Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour Road test comparison review

We pit Toyota Fortuner against Ford Endeavour to find out which of these XXL SUVs have got qualities of a winner.

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour Road Test

This is the battle we all have been waiting for a long time now. New Ford Endeavour has made its entry into the Indian market a few months ago and now, with the advent of new Fortuner, the battle of big, XXL SUVs is inevitable to happen. Both these brute forces have enticed their own group customers and these new versions are you looking to take their legacies forward. Ford has got advantage of early launch though Toyota doesn't take too long to respond. What further boosts morale of Toyota is huge success outgoing Fortuner enjoyed in the Indian market; so much so that Fortuner is the defacto choice for premium SUV buyers in India over the years. With new 2016 edition of endeavour, Ford wants to change this perception, and hence, thrown down the gauntlet. Now whether new Fortuner will be able to challenge or not; we find in this road test comparison review.

Style &Design

Before we jump on to find the asymmetry in their turn up, it is important to consider design and style equivalence. Both these contenders are big, bulky, and have intimidating Road presence that will keep most of the sedans and hatchbacks out of your way. In the size department, ford Endeavour beats Toyota Fortuner on all the parameters of length, width, height, and more importantly on wheelbase.

Having said that, Toyota Fortuner present itself as more sophisticated and superiorly designed product. Fit and finish of the Fortuner is way ahead of the endeavour and overall paint quality also provides Fortuner handsome over the Endeavour. Despite being a premium offering, ford Endeavour fields to set a benchmark and all the company has made efforts to do away with boxy and very square-ish old profile, Endeavour still feels a bit outdated especially when compared to new Fortuner. Toyota, on the other hand, has made sure that new Fortuner looks contemporary and in sync with the Modern Times. 

Ford Endeavour: 3/5                                                                              Toyota Fortuner: 4/5 

Cabin & Interiors

Like the exterior, interiors of Fortuner feel more sophisticated and luxurious than the Endeavour. There is no problem as such in the phone is considered independently, but when comparisons are made against the Fortuner, Ford cannot able to sustain itself. The layout of - and quality of buy the Toyota is superior to Ford Endeavour. In endeavour, layout feels dull and bland, and although it is very intuitive to use, Ford could have done with better designing and flair. 

We simply love the choice and finishing of the Toyota’s interiors. The layout, choice of materials, and quality and tactile feel is beyond match. Toyota has very cleverly used soft-touch material to exude feeling of exuberance though there are places where company has cut the corners. 

Thanks to generous dimensions,
Ford Endeavour offers acres of space at first and second row.  Third row, however, lacks in roominess as you sit low with knees up. Second row is wide enough to seat three adults abreast and though bench feels set a bit low, it cushions passenger with magnanimity feel.

Fortuner too offers enough space in all three rows for making the occupants comfortable, especially the front and middle row where the company has gone all out to make to provide stupendous room for the occupants. Access to the third row is really a Nifty touch although Space at the last row is not as good as we would have liked. There is long list of equipment that both SUVs come loaded with. There is nothing much to differentiate on both these cars when it comes to features and recruitment. Both SUVs have long list of gadgets and the manufacturers have gone to provide everything what is usually expected from a premium SUV. Features like front, side, and curtain airbags, anti-lock Braking System with brake assist, electronic stability program, keyless entry with push-button start, electrically foldable outside rear view mirrors, touch screen infotainment system with reverse camera etc. Are some of the important features that are common to both SUVs. However ford has gone one step ahead and provided powered front seats which are the differentiating factor as
Toyota Fortuner does not have this facility. 

Ford Endeavour: 3/5                                                                              Toyota Fortuner: 4/5 

Engine, Transmission& Dynamics

Ford Endeavour is powered by new set of power trains - a 2.2-litre 4-cylinder and 3.2-litre 5-cylinder diesel engines.  Both motors are meaty and quite powerful to meet most of the challenges thrown on them. Lower 2.2-litre capacity has minimum turbo-lag and is surprisingly agile. Part throttle responses are very quick and large Endeavour feels absolutely at home in traffic. The motors come mated with well-defined 6-speed automatic transmission making the driving even more comfortable.  The car attains triple digit speed in a jiffy and though on highway, 2.2-litre may sometimes feel underpowered, it cruises comfortably as long as it is not pushed very hard.  There is no point getting beyond 140 kmph as you start feeling tailing off the power. The only grouse we have is absence of paddle shifters which must be there in this price range.  And, it is exactly where Fortuner edges it past. 

Powered by either 2.7-liter petrol or 2.8-litre diesel motor, new Fortuner does come with paddle shifters. We test drove 2.8-liter diesel which comes mated with automatic transmission. Power and torque figures are rated at 177 PS and 450 NM for the automatic transmission and 420 Nm for manual gearbox. Engine-transmission combo is good one and although there is some hesitation at the lower regulations, Toyota has done a good job in matching the engine characteristic with the transmission. As most of the SUV buyers are looking for the convenience of driving, automatic transmission really provides a huge amount of comfort over the manual one. As mentioned above, Toyota has also provided paddle shifters in order to add a sporty element to the SUV which doubles the amount of convenience this SUV comes with. 

Dynamically Ford has done a commendable job as even with ladder frame chassis, Endeavour behaves like a sincere student. It rolls and although you can feel the weight shifting from one side to other, still all this is very predictable. It stumbles a bit on low speed but as the speed picks up, the SUV settles with assuring sense of stability. First gen Endeavour lacked on off-road features however in this new-gen variant, company has provided enough gadgetry for adventure enthusiasts. Fortuner comes across as competent dynamic SUV though it can’t match ride quality of Fortuner. Undoubtedly Toyota has done well in order to enhance the ride experience when compared to the last generation Fortuner, still food has excelled the art of understanding Indian roads and it shows in the way endeavour make light work of the all the and relations and road bumps either in the city or on the highway.

Ford Endeavour: 3/5                                                                           Toyota Fortuner: 3.5/5 
Overall Verdict
Ford has priced endeavour in a very strategic manner with base variant starting at Rs 23.63 lakh toyota continues to adopt premium pricing for fortuner as its range starts at Rs 25.92 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom Delhi). There is no doubt that new Ford Endeavour provider host of improvement over its predecessor, v8 specious interiors, large luggage space, and very practical and intuitive controls. It also offers a very comfortable ride quality which is desirable for the chauffeur driven executives. However the package is bogged down owing to an animated engine and somewhat boxy styling. Quality of materials is also not upto the mark and this is exactly where new Toyota Fortuner comes in and makes most of the advantage. New Fortuner looks very sophisticated, comes with quality interiors, specious cabin, is powered by very few life isn't and powerful engine, and feature the convenience of paddle shifters. It may not have very comfortable ride quality like Endeavour and it also cost a bit on the higher side, still with this package you simply cannot go wrong. This Toyota has made name for itself in the years and this new version is going to strengthen its leadership position.

Ford Endeavour: 3/5                              Toyota Fortuner: 4/5 

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