Tata Nexon vs MarutiVitara vs Ford EcoSport: Spec comparison

Tata’s upcoming Nexonhas a lot riding on its broad shoulders. We find out how it stack against the competitors.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara vs Ford EcoSport

Tata Motor is going to launch its compact SUV, the Nexon in the Indian market in the month of September and the company is quite confident about its success. Once launched, the Nexon will be pitted against iconic Ford EcoSport which kick started the trend of compact SUV in India and the Maruti Suzuki VitaraBrezza, the compact SUV which is ruling the roost and currently occupying the throne of the market leader. We pit the Nexon against these rivals and find out whether the upcoming Tata has got what it takes to count among the best.

Dimensional Parity  

Undoubtedly, Tata Nexon is the best looking car in the bunch and though the design is subjective in nature, Tata Motors latest attempt is sure to find favor with the customer. Especially its coupe like profile with dropping roofline not only makes the car look great but also lends special appeal to the design. MarutiVitaraBrezza also looks butch and muscular; however, Maruti has played safe by not going all out on the design. No such apprehension is shown by the American auto major as the Ford Ecosport is full of dynamic lines and soft elements. Design, however, doesn't feel symmetric and lacks in overall coherence. There is not much to compare in terms of overall length as all the cars stack under 4 meters but when it comes to the width of the cabin, Tata has clearly as over the Rivals with its widest 1811 mm cabin. Ford triumphs its rivals on the wheelbase (2520mm) while the Tata once again come on the top with highest ground clearance of 209 mm.
Parameter    Tata Nexon

Ford EcoSport

Length    3994 mm    3999 mm    3995 mm
Width    1811 mm     1765 mm     1790 mm
Height    1607 mm    1708 mm    1640 mm
Wheelbase    2498 mm    2520 mm    2500 mm
Ground Clearance    209 mm    200 mm    198 mm
Boot Capacity    350 litres    346 litres    328 litres
Fuel-tank capacity    44 litres    52 litres    48 litres
Kerb-weight    1237-1305 kg    1170-1195 kg    1200-1290 kg

Engines and Transmissions

Petrol Engine: Like the Ford EcoSport, Tata Nexon will be available in both petrol and the diesel engine. It is rather surprising on the part of Maruti Suzuki India Limited not to offer VitaraBrezza with the petrol engine especially when the diesel motors are under heavy pressure from environmentalists and the government alike. Even the Mahindra and Mahindra has now started offering the petrol variant of their SUV models and we are sure that Maruti will also at petrol variant of the VitaraBrezza later this year.

Tata offers Nexon with 1.2-liter turbo charged petrol engine which is capable of putting out 110 PS of max power. Ford Ecosport, on the other hand, pumps out 125 PS even while displacing 200cc less than the Tata's unit using the same Turbo charge Technology. In the naturally aspirated state, however, the Ford puts out relatively similar amount of horses while using 1.5-liter of cubic capacity.
Petrol Engine    Tata Nexon

Ford EcoSport

Displacement    1.2-liter    1.5-liter/1.0-liter
Technology/Cylinders    Turbocharged/3-cylinder    Naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder/
Turbocharged 3-cylinder
Power    110 PS    112 PS/125 PS
Torque    170 Nm    140 Nm/170 Nm
Transmission    6-speed manual    5-speed manual/6-speed AT

Diesel Motors

On the diesel front, MarutiVitaraBrezza comes with lowest 1.3-liter and as a result, puts out 90 PS of Max Power which is lowest in this comparison. Tata Nexon and Ford Ecosport both displaces 1.5-liter but it is the Tata Nexon which comes on the top with highest 110 PS of Max Power. Even the 260 Nm of torque generated by the Tata Nexon is highest among the trio by a good margin. Unfortunately, however, all this might doesn't get translated into enthusiastic road performance and the heavy kerb-weight of the Tata Nexon is to blame for the muted response. MarutiVitaraBrezza though low on the performance figures makes up on the road thanks to its lightweight construction; making it a good 100 kg lighter than the Tata. 
Diesel Engine    Tata Nexon

Ford EcoSport

Displacement    1.5-liter    1.5-liter    1.3-liter
Technology/Cylinders    Turbocharged/4-cylinder    Turbocharged/4-cylinder    Turbocharged/4-cylinder
Power    110 PS    100 PS    90 PS
Torque    260 Nm     205 mm    200 mm
Transmission    6-speed manual    5-speed manual    5-speed manual

Price and value for money

The prices for Tata Nexon will be announced at its launch in the month of September and going by the recent launches by the Tata Motors, we are sure that company is going to price it very competitively. Ford EcoSport and MarutiVitaraBrezza both starts at almost same price range but when we compare the top variant, VitaraBrezza has a considerable price advantage over the Ford EcoSport. We expect the Tata Nexon to undercut the prices of its rivals and like all other Tata cars; Nexon is expected to be a good value for money.
Price     Tata Nexon

Ford EcoSport

Ex-showroom, Delhi    Rs 6.00-9.00 lakh 
(expected price)    Rs 7.10-10.71 lakh    Rs 7.24-9.91 lakh

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