Chevrolet Beat
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Safety Equipment 
  • Good Mileage
  • Superior Dynamics

Weak Areas

  • Lack Comfort Features 
  • Average Boot
  • Small Rear Space
  • Unanimated Performance
Chevrolet Beat

The New Leader In Town

The new Chevrolet Beat is here and it surely is beating down all its competitors’ hands down.The new Chevrolet Beat is here and it surely is beating down all its competitors’ hands down.



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The American brand’s most successful car in India, both by volume and profit, is back and is sure to raise another price war among the car manufacturers. The first original concept of this cute looking Beat was revealed in 2007 and the Chevrolet even in 2014 has the same bulges, creases and a bold design. India has always been a major market for hatchback cars and the Chevrolet Beat has been a leader among them. It has many competitors, the major ones being Ford Figo, Maruti A-Star and Nissan Micra, but it has always come out victorious and this new model is no different to it. 
Available in both, diesel as well as petrol engines, the Chevrolet beat has been popular for its comfortable ride and its perfect mix of fun, style and engineering. So let us have a look under the hood and analyse the changes in the new car and if they were perfectly implemented.  
Since its launch in 2007, the Chevrolet beat had set a standard for car design and styling. Even after seven years, the design is still the same but it does not look old and still gives it the same unique fresh and sporty look. The standard Chevrolet grill doesn’t look awkward at all on this compact car and actually imparts it a sporty look. There is a small change on the rear door handles and the wheel arches which have only magnified the beauty of the car. 
The head lamps are huge just like the previous versions. The rear has the same twin circular rear lamp and a split bumper which is set a bit low. The comfort of the ride is ensuredby the 155/70 R14 tires in the petrol variant which rest around the 14 inch alloy wheels. The diesel variant has a wider 165/70 R14 tires. 
The Beat houses a MacPherson Strut suspension at the front and at the rear it has a twist beam axle. The beat still uses the same hydraulic assisted steering although the rest of the crowd has moved on to the electric power steering. This helps in keeping the cost of the car low. The build quality of the car is exceptionally high and this gives the car an immense amount of torsional rigidity which is a necessity while driving through steep turns and also for high speed cornering.
The interiors are as beautifully done as the exterior of the car. The strong design and cuts are very aggressively visible on the inside. Although plastic, the interiors do not look cheap and the switches and buttons are very elegantly placed. The seat is a bit short but comfortable. 
The twin – cockpit, the name used by GM, looks terrific in its V-shape and is something unique about this car. The dashboard is stylish as well as functional and there is ample space to keep mobiles and keys just behind the steering wheel. There is a lot of space to keep bottles and wallets around the dashboard. The dashboard is done beautifully in light blue colour which makes it look stunning.
The rpm is displayed by a LCD and there is the conventional speedometer which is done in grey. The odometer, clock and fuel gauge try to give the car a sporty look but are not really that impressive.  As one increases the speed, he shall notice through the three spoke steering wheel that the rev counter scale goes from big to small, although it should have been the opposite for better judgement. Since the instrument pod is attached to the steering column, any movement of the steering column causes a movement of the whole pod. The seat is too high for small drivers and the tall drivers might find it difficult to look at the speedometer. The engineers at GM must have designed it without any eye on the ergonomics. Also the rear three quarter windows do not provide enough visibility and the rear screen is too small. The knob shaped gear is placed a lot behind and might be a problem if you wish to place anything in the front cup holders. 
The rear although has smaller windows it is not really claustrophobic as one would expect. Also, there is a lot of legroom and although the car has been given a dive-slope it does not hamper with the headroom. Overall, the rear has enough space for two people to sit comfortably. A downside of the good legroom is the small boot which has a capacity of only 170 litres. In other things, the top end version comes with two airbags, climate control, alloy wheels, power windows, ABS and a USB compatible CD player.
Engine, Transmission and Performance
GM hasn’t stopped at making the Beat only beautiful inside out but they have also made sure the statistics and performance speak the effort put in by its engineers.
Taking a break from its usual UV-A’s 1.2 litre engines, the Chevrolet Beat sports a new 1.2 litre, four cylinder petrol engine. There are two cams working with the four valves on each head and although a good change it hasn’t changed the performance much. The engine delivers a maximum power of 79 bhp to its tires at an rpm of 6200. The peak torque of 108 Nm is reached at 4400 rpm. The dashboard passes the 100 kmph mark in just 14.8 seconds for its petrol version which is very quick for this segment. Since, the beat has always been proud of its sporty image the car has very short gearing and the Beat is one of the quickest hatchbacks in the market. The beat also has a short fifth gear which makes cruising really comfortable. But after the 3000 rpm mark, when the car crosses the 95 kmph limit, the car is very wobbly and the drive becomes very sluggish. The Beat petrol is meant for the low revs and only part throttle.  
On the other hand, the Beat Diesel comes with the XSDE engine which is a 3 cylinder in-line with TCIC technology. Although slacking of the one cylinder removes some weight it still doesn’t make it any quicker. The engine produces only 59 bhp, which is a dozen less than needed for the weight reduction to actually matter. As expected, the peak torque is higher than its petrol compatriot at 150 Nm. In terms of performance the Beat Diesel does a 0-100 kmph is just 19.02 seconds which is very good among its Diesel competitors. The Beat cruises easily up to the 120 kmph mark but as soon as the rev limit hits 1500 rpm there is a turbo lag where is very easily noticeable.But, both the engines are well damped and produce very less vibration and noise.
Another variant is the Beat LPG, which is one of the latest additions by the GM team. With an 1199 cc displacement the engine produces a max power of 80.04 PS at 6400 rpm. The torque is also on par with its petrol brother at 104 Nm at 4400 rpm.The car, just like the other partners, houses a 5 speed manual gear box. It has the same ease as the other transmissions and the gear changing is very quick. 
Overall, the engine is really powerful (the petrol as well as the diesel) for the trips around the country where one can cruise at low and mid-level rpms and enjoy the nature around him.
Ride and Handling
The car features a very simple suspension layout. The front houses soft and long spring in its MacPherson strut system whereas the rear has a twist beam axle. Together they work in concurrence and provide a very comfortable ride to the driver as well as fellow travellers. 
The comfort and ride quality set a new standard in hatchback segment and the car feels really light around the corners. The small dimensions of the car help it in tackling the ever busy traffic of India. The new gas charged shock dampers absorb most of the shocks and provide a pleasant ride. The diesel version sports wider 165/70 R14 tires and is better at braking and handling than its petrol variant which rests on 155/70 R14 tires. Potholes can easily be escaped with the Beat, thanks to its wide stance and a long wheelbase which also aids in stability and sudden acceleration and braking. 
The car discourages fast driving even with its handling. The hydraulic powered steering is although pleasant but doesn’t offer the same accuracy one needs while going fast. Also, the softer front ends tend to roll the body while on turn, this is easily noticeable when one takes a fast turn in a steep corner. Also, the steering wheel offers a grip at mid-level rpms but feels Hayward when going fast. 
The petrol version has quite a good amount of braking and they would not fade away easily. All the Beat variants have Disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The cars stop dead in a very short distance. But the wider tires in the diesel variant make it even better. The 100 kmph to stand still is achieved in just 3.2 seconds for which it travels only 44.99 meters. The added facility of the ABS in the top end versions make it a lot safer. The Beat is very well insulated from the outer world and offers absolutely no unwanted noise.
Fuel Economy
The American manufacturer knows the Indian mentality very well. The engineers at GM have worked hard on keeping the economy high without compromising on performance. 
The small engine in the sturdy body of the beat petrol lowers its economy a bit. It is definitely not great but it is also not that bad and offers 11.5 kmpl on highways and when riding at lower gears it goes up to 15.3 kmpl.
The diesel version on the other hand houses a lighter engine which has although not increased the performance but really set standards with its economy. The iCAT has rated the fuel economy of the Beat Diesel at 24 kmpl which is 4kmpl more than its biggest competitor Ford Figo.
The Chevrolet beat is a gorgeous hatchback and undoubtedly the most beautiful in its segment. Many, specially the women, might end buying it just for its spectacular looks. But under the hood, it packs a powerful engine which is perfect for daily commuters. 
The car has been very elegantly designed with an eye on the comfort and safety of not only the driver but the fellow travellers too. It has some flaws like its average performance in the diesel variant and low economy in the petrol one. Also, there are some problems with small boot but the complete package is really exciting. 
GM also offers some eye catching warranty schemes with its car. The Chevrolet Beat comes with a warranty of 3 years or 100,000 km. Also, the cost of the Chevrolet Beat is among the lowest in its segment. The Petrol variant starts off at an ex-showroom price of rupees 3.94 lakhs and goes up to rupees 5.16 lakhs. The diesel variant varies between rupees 4.78 lakhs for the ‘Chevrolet Beat Diesel PS’ version and rupees 5.75 lakhs for the top end model ‘Chevrolet Beat Diesel LT’. The LPG variant comes in two forms ‘Chevrolet Beat LPG LS’ and ‘Chevrolet Beat LPG LT’ costing rupees 4.49 lakhs and rupees 4.95 lakhs respectively.
The low cost has already raised a price war in the market and it seems like the Chevrolet Beat is beating everyone else. 
Comfort and ergonomics: 3.5/5
Refinement: 4/5
Safety: 4/5
Ride: 3.5/5
Fuel efficiency: 3/5 (Petrol) and 4/5 (Diesel) 
Handling: 3/5
Value for Money: 5/5

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