Audi A7
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Strong Areas

  • Muscular and sporty design
  • Competent racing character
  • Scintillating performance 
  • Quattro aided exceptional dynamics 
  • Benchmark comfort and convenience

Weak Areas

  • Quite Thirsty
  • Steeply priced
  • Low headroom at rear
  • High priced accessories
  • City practicality a question mark
Audi A7

A Four Door Coupe With Practicality Of Sedan

Audi has made its Sportback an impressive performer that also pampers you with its luxurious cabin.



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Here’s an Audi that unlike some of its indifferent looking siblings comes out and instantly endears you to itself. Irrespective of the colour it has on its skin, it does grab attention in the parking lots.
Available in diesel (more popular) and petrol variants in India, this sportback has sharp looks and oodles of style. But how does it score on substance? Ecardlr checks out the Audi A7 TDi:
A low brooding stance, large hood and split eyed headlamps – Audi 7 sports the impressive profile of premium luxury cars. The signature xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights particularly give a distinct look to this Audi while also enhancing visibility and using just half of the energy of conventional bulbs. The 7 slat front chrome grille with Audi rings lends it a dynamic character. On the sides, a crease running between the front and rear wheel arches makes for some fine detailing. A lightly descending roofline meets the trunk in a seamless manner and there is a large glass area at the back adding to the beauty of its looks – the A7 is in principle, a hatch. The elongated LED tail lamps integrated partially with the boot look graceful.
This luxury car comes with 18 inch, seven-spoke alloy wheels with 255/45 all-season tyres. These swanky wheels truly complement the entire silhouette of Audi A7.
Audi A7 has been marketed as a sportback or a ‘four door coupe’. It is actually meant for people who wish for all the comforts and functionalities of a luxurious coupe but do not really want to pay for a fully grown up plush sedan like the A8. 
Under the hood, the engine is longitudinally mounted and sends power to all four wheels. As for the suspension, it is double wishbones up front and a multi-link setup at the back - Audi’s adaptive air suspension takes care of damping. A lot of aluminium has been used in fabrication and this includes the front suspension struts. So the car weighs only 1770 kg. The front/rear weight distribution is 54/46.
The A7 being a long car requires you to stoop a little when you get in, and you have to sit a lot lower than you would sit in conventional sedans of this size. That said, the car does have a comfortable cabin. With heated, 12 way power adjustable front seats, the driver can easily get into a comfy driving position. The interior has also been crafted well and there is a feel of refinement and elegance all through. The cabin lighting package has ambient illumination on the doorsill, centre console and door bags to create a driving environment that exudes sophistication and style.
The layered, swooping dashboard and the meticulously designed aluminium centre console controls exemplify the principle of ‘form follows function’. There are audio controls on the three spoke steering wheel with the Audi logo. And the wide screened MMI system that slots out from the dash creates a stunning impression.  
Thanks to the Audi drive select control systems, you can manipulate a large range of operating dynamic control systems in addition to the engine, gearbox and steering.
This system has been engineered to modify aspects such as the accelerator characteristics, adaptive air suspension, damper control, reversible seatbelt tensioner and, if equipped, the (optional) sport differential and cornering light. The car speeds at which gear changes happen can be altered – in the Dynamic mode, they can be delayed till the engine reaches higher revs and in Comfort mode, the gears are changed at low engine speeds. For damper control, the level of damping force changes. That makes for some advanced technology that you expect in a luxury vehicle. 
You get a four-zone automatic climate control feature in here. The occupants of both front and rear seats can therefore choose and control a comfortable level of heating and cooling through the centre console. A light sensor on the dashboard also adjusts this smart system as per the intensity of sun’s rays. 
It offers 14 high performance speakers that are optimised by BOSE Acoustic Wave speaker technology - this is further improved by the AudioPilot noise compensation feature to adjust the volume as per road noise. 
The richly endowed cabin of this elegant sportback is a USP that makes it one of the best in class. 
Engine, Transmission and Performance 
If we just look at the silhouette and looks, the Audi does have oodles of style. But it’s now time to get an insight into its performance too. 
Audi A7 comes with two engine options – a 2967 cc V6 diesel and a 2995 cc V6 petrol engine. There is a 7 speed automatic transmission for both. The tried and tested 3.0 V6 diesel motor has been improved for this sportback by using higher injection pressures, new camshaft profiles and a revised turbo.
Press start the engine and the refinement of the V6 diesel unit impresses you – it starts and settles into a practically noiseless idle. And this 245 bhp machine has 51 kgm of torque. It peaks at 1400 rpm and remains at that level till 3250 rpm. You can keep it spinning in this range (the task is pretty easy thanks to the 7 speed, dual clutch auto) and you will find the A7 really swift in its responses. 
The car quickly proves that it not only has sporty looks but also a wonderful performance. It reaches 0-100 km/ hour in only 6.6 seconds and speed of 200 km/hour comes in 30 seconds. The amazingly smooth V6 diesel engine gets audible only when it nears its redline. But ambling in the town and driving at sensible speeds on the highways is a pleasure in this luxury coupe. 
Driving enthusiasts might only find a slight glitch with the powertrain – at times, the automatic transmission feels reluctant when you want to kick down. But the A7 also has paddle shifts – so you can always use them for a quick overtake. 
Ride and Handling 
With a low driving position, it may be a little uncomfortable to drive the A7 especially in city traffic, but you can get used to it. The large glass area at the back improves the rear visibility. 
Audi’s drive select system comes in as a handy feature. You select the Dynamic mode and the steering weighs up a little more than usual – you can then feel the gearbox tightly controlling body movements. This car has excellent road grip and the body control is admirable around the corners. Actually it is fun to drive the A7 on winding roads. But the electrically assisted steering wheel is a disappointment – it feels very static, lifeless and fuzzy. It is only this insensitive steering wheel that takes away some fun factor from A7 drive.
The ride is quite comfortable and pliant even if this car runs on large wheels and low profile tyres. Thanks to the adaptive air suspension in Comfort mode, road bumps are absorbed well and you will like the way it dispatches bumps and expansion joints with solid thumps. The Comfort mode does cause the car to wallow a little over undulations but this is not very bad. Audi A7’s ground clearance is also good – you just need to raise the sportback on its suspension and it glides over most speed-breakers flawlessly. 
Fuel Economy 
The A7 with its 3.0 litre TDi Quattro engine has a fuel economy of 6 km/litre in the city and 10 km/litre on the highways. However, for someone who purchases this luxury giant, this should not be very bothersome. 
Positioned right between the A6 and A8, Audi A7 (Diesel) costs Rs 84.55 lakhs (ex showroom price Delhi). A concoction of good looks, plenty of equipment and amazing performance, this is a stunning German car. Its vague steering and road noise while driving are the only factors that can be counted among its negatives. But it does ride well and is more practical than what its exterior profile suggests and so it will attract its target buyers. 
Comfort:  4/5
Refinement: 3.5/5
Safety: 4/5 
Ride: 4/5
Handling: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5

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