Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Road Test Comparison Review

Maruti’s latest salvo i.e. Vitara Brezza has forced Ford to slash the prices of its best-selling EcoSport SUV. We pit both these contenders against each other to find who defeated whom at the end of bout. 

Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Road Test Co

Garnering over 2400 bookings within 24 hours of launch testifies the connect Maruti Suzuki India Limited has been able to generate with its newly launched Vitara Brezza compact SUV.  The numbers quickly spiraled and crossed 20,000 mark even as Maruti readies to dispatch the very first lot of deliveries to initial customers.  And if these figures fail to impress you then reaction of Ford’s slashing the prices of EcoSport certainly get your nod about the impact of this new Maruti. Currently ruling the roost of sub-4m SUV segment, supremacy of EcoSport got in grave danger. Not only Vitara Brezza ticks all the right boxes but it also has hit the sweet spot on value for money proposition; a card that Maruti has learnt to play so well with times.  So how the packing order shakes up and which one of these emerges on top; we find out in this road-test comparison review.

Design & Style & Interiors

Looking for the same slice of the pie means both Brezza and EcoSport shares some similarities. Both SUVs stacks under 4 meters. Lengths are virtually the same though Maruti offers more cabin width for comfortable seating however EcoSport dwarfs Brezza as it stands taller at 1708 mm compared to 1640 mm. Ford maintains its lead in the crucially important wheelbase with 30 mm advantage over Maruti. Same is true for ground clearance where Ford’s victory margin reduces to 2mm as its belly is 200 mm off the ground compared to 198 mm of Brezza.


Look wise both cars have different philosophies. While Brezza is a bit understated design, especially on the front, EcoSport features very aggressive and large gaping grille nose. Brezza feels more compact and its dimensions are more proportioned while EcoSport grabs the eyeballs owing to its rugged demeanour. Another key distinction is the tail mounted wheel on EcoSport while Brezza haz got the Stepney neatly concealed under the trunk area.


The differences remain inside too. While Maruti has got the things simple and uncluttered, Ford has gone overboard in controls and switches which can be confusing at times. Brezza large screen infotainment system is far easy and intuitive than Ford's tiny 3-inch panel. Front seats of both SUVs are comfortable though Ford has got the narrow base; resulting in some discomfort for the broad occupants.


Brezza holds on to spacr advantage at the back too and seriously, it is one of the most spacious compact SUVs around.  It has got acres of legroom and knee room and unlike some other cars, plenty of headroom is available too. That said, dome more under thigh support would have been appreciated.  EcoSport has 362 litres of boot space bigger than Brezza however its Brezza where layout is more practical and usable.


EcoSport: *****  Vitara Brezza: ***** 

Engine, Transmission & Driving Dynamics

Under the hood, the capacity difference is around 200 cc as EcoSport features 1.5-litre, 100 PS motor compared to 1.3-litre, 90 PS of Brezza.  Low-down the rev-range EcoSport holds the edge with its ample torque.  This translates into relaxed in-city driving requiring less gear shifts. That said, rev the engine hard and it's evident that engine lacks the punch. And this is exactly where Brezza steps in and scores gold.  Of course it lags behind EcoSport in drivability but it makes up with its rev-happy nature and strong thrust of torque. Over the years Maruti has abated this torque rush with successive iteration of DDiS becoming more drivable, still the adrenalin is worth enjoying.


Maruti offering comes with decent ride quality and handles the corner quite well too. Although the suspension is softly sprung, Brezza has typical underlying firmness of European car. Steering wheel is direct and light; a fact that is sure to get appreciated by urban consumers. Ford EcoSport, on the other hand, lags a wee bit behind the Maruti in the ride department however it is my head when it comes to holding on to line while hustling around. All the factors ranging from grip levels to the steering feedback, and available traction to braking feel, EcoSport is a notch above its competitors.


EcoSport: *****  Vitara Brezza: ***** 

Overall Verdict

After the recent price slash Marutivitarabrezza and Ford EcoSport cost almost in the same price bracket. This boils down the competition to other parameters of comparison like design, style, cabin space, performance and fuel efficiency, and driving dynamics. Ford EcoSport is one of the most accomplished driving Cars around. It also has good drivability, excellent steering feedback and performance oriented power plants. That said, design of the SUV has started showing the age factor and its top-end performance is not something to write home about. MarutiVitara, on the other hand, ticks all the right boxes. Its look is modern, cabin is spacious, performance is spirited and dynamics is right there in the league of benchmarks. Icing on the cake is starting price of Rs 6.99 lakh which rounds off the offer well. No surprise, people are going nuts about it. 

EcoSport: *****  Vitara Brezza: ***** 

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