Ashok Leyland Stile
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: 7/10
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7.49 Lakhs-9.29 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Good space and utility aspect
  • Solid mileage
  • Good comfort and convenience 
  • Rear AC vents
  • Good value for money

Weak Areas

  • Lacking feel-good factor
  • Unanimated cabin 
  • Average handling
  • Small dealership support
  • Inconvenient access to third row
Ashok Leyland Stile

Ashok Leyland Stile It is a carrier with some style!

Ashok Leyland is out with its first passenger car, the Stile, and it has raised many eye brows already. 



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Ashok Leyland, the major car manufacturer has now joined hands with Nissan to develop a multi-purpose vehicle named the Stile. Just like other Ashok Leyland vehicles this car is also not meant for the regular customers but for the people who would like to use is as shuttle cabs, taxi services, courier services, inter-city travel and even ambulances. But, this can be easily called Ashok Leyland’s first passenger car in India. 
Although similar to Nissan Evalia in many terms, the car is much cheaper to it, Also it is expected to rival the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Chevrolet Enjoy.
It does not take sharp eyes to notice the resemblance of the vehicle of the Nissan Evalia and it almost looks like a carbon copy from many angles. But there are a few changes which might only be due to the difference in the pricing of the two vehicles. It is differentiated from the Evalia by new headlamps, a bigger grille and the Ashok Leyland badge. The car looks very simple but not at all boring. It has chrome plated front radiator grille, halogen lamp cluster and body colored front bumper. The bumper is decorated with a pair of bright fog lamps. The front widescreen has intermittent wipers which are very helpful during the rainy season. One irritating thing about the Stile is the slider doors for the middle row and that is not it. The doors also have slider windows which only open halfway.
The body has very sharp features and comes decorated with colorful graphics. There is a large screen at the rear of the car. The vertical lamp clusters along with the high mounted stop lamp look very elegant and suit the stature of the vehicle. The driver will face some problems in reversing the car due to its widescreen rear glass which is very high. 
The interiors of the Stile are very shocking to say the least. The vehicle has been given a dual tone treatment on the insides making it look very elegant. There is enough space inside and the cabin is very airy. The interiors have been done completely in plastic, like in any low budget car, but the plastic looks very polished and finished. The car can carry 7 to 8 people and has very comfortable seating arrangement. The seats are done in the highest standard of upholstery and are very well cushioned. The central console is very simple and has adequate amount of storage space. The rear seats are foldable which comes to be very handy when going on long family trips or for people travelling with a lot of luggage. 
The dashboard consists of an odometer, a tachometer, a digital clock, a trip meter, a gear shift indicator and a fuel gauge too. The air conditioning is very powerful and even the riders at the last row will feel comfortable. The power windows and the sun visors are some other added features. The car has an average quality music system. There are two speakers accompanying this music player which can be connected via Bluetooth and a USB port. This CD/MP3 player which also has FM radio capability is the only source of entertainment in this Multi-Purpose vehicle.
But this all comes only in the top end version. You should not be surprised to see an Ashok Leyland Stile running past you without any music system or a tachometer. There are separate air conditioning vents for the rear passengers which is located between the front and second row floor. The power windows are good but the driver cannot control all the windows from his side itself. The driver’s seat is very comfortable but will only go front and back and there is absolutely no adjustability for height which may be a problem for tall or short drivers. The Nissan Evalia was never popular for its noise and the same is the problem with the Ashok Leyland Stile. The Stile also doesn’t have enough storage space with there being only a tray placed between the front seats floor. 
Safety has also not been taken as an important feature and the car lacks almost all the modern safety features. The car has no airbags, not even for the driver and the wheels also lack any kind of an antilock braking system.  
Engine, Transmission and Performance
As with the rest of the car the engine also has been taken from the Nissan Evalia but has been detuned. The car runs on the 1.5 liter, 1461 cc, 4-cylinder diesel engine which produces a peak power of 74 bhp at 3300 rpm which is 10 less than the power produced by Nissan Evalia. The maximum torque produced by the vehicle is 185 Nm at an rpm of 1750, which is 15 Nm lower than that produced by the Nissan Evalia. The engine is the same Renault K9K used on the Evalia but for some reason the engineers at Ashok Leyland decided to lower the power generated by it on the Stile. The engine is completely torque laden and will work well in cities. 
The engine is mated to a five speed manual gearbox which is quite responsive. The transmission will easily pick up from 40 kmph at the fifth gear and reach the top speed of 150 kmph without any problems. This car is idea for lazy people who do not like shifting gears every now and then. The Stile will tackle any bump or obstacle at the third gear itself. 
The car takes 18 seconds to go from standstill to a 100 kmph. But then again, the car was never meant for the speed racers. The engineers at Ashok Leyland are also said to have remapped the engine to boost the fuel economy. But that doesn’t really seem to have done wonders as the fuel economy of the Stile is 19.5 kmpl which is only 0.2 kmpl more than what the Nissan Evalia produces.
Ride and handling
The car has been designed on the same Nissan chassis and has a very simply defined layout for its suspension system. The Stile has been built on a monologue chassis frame and houses soft and long coil spring in the McPherson Strut technology in its front. The rear end has a torsion bar installed. This is different to the leaf spring suspension type seen at the rear of the Nissan Evalia. The suspension system works very well to provide one a comfortable and memorable ride without causing any problems to the driver or the co riders. 
The comfort and ride quality of Ashok Leyland Stile is easily the best feature of the vehicle. The car is very well equipped to travel through all the tight turns which we see in our country. It has a turning radius of 5.2 meters which is better than most of the hatchbacks, as small as a Fait Punto. The car feels really good on the wheels and will take tight corners easily. The dampers which are encircled by the coils at the front absorb almost all the shockto provide a pleasant ride. The Stile sports high quality rubber tires on its 15 inch alloy wheels. The Stile also has 165 R15 tires which help in better cornering and braking. The wider tires mean the car is much more balanced and potholes can easily be escaped with this multi utility vehicle, thanks to its wide stance and a long wheelbase. 
The Stile is not meant for the fast racers and this is pretty evident from the steering and handling as well. The powered steering is although pleasant but doesn’t offer the precision and accuracy needed for one to drive fast comfortably. The Ashok Leyland Stile doesn’t have an Anti-Lock Braking System which is a big disadvantage for a vehicle meant as cabs where the drivers tend to over speed. The Stile comes equipped with ventilated disc brakes at the front and the rear tires have been designed with drum brakes. The car stops dead in a very short distance and the brakes work well on all road conditions. The car comes to a complete standstill from a 100 kmph in just 64.3 meters for which it takes only 4.4 seconds.
Fuel Economy
Although the Stile has the same engine-gearbox combo as the Nissan Evalia but the engine here is remapped this aids the Stile in providing a better fuel economy. The diesel engine which works in synchronous with the CNG placed at the back of the car works very well to produce the terrific fuel efficiency. The car is said togive an economy of 19.5 kmpl in highways and 21.3 kmpl on the highways.
The Ashok Leyland Stile is a very well designed multi-purpose utility vehicle and undoubtedly it is going to be seen very much around the cities and town as cabs and taxis. The car will not find buyers among the regular customers looking for a MUV as it does not offer anything to excite the young blood nor is it classy enough for the cities. But the engineers have worked very well to make a complete package which looks very fine. 
The car has been very elegantly designed with an eye on the comfort and safety of not only the driver but the fellow travellers too. It has some flaws like its absence of air bags or Anti-lock braking system or EPS. But, Ashok Leyland has struck the right chord for the people it is looking for i.e. the small scale businessmen. The stile has a lot to thank to its engineers for making a car with such high fuel efficiency and low pricing. These two features have played a big role in making the Stile a big consideration for people looking forward to buying a taxi or a shuttle cab for professional needs. 
The cost of the Ashok Leyland Stile is very competitive for its segment. The base 7-seater version, the Ashok Leyland Stile LE 7-seater will cost rupees 7.99 lakhs and the top end 7-seater model, the Ashok Leyland Stile LS 7-seater will cost rupees 8.99 lakhs. The 8-seater Ashok Leyland Stile will cost rupees 7.49 lakhs and rupees 8.29 lakhs for the low end and top end model respectively. Although the car has many downsides but overall the car has turned out to be good package, one in which many people are interested in. It will be interesting to see how a major truck maker turns out to be in the passenger car market. 
Comfort and ergonomics: 4/5
Refinement: 3/5
Safety: 1.5/5
Ride: 3/5
Fuel efficiency: 4/5 
Handling: 2.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5   
Overall: 3/5

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