to the need. 



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Not many know that 

BMW introduced the concept of mini SUV in India for 20 lac plus segment which we see Renault Duster now successfully doing to sub ten lac sedan segment. This was done through X1 launch which recently got updated with some refreshed features. It is natural need for humans to look different than a me too sedan class and yes still not drive something bulky to make that presence felt. BMW offered the entry level beamer to the country through X1

So what does BMW X1 really offer.

It offers the cheapest way to own a beamer batch.....CHEAPEST!!....Oh lets be honest, it certainly has a huge show off snob value in our country crazy for this new found luxury toys.....and hey what is the harm in owning something for snob value....if you have it show it and cars are easiest to way to make that statement.... It sets you APART from the crowd owning accord,camry superb of the world. Telling a friend on which car -' Oh I own a beamer' has a totally different impact and boost to self image than japanese or poorer european cousins....Or be it virtual Facebook picture upates too...in your family get togethers.....being seen driving beamer gets many to AAHHAAAA and some with jealous eyes certainly is a high

And yes to answer whether it is a worthy SUV, how many of us do serious off roading. Most of us end up driving these priced possession within the city and occasionally on the highway for weekend getaways which Mini SUV concept successfully handles. And it is BMW by every word and aspect be luxury trademark interiors or exterior styling or upmarket instrumentation or high on safety......cheapest does not mean compromise of features.......just like all beamers this is a great self drive vehicle besides being easy on you in heavy traffic easy to park in scanty city parkings.....provides just about space for five with not too much luggage space but enough for a short weekend trip you were planning....refinement too lives up to BMW promise.....and yes diesel advantage remains.

For the record, early mover Mercedes was displaced by their home grown German competitor BMW within few years of launch in the country starved of luxury badges at the time. A title they have successfully defended for four years consecutively though the current ended year by a small margin wherein they faced serious onslaught from their other German competitor Audi which riding on slew of launches including Q3 came close no-2 to BMW. X1 has had a big role in that achievement in terms of volume which is a testimonial of X1 doing well in the country.....so many people have already had faith in X1.

BMW has invested a lot in expanding dealership in the country to ensure premium customer does not have services issue whatever little these cars require as these cars are really rough and tough. 28 dealerships and expanding fast.

Like every other brand even X1 has some plus and minus. European cars though well built still are costly to repair and they don't have garages every corner of the city like the more volume japanese players. It is still not a SUV SUV if that is what you are looking. It does not have a Big Macho road presence. X1 is not exactly which made BMW popular, it was the 3 and 5 which has worldwide happy customers for many decades.

So if you are looking for a vehicle primarily self driven for your small family which makes you stand out keeping with your status, look no further BMW X1 is a great answer.............Go for this JOY

Alternatively one can also consider recently launched Q3 from Audi or bulkier Japanese power horse fortuner.

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