Comparing Nissan Kicks Vs Hyundai Creta for SUV buyers

Nissan expects KICKS to turn its fortune around India. With an introductory price of 9.55Lakh, 9% greater value to the SUV buyer over their current favourite – The Hyundai Creta and to top it a Unique Intelligent Choice Of Ownership Model (Subscribe a Car rather than buy a Car) Nissan believes it has given Kicks a platform to create a new paradigm in Indian car market and at the same time offer a compelling choice to Indian SUV buyer. A feature packed and advanced tech enabled SUV is sure to grab attention of the Creta buyer and give them enough reasons to include Nissan Kicks in their active consideration set when they are out in the market to buy a SUV under Rs.15 Lakh.

Nissan Kicks Vs Hyundai Creta. Which is better?

There is no denying that the Indian compact SUV buyer loves the Hyundai Creta. Its sales volume and positive customer reviews speak volumes for the car. It’s probably the best built compact SUV from Hyundai. And till today, it had no contender.

However, Nissan with its New KICKS intends to change that by launching the New KICKS at an introductory price of Rs.9.55 Lakh (Ex-showroom) for XL Petrol version. We at ecardlr.com decided to pit the two on paper for you all to make an informed choice.
Nissan Kicks Vs Hyundai Creta
For this study we compared Nissan Kicks XL petrol to Hyundai Creta E Petrol, both starting variant of respective models.

Nissan priced its KICKS XL(P) at Rs.9.55 Lakh while the Hyundai Creta E (P) is priced at approximately Rs.9.50 Lakh (Both Ex-Showroom Delhi). A bold move to price Kicks car at Rs.5000 more than India’s fastest selling SUV. Many would even call it hara-kiri. Dig deeper and you would realise the smart move Nissan has made by offering its buyers a value stretching far beyond; not only the additional Rs.5000 but Nissan’s marquee value against the popular Hyundai in the Indian market.

So, the best way to define value is to look at features being offered by both cars at variant level.  Many would argue that comparing a 1.5 Litre Nissan Kicks Vs 1.6 Litre Hyundai Creta does not give the entire picture. No debate on that, but feature comparisons at variant level does make the battle field more even and comparable. And that’s exactly what we are doing.

So what it is that Nissan Kicks offers for the additional Rs.5000 over the Creta, not forgetting the burden of marquee value that Hyundai enjoys over Nissan in India.

Nissan Kicks is Longer, Wider, Taller and has Longer Wheel Base than Hyundai Creta


Dimension Nissan Kicks Hyundai Creta
Length (mm) 4,384 4,270
Width (mm) 1,813 1,780
Height (mm) 1,652-1,652** 1,665**
Wheel Base (mm) 2,673 2,590
Seating Capacity 5 5


Variant to Variant Nissan Kicks XL (P) Extra Features Compared To Hyundai Creta E (P)

1)      Auto AC
2)      Rear Parking Sensor
3)      Rear Defogger
4)      Height Adjustable Rear Headrest
5)      Wider Tyres  - 215/65, R16, Steel (Kicks) Vs 205/65, R16 Steel (Creta)
6)      iPod® & CD Support
7)      Bluetooth® connectivity
8)      Front & Rear speakers
9)      One Touch Up/Down Window With Anti-Pinch Device

Not just more features, Nissan is trying to shift the goal-post by  offering Indian car buyers an “Intelligent Choice of Ownership: Subscription Model”.

Subscription Based Ownership Model

This could be the ‘Game-changer’ for Kicks, only if the attached T&C are easy to understand, implement and non-ambiguous. If implemented properly, this could be the New Paradigm for the Indian Car Market.

With limited knowledge and therefore limited understanding, we believe this model is as simple as ‘Rent-A-Car’ or ‘Wet-Lease’ option for Individual customers with Zero Hassles of:

a)      Entry Cost - No Registration cost, No Insurance, No EMIs, Near-Zero Paper Work, etc
b)      Ownership Cost – Zero Cost of Scheduled Service
c)      Exit Cost – Just give back the car

All this for Just Rs.11/Km; yes Sir, you read it right. Whilst Nissan does say that this offer is valid for all colours and variants, our belief is that KM based charges will definitely increase with increasing car price.

Credit must though be given to both Hyundai Creta and Nissan Kicks for offering Dual Front Airbags, ABS with EBD as standard features from their starting variant, thus enhancing the overall safety aspect of their respective SUVs.

As mentioned earlier, our comparison is basis features only things could change dramatically basis drive experience of each SUV. Till then, do take an informed decision basis a back-to-back exhaustive test drive of each SUV.

Suffice to say, Indian customers are the winners as Nissan Kicks does make a compelling case for itself against the Creta, at least on paper.

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