Audi A6
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Strong Areas

  • Audi status
  • Powerful power plants
  • Dynamic sphisticated design
  • Responsive dual-clutch gearbox
  • Benchmark comfort, convenience

Weak Areas

  • High price tag
  • Cramped rear seat 
  • Low ground clearance
  • City-practicality question mark
  • Low-slung posture hinders visibility
Audi A6

Audi A6 3.0T Road Test Review

The Audi A6 is supercharged, with direct-injection and comes with a seven-speed twin-clutch transmission that incorporates a launch control function.



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AUDI A6 3.0T

The supercharged petrol A6 is back. With 295bhp on tap, we find out exactly how exciting it is.
The craze for diesel cars maybe at an all-time high but there’ still a small breed of (aptly named) petrol-head who are averse to diesel and just wouldn’t trade the refinement and high revs a petrol motor has to offer. That’s exactly where the Audi A6 3.0T with its 295bhp, 3-litre petrol motor steps in.
But first, there are a few things you need to know about this car’s powertrain, It’s supercharged, with direct-injection and unlike the old A6 3.0T, which had a six-speed auto ‘box, the latest model comes with a seven-speed twin-clutch transmission that incorporates a launch control function. In English, this translates to 0-100kph in six seconds, 0-200kph in 24.32sec and a top speed limited to 250kph – not exactly shabby numbers and reason enough to opt for the petrol over the diesel. Compare spec sheets and the petrol has 50bhp more than the diesel, makes 6kgm torque less and is exactly 0.3 sec faster to 100kph Now, this may not look like a whole lot more than the 3.0 diesel A6 and the truth is that in the real world, the diesel would gamely keep up but the 3-litre petrol in its latest iteration is just so much more thrilling. For starters, it revs quite freely for a forced induction engine and the way you can wind it to its redline of 6500rpm (Versus the diesel’s 4500rpm) thrills you like no diesel can. This engine snarls like you’re trying to steal its food and pulls like a runaway train all the way from 2000rpm to the rev limiter.
Displacing all of 2995cc from its six cylinders set in a 90deg vee, this engine’s belt-driven supercharger which makes upto 0.8 bar of boost, sits between the two cylinder banks and is driven off the crankshaft. Compressed air passes through two intercoolers before entering the combustion chamber, and because the supercharger is located between the cylinders, the compressed air doesn’t have to travel far, which helps engine response.
And boy is it responsive. Thanks to the wide power band, the engine responds anywhere and everywhere in the rev range. Taps on the throttle are rewarded with instant forward motion and strong pulling power the engine makes 44.8kgm of torque. The biggest difference though is with the gearbox. The old A6 T’s torque converter was jerky in its gearshifts, but this twin-clutch unit is a lot smoother. Gearshifts are lightning-quick and the new A6, unlike the old one, gets paddle-shifters, which makes it all the more fun to run up down the gearbox. It has no qualms about spinning the engine upto the redline on downshifts either, so on the right road it’s huge fun to squeeze the most out of the engine. That it remains extremely smooth even at the edge of its rev counter only encourages you to do so.
As expected, a potent petrol motor is heavy on the wallet. So it’s a good thing that Audi’s MMI system incorporates an ‘Efficiency’ mode which disengages the flywheel when the car is coasting. There’s even a start-stop system that shuts down the engine when you come to a halt and starts it up again when you get your foot off the brake. Does all this help? On our back-to-back highway runs (one in ‘Efficiency’, one in ‘Comfort’ mode), the system made no difference to fuel consumption but we’re sure there will be some savings in the city cycle which gave us an average of 7kpl, which isn’t too bad.
The Quattro system with its new centre differential gives the A6 loads of grip and the car displays good poise around corners. However, the A6’s handling isn’t very involving and the inherent underster (you have to push hard to find the limit) and benign steering doesn’t make it as engaging to drive as a 5-series.
There’s also the mushy brakes – the pedal action is not very linear with almost nothing initially and strong bit later. Ride quality however is exemplary. Audi’s adaptive damper system is standard on the car and offers a plushy and cushy ride in ‘Comfort’ and controls body movements brilliantly in ‘Dynamic’. What helps the ride are tyres that are slightly taller than before but we wished, for the sake of aesthetics, Audi would offer slightly wider tyres than the standard 225/55-R17 rubber. In fact, the previous A6 had chunkier 255/R50-R17 tyres and the downsizing on the new model is probably to reduce rolling resistance and hence fuel consumption.
The interiors are a familiar story – richly equipped, well designed and superbly built. The front seats are properly supportive and the cabin feels rightly sporty, yet luxurious. Like the diesel, the rear seat have good space but not enough thigh support but, then again, you would buy the petrol to spend more time in the front seats.
The A6 3.0T will cost R56 lakh (estimated) and, apart from the rather shocking omission of powered steering adjust, our test car came well equipped. It has powered seats with memory, four-zone climate control, the adaptive suspension, Bluetooth connectivity, reverse camera and keyless and go.
AUDI A6 3.0T
A Very entertaining motor in an accomplished car.
For sheer performance and refinement, the A6 3.0T leaves its rivals for dead. It is easily the quickest car in its class and the potent engine makes it thrilling to drive. Pure enthusiasts may not warm up to its aloof handling and road manners while the chauffeur-driven set will find the rear seat a bit too low. In terms of value, it’s not great, especially when you factor in the plummeting residual values of luxury petrol saloons. However, this is a car you buy more with your heart than your head.

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