Swift Vs Grand I10 Awaiting Impending Violence

With a premium of round about Rs 40k more, Swift’s score on value for Money (VFM) aspect is much lower than that of Grand i10. With top model Asta trading at Rs 6.41 lakh, Grand i10 makes a reckoning case for itself. With VFM were only comparison basis, Grand i10 would have won by handsome margin though the automobile purchase in India is a far more perplexing decision. Customers today have become more discerned and informed hat ever and stringently evaluate each offering on holistic perspective comprising of number of dimensions rather than just surrendering the decision before the retail price tag. And exactly this is the thing that has cushioned the leadership position of Swift over all these years despite the market presence of many cheaper options. In its entirety, Maruti Swift is way ahead of its rivals, including Grand i10 and its brilliant virtues like exceptionally reliable diesel engine and scintillating performance easily compensate for some of its niggles like its low back seat space and trunk room. We believe that Grand i10 has been a good attempt from the Hyundai though the selling secret of Swift is still intact with unlock code still eluding the rivals. 

Swift Vs Grand I10 Awaiting Impending Violence

Maruti-Suzuki Swift has successfully defended its hatchback kingshipsince it started its Indian market campaign way back in 2005. Over all these years many propositions ranging across the different manufacturers came with the ambitious aim of usurping this Maruti from its leadership position though none of these was successful in converting their dream into reality. Swift, with its superb reliability and breath-taking performancehas stood test of time as it continuous to foil successfully rivals’ bids to invade its sales territory. But that’s a story until now as Hyundai’s new challenger, christened at Grand i10, has descended on hatchback battle ground just a month ago. Now if first impression of Grand i10 has anything to go by, this new disputer looks every bit ready to take thesupremacy fight to the doorsteps of the market leader; Swift. Hyundai has equipped Grand i10 with some distinctive competencies that are sure to weigh in its favour in the impending battle as beating the Swift in its own territory is simply the hardest nut to crack. Along with competencies like good styling, top notch quality and fit-finish, Grand i10 has reserved magnificent space and value for money aces up its sleeve that could play a crucial role in tilting the balance towards this Korean in its final and decisive bout with Japanese Swift. Now we have already tested both these cars individually though only a head-to-head road test comparison of these formidable rivals can reveal the true character of each car; especially in contrast to another’sstrengths and weaknesses. So if you are struck by the choice dilemma between Grand i10 and Swift with your mind backing the former while heart beating for latter, exclusive road test comparison of Grand i10 and Swift is exactly what the doctor ordered. Buckle up you seat belts as we at ecardlr,take you on a ride of a lifetimeand that’s too in the cars that have put you in the purchase decision conundrum by completely baffling your cognitive senses.


Both Grand i10 and Swift look the part as skinning is contemporary and up to the category standards. Swift draws upon heavily on the sporty theme to attract the folks’ attention and does it quite is style. Long stretched back headlamps with shower theme, subtle V-design in nose and raked windscreen make every bit of Swift sporty and racy in character. Side profile is dominated by steeply raked C-pillar and tapering roof lines. High shoulder line eats into the glass area and even in the new version, Swift continuous to feature small windows. Rear portion of the Swift is characterized by the plump bumper and long tail lamps. Loading lip has been positioned a bit high that could make the luggage stashing act quite laborious in nature.



Grand i10, in comparison to Swift, is toned-down version as far as sportiness is concern. Styling is modern but every precaution has been exercised to avoid going overboard on the style quotient. Similar to Swift’s new version idea, philosophy of retaining the brand identity has been deliberately followed by the Hyundai as Grand model shares uncanny similarity with its younger sister i10. Dimensions of the Grand have been stretched to incorporate more space inside however the overall design cues have been remained intact.

Headlamps as well as tail lamps share close relationship with i10 posture although the visible disparity between the two Hyundais’ is apparent in the profile view as Grand i10 has been stretched ungainly to liberate more space at the back seat. Roof rails as well as rear spoiler has been added to make the Grand i10 sportier and fancier that i10.


Overall Swift as well as Grand i10 is good looking and handsome offerings though the design philosophy of both the vehicles is in stark contrast to each other. While Swift has gone whole hog to with its sporty pretensions, Grand i10 has used a considerable lever of restraint in order to avoid the boarding of the same design coach. Hyundai is hoping to get some edge over the Swift as Grand i10 appeals more to practical folks however only selling trend will authenticate whether the thinking was in the right direction or not.

Swift: *****Grand i10: *****


Maintaining the same outer design contrast, inside of both these cars are entirely different too. Swift like its exterior follows the trendy design with water-fall centre console, all black interiors and superbly supported front seats. Quality is of top-notch and this new avatar of Swift has addressed its old contentious low quality aspect completely. Completely black shade is a welcome deviation from the excessive use of beige this segment has fallen love with and at least in Swift you need not to worry about the dust every time you enter in the car. Twin pod instrument cluster is very intuitive and multi-information display has upped the practicality-ante of the car.


Unfortunately where even the new version of Swift failed to break the ice is the roominess and space. Although new version comes with stretched wheelbase, Swift fails to cut the competitors space mustard as Liva and Vista feels far head of this hatchback king in space aspect. Further the small windows rob of the available space feeling and you might end up suffering with claustrophobia in the long journeys. Boot space too feels small and high loading lip further aggravates this negative space feel.

Grand i10 scores exactly where Swift tends to lose. It feels spacious and roomy; at least at the back seat with more available leg room and knee room than Swift even though the Swift comes with large wheelbase. The back seat feels far more comfortable as the windows are large and space aspect is carved out handsomely. That said, there is no difference between both the cars in shoulder room as both the vehicles struggle with the entry of third passenger at the back sat. Further Grand i10 low set rear bench makes the ingress-egress manoeuvers quite painful.


Interiors quality in Grand i10 is also top class and the whole cabin setting is more on the utilitarian side. Hyundai seems to be inspired by the Honda as the mechanicals are minimum and maximum focus is on the customers’ comfort and convenience. Dash board is set high and the centre console has been furled pretty higher than the conventional design. Console mounted gear lever further frees up the space as the whole cabin feels quite practical and intuitive. Still comparing head-to-head comparison we find Grand i10 cabin quite lacking in flair than Swift though in isolation both the cars make good case for themselves.

Swift: *****Grand i10: *****


Hearts of both these cars are completely different from each other in almost every aspect of the comparison. First difference is of the capacity that arises out from the different numbers of cylinder configuration of the vehicles. Hyundai’s Grand i10 came with very first 3-cylinder iteration of its original 1.4-litre oil burner while Maruti’s Swift comes across with its time tested and vibrant DDIS diesel engine that anybody can swear by as reliable and performing unit.


Power output differences settled at 3PS in favour of Swift DDiS unit though the Grand i10 output needs some round of applause as this Korean car is able to puts out commendable 71 PS of power from the 3-cylinder geometry against the 4-cylinder configuration of Swift motor. The difference in torque figures are more in magnitude with Grand i10 trailing by 30 Nm to Swift though its trump card lies in the lower rpm this rotating force is generated at. Against the typical 2000 rpm range at which Swift peaks at the torque department, Hyundai’s workhorse produce the total torque of 160 Nm at much lower 1500 rpm. The result of this deviation is apparently observable as Grand i10 starts delivering the power right from the start. The car is blessed with commendable drivability and city dwellers will find this linear acceleration a sort of blessing. There is no turbo lag, a characteristic very typical of the diesel engine, and that makes Grand i10 absolutely a breeze to drive in the city. In comparison Swift still lags from the turbo in its lower engine revolutions and even now the new model has come with city-friendly tuning with less lag than the older version, still one can feel the lack of punch low down the rev range.

But once out in open with peddle mating the metal, there is absolutely no comparison between Swift and Grand i10 as experience of former is exceptionally infectious. Swift’s brilliant rev-happy DDiS motor has made itself a good name for its scintillating performance and this version of Swift too live up to the legacy set by its predecessor though the top end in latest model is not as enthusiastic as was in previous edition of Swift.

Engines of both the car are mated with 5-speed manual transmission and both vehicles have got good transmission mechanisms. Grand i10 gear box falls quite easily in hand courtesy of its console mounted lever though the shifts are more snappy and slick in case of Swift. On the drive it is Swift that inspires more confidence as the car feels more holistic and complete in terms of overall combination of engine, clutch and refinement.

Swift: *****Grand i10: *****


Although new version of Swift comes with toned down handling precision as some of the company’s focus has shifted to the ride department, still Swift holds the handling benchmark. Swift still loves to hug corners and even with lengthened wheelbase, this Maruti remain under strict control of the driver. Superior aerodynamic with spot-on dimensions helps the taut and stiff chassis of Swift to retain its handling crown. Grand i10 is although a good handler in isolation its cornering ability turns pale when compared against Maruti’s Swift. Further the very light and city-friendly light steering makes the things worse on the handling department.

On the ride department though Grand i10 has the edge over Swift as this Korean vehicle shows better cushioning ability than of the Swift. Slow speed ride of the Swift is still jittery as the undulations still upset the comfort of the passengers. Grand i10 has long suspension travel that helps the car to absorb even the rut and pothole with ease. Swift lacks both the slow and mid-range ride finesse as shown by Grand i10 though with increase in whack things turn out fine than slow speed hiccups.

Swift: *****Grand i10: *****

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