Chevrolet Cruze Vs Renault Fluence

Two great car manufacturers; Renault and Chevrolet. Two great cars: Cruze and Fluence. And we are given the chance to drive and compare the two. How lucky we are.

Compare Cruze and Fluence

Car Comparison Cruze Vs Fluence - Sensibility Vs Sporty

From entry hatch, to premium hatchback to sedans and finally premium sedans, Indian car market has grown and grown quite fast. D-Segement as is popularly known has seen lots of action in the last 12 months, New Cruze, Fluence, Elantra etc have really spiced up this segment.

Though the customers belonging to this segment have the same underlying characteristics; approach adopted by different car makers to catch their attention has been as different as cheese and chalk. Some companies have decided to adopt a sensible approach (Renault’s Fluence) to lure the customers, other like the Chevrolet Cruze has gone all out and offered buyers of this segment a rocker of a car and that too in a diesel.

Whilst Renault Fluence has decided to hold the sensibility and practicality flag, Chevrolet Cruze is an out-an-out adrenalin pumping car. We at
www.ecardlr.com decided to pit these tow seemingly different car head-to-head through a rigorous and exhaustive road test comparison. So what will be the result when these two extreme ends stand squarely against each other? Will novelty supersede the sensibility or practicality still prevails over the outrageous package?  We, tried to manage these two paradoxes and in the process got acquainted with the real virtues of these two complete opposite offerings targeted at same profile of customers.

Renault Fluence Vs Chevrolet Cruze – Exterior Comparison

Both cars have radically different design theme. While Fluence arrives in dignity and sophistication; Cruze has all the flesh to emphasize its dominating character.

Front face comparison strengthens the intimidating character of Cruze. With its imposing and big two-part grill, Cruze is obvious to draw more stares. In contrast, Fluence design language is safe and practical. Large headlamps with meek grill though indicate a weak road presence in comparison to Cruze.

Side profile of both the cars boast of coupe-ish design language but in Cruze this line is more acutely swept back making it to compromise more on the head room. The lines are sleeker and cuts are sharper than those featured on the Fluence.

Rear of both the cars have almost similar look with square-ish profile though lamps do separate these identical twins. Fluence lamps are more wrap-around but detailing is better on the Cruze.

On dimension front, Fluence beats the Cruze though difference is marginal in nature. Not only is the Fluence is longer and wider but it also comes with more ground clearance. But this margin in dimension is not perceptible and you have to check out the spec sheet in order to ascertain the  difference.

*****                                                                                              Cruze *****

Renault Fluence Vs Chevrolet Cruze – Interior Comparison

Both Renault Fluence and Chevrolet Cruze continue their external design philosophy to their interiors too. Whilst Chevrolet Cruze chooses to go with radically different cabin than usual, Fluence decided to play safe inside too.

Fluence cabin uses a practical approach with minimal instruments and less congestion while Cruze’s cabin is revelation especially for practical buyers. Cruze cabin wraps itself around and its cockpit inspired theme and is sure to find favor with young and car enthusiasts.

Controls of music system are far easier to use in Cruze than in Fluence which feature very small buttons.

With larger wheelbase, Fluence is certainly more comfortable when it comes to long distance travelling. Legroom, knee room and most importantly head room is much more in the Fluence vis-a-vis Cruze. Head room of both the cars got is a compromise thanks to their coupish styling in the rear. So on the aspect of space management Fluence wins hands down thanks to its longer wheelbase and this spacious feeling is also accentuated by the better management of inside color scheme. 

*****                                                                                              Cruze *****

Renault Fluence Vs Chevrolet Cruze – Engine

When it comes to raw power figures, Cruze blows off the Fluence. Fluence at least on paper feels quite timid and meek. Fluence’s 108 PS of power and 240 Nm of Torque falls pretty short of 166 Ps power of and earth biting 380 Nm of torque being delivered by the Cruze’s engine. This massive difference should also be attributed to Cruze 2 Litre diesel power plant Vs 1.5 ltr on job under Fluence’s hood.

Fluence and Cruze both are good off the line. Thanks to the recent tweaks by Chevrolet, Cruze now even has all the ability of relaxed driving in lower rpms’. Similarly Fluence motor is also quite happy in low revolutions though its strength lies in mid range. Mid range of Cruze is devastating and it can give even a higher class model a run for their money. If engine were the only deciding criteria, then Cruze no doubt will be far ahead of the Fluence.

Both the cars use 6-speed manual transmission to draw the power from their respective mills and both have done good job in terms of matching the gear ratios. Cruze though has snappy gear box which offers more direct shift than Fluence.

Renault Fluence Vs Chevrolet Cruze – Ride Quality

While both cars use McPherson strut up front, rear suspension is quite different. Cruze rests on s compound crank in the rear, whilst Fluence has employed trailing arm on to stand guard and suspend the rear wheels.

Ride quality of Fluence is slightly better than of Cruze though the Cruze gets more composure with increasing speed.  Nevertheless new Cruze has more pliant ride than its old model and is now equipped with far better ability to shield the passengers from the undulations of road. Fluence with its calm composure leads the tally of ride quality.

Cornering ability of both the cars is mediocre though Fluence rolls a wee bit more than the Cruze. Cruze also have the hints of rolling that’s thanks to its bulk, but it still is quite acceptable for such a long car. Steering wheel of both the cars is light to aid the city driving though brakes of Cruze are more assuring than Fluence. 

Renault Fluence Vs Chevrolet Cruze – Overall Verdict

Fluence top-model at Rs. 15.20 lakh is definitely not going to win the value for money proposition, there is no doubt that Fluence brings with it the unique French flavour; spacious interiors and plush ride; still nobody can deny that is quite steeply priced against what it has to offer. No wonder takers are few and far between for Renault Fluence.

In contrast, you need to cough out just 14.47 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) for LTZ model of Cruze. In fact on all the dimensions, including value for money, Cruze makes a better case for itself. It’s more stylish, dynamic, classy and powerful and comes with all bells and whistles an executive sedan is expected to come with. The only deterrent factor in Cruze, which otherwise is wonderful all-round proposition, is serious lack of rear space that could spoil the party for Chevrolet. Nonetheless at this price, Cruze is a contender which is very hard to resist and we fully agree with it. 

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