VW Tiguan vs Hyundai Tucson: Spec comparison

VW’s pricey yet capable Tiguan is here and suddenly Hyundai Tucson starts feeling a good value for money. We pit these premium SUVs against each other to find which one comes out on top.

VW Tiguan vs Hyundai Tucson: Spec comparison

VW Tiguan comes across as pricey though capable SUV. Owing to its sophisticated design and plush cabin, Tiguan’s high asking price doesn’t needle you each time you step inside. Plus the whole lot of equipment that VW has thrown in further assuages the price gripe. Hyundai too has lavishly equipped the Tucson though its design lacks the maturity Teutonic lines; however, the value for money pricing tilts back the balance in the favor of Hyundai. In order to make a final call between the two, we pitted these premium SUVs against each other and here’s our verdict.

Engines and Transmissions

Despite displacing similar 2.0-liter of cubic capacity, Hyundai Tucson has a huge advantage both in terms of power and torque. Compare to 143 PS of Volkswagen Tiguan, Tucson pumps out 185 PS and 400 Nm. Despite this, it is a Volkswagen Tiguan that comes with all-wheel drive capabilities while the Hyundai has equipped Tucson only with front wheel drive. 7-speed DSG puts Tiguan quite ahead in the transmission department where the Hyundai Tucson comes with 6-speed torque converter. Volkswagen Tiguan is also more fuel efficient as it returns 17.1 kmpl compared to 16.4 kmpl of Tucson.
Parameter    VW Tiguan

Hyundai Tucson 

Engine Displacement     2.0-liter    2.0-liter
Power     143 PS    185 PS
Torque    340 Nm    400 Nm
Transmission    7-speed DSG    6-speed torque convertor
Fuel efficiency     17.1 kmpl    16.4 kmpl
Design, Dimensions and Space

There is nothing much to differentiate between both these premium SUV in terms of Length, breadth, and height. Both are quite similar in their stance but it is the ground clearance that makes the whole lot of the difference. Volkswagen Tiguan comes with a meek ground clearance of 149 mm while Hyundai Tucson has its belly 170 mm off the ground. It must be noted that Tiguan calculates its ground clearance under the maximum permissible load condition though Hyundai does it while taking into account only the kerb-weight of the car. Volkswagen Tiguan gains advantage on the boot space as it offers cavernous 615-liter of the boot while Hyundai Tucson has 530-liter of a trunk. Even the fuel tank of Volkswagen Tiguan gives you the freedom of extended range with a 71-litre capacity while Hyundai Tucson has 62-liter of fuel tank. 

Parameter    VW Tiguan

Hyundai Tucson 

Length    4486 mm    4475 mm
Width    1839 mm     1850 mm 
Height    1672 mm    1660 mm
Wheelbase    2677 mm    2670 mm
Boot Capacity    615-litre    530-litre
Fuel-tank capacity    71-litre    62-litre

Price and value for money

On the price front, Hyundai Tucson has a fairly large advantage as Volkswagen Tiguan requires you to invest extra Rs 3 lakh which is a considerable amount by any comparison. We agreed that all wheel drive is exclusive to the Volkswagen Tiguan but then whether one needs this capability in our urban Jungle or not is a matter of debate. In a case of price sensitive buying where you are looking to save some of your previously earned bucks, Hyundai Tucson is the car you should walk away with. Otherwise, there is little to doubt about the capability of Volkswagen Tiguan which is a fresh offering in the premium SUV segment and thanks to its clear and sculpted lines, this SUV is going to age well too. 

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