Maruti-Suzuki S-Cross Vs Hyundai Creta Road Test Comparison Review

Maruti S-cross is finally here to take the compact SUV category by storm. Among the others, the arch enemy of the new Maruti is Hyundai Creta which is also new and gunning for the same crown. We pit both these against each other to find which one noses ahead and which one falls back.

Maruti-Suzuki S-Cross Vs Hyundai Creta Road Test

The faceoff couldn't get bigger than this as leading players of Indian automobile industry are ready to take on their rivalry to the new level. Hyundai Creta and Maruti S-cross both are out to lure affluent prospects though winner will be only either of these newly ventured creations. Hyundai took early launch advantage though Maruti didn't lag behind much with S-cross debut happening with in months of Creta arrival. Unfortunately both Maruti and Hyundai were failed miserably to pocket in luxury-seekers as their economic brand image somewhere interfere with upmarket interest of prospects. In fact Maruti has taken this quite seriously, and in order to give a right message, launched S-cross exclusively through its newly established premium chain of dealership called NEXA. On the flip side however this has limited the reach of S-cross only to the select cities where NEXA is available today. No such inhibitor exists for Hyundai Creta which is available throughout the India on all Hyundai touch points. So for the moment leave aside the issue of distribution and focus upon what these two SUVs have unique on offer? Which one of these has more substance and finally which one be able to have gas intact in this comprehensive road test comparison review.
Style& Design 
As always, decision on the looks is subjective though we find Hyundai Creta far more attractive than S-cross.  Unlike S-cross which looks a bit soft crossover, Creta feels quite muscular and machismo in its turn out approach.  Creat also has broad shoulders, and upright stance that infuse rugged character to its appeal. Even the profile and rear of Creta noses ahead of S-cross as former feels more premium and settled. In isolation S-cross also comes across as a solid crossover though somewhere it lacks the feel and character of rugged vehicle.  Further, its inclination towards sedan styling makes it prone to be considered more as mid-size saloon than a crossover.
Besides the looks, parked side by side, S-cross seems to be dwarfed by Creta though former is lengthier than latter. However, Creta offers more width and height that transpired into roomier cabin space inside. Wheelbase of both the cars is almost similar with advantage of 10 mm in favour of S-cross. 
Maruti S-Cross: *****                              Hyundai Creta: *****
Interiors & Space
Inside the cabin, story is not very different as both Creta and S-cross come fully loaded with features and equipment. Touch screen audio video navigation, airbags, ABS with EBD, reverse camera etc. is found on both the cars. Space scene is not very different as both the cars are having good and roomy interiors. S-cross is ahead in rear seat comfort especially owing to its good under-thigh support.
Driving position of Creta is more comfortable than S-cross as former has high sitting position. View of the outside is more apparent in Hyundai, and offer considerable ease of driving. Maruti S-cross, on the other hand, has low seating position that makes it comparatively difficult to steer than Hyundai.
Maruti S-Cross: *****                              Hyundai Creta: *****
Engine & Transmission
Hyundai has been offered with a choice of both petrol and diesel engines while S-cross comes only with diesel power train. Maruti has sourced both these diesel engines from Fiat while Hyundai has its own petrol and diesel engines developed in-house. We pitted both diesel variants of cars against each other, and found different characters of both motors.  While Hyundai felt very refined, Maruti lagged behind as its engine feels a bit obtrusive and noisy. That said, the Maruti leads the performance chart with healthy margin.  Its bigger 1.6-litre capacity power train help the S-cross to make brisk progress in both city and out on highway.
As far as transmission is concerned, Maruti comes with 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmission mated respectively to 1.3-litre and 1.6-litre diesel engines. Creta has extra advantage of automatic transmission that it offers with petrol version.
Maruti S-Cross: *****Hyundai Creta: *****
Driving Dynamics
Dynamically we found S-cross a better alternative as the Hyundai still has to get its act together in driving dynamics.  S-cross is poised, stable at higher speeds and handles extremely well. Hurl around the corner and S-cross still maintains its composure.  Its stiffly sprung suspension is a great joy to drive around especially out on curved roads or Ghats. 
Hyundai has improved upon its riding prowess though it has still a long way to go before matching to segment standards. Softly sprung suspension give Creta a good ride quality though it loses out once the roads get twisty.
Maruti S-Cross: *****                  Hyundai Creta: *****
Overall Verdict
ABoth Creta and S-cross are priced premium to drive home the point of their posh nature. A common perception in the market is that both these propositions are steeply priced, so none of these two scores high on value for money aspect. However on other fronts, these two have fought hard to emerge as winner of this fight. While Hyundai Creta emerges as more refined, driving friendly and comfortable option, Maruti S-cross wins on the aspect of performance and dynamics. Ultimately it boils down to what is your motive behind buying a car. If you are on the hunt for a brisk performer, S-cross is the one to go for a while for the persons who wants a comfortable and refined city ride; Creta ticks all the right boxes. 
Maruti S-Cross: *****Hyundai Creta: *****

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