Maruti Ciaz vs Baleno vs Vitara Brezza Comparison Review

Of late Maruti-Suzuki has launched three propositions into market. We dig down deeper in order to facilitate your decision making.

Maruti Ciaz vs Baleno vs Vitara Brezza Comparison

When it comes to the brand loyalty, maruti Suzuki India Limited enjoys indomitable position in Indian automobile market. Chocolate company has launched many new prepositions which has led to the increase in the market share with car with Maruti Suzuki now enjoying more than 50% of the total market. Analysing some of the past few years company has launched 3 major models in different consumer categories. In the mid size Sedan segment, ciaz was launched wild premium Hatchback and compact SUV segment has witnessed the rolling out of Baleno and Vitara Brezza respectively. So if like many you are also confused about which Maruti is best in these three models, then this road test review is exactly what the doctor has ordered. Although belonging to the different segments, we picked these three Maruti suggest each other to find out which model suits your needs best. So fasten of the seatbelt and get ready to experience a new level of insight as we get you some of the most coveted and informative revelation about these Marutis.

Design, Style & Interiors

Maruti Ciaz and Baleno come with both petrol and diesel variants while the compact SUV, Vitara Brezza features only 1.3-litre DDiS diesel engine. For the sake of simplicity, we will confine our road test review to the diesel variants of all these three cars. This implies that throughout the comparison, diesel variants of these cars will be pitted against each other. Apart from having the similarity of largest dealership network around the country, these cars are as different as chalk and cheese. Starting from the styling quotient, Maruti Ciaz looks very sedate and it has a demeanour that will not offend anybody. At the company is catering to the business executive class with this mid-size sedan, the design philosophy just follow the right amount of character and mildness. The lower slung stance, rising beltline, and tastefully created rear end makes this midsize Maruti a very proportionate and balanced preposition.

Maruti Baleno on the other side draws its design aspirations from its younger cousin, the swift. One can apparently be sure that this card design is the evolution of Swift philosophy and although the similarity can be ascertained, the car is distinctive enough to carve a place for itself in the market. The company has increased the distance between the centre of the front and rear wheels which is helpful in liberating the more cabin space. Inside the cabin too, the company has offered luxurious interiors and quality Greens although the overall layout of the dashboard feels skimpy and incomplete. There is lack of coherence when we talk about the centre console and we design theme adopted by the Maruti Suzuki space in front of Elite i20.

The company's newest entrant in the compact SUV segment, the Vitara Brezza has got rugged appeal and strong SUV demeanour. Large wheel arches, horizontal bonnet, squareish profile and stylish rear make this compact SUV different from its rivalling prepositions. The overall design and the turnout are along the Expectations and company hasn't gone overboard in terms of styling and design. Inside the cabin, quality is mediocre and although fit and finish somewhere conform to the norms, Maruti could have equipped this compact SUV with better quality materials.

Talking about the space proposition all these 3 cars before significantly and has their own positives and negatives. If you are looking for spacious and comfortable cabin, then look no further as Maruti ciaz is the best option to go for. There is enough room at the back seat and car can easily accommodate three adults without any space constraint. That kind of feeling is not present in Vitara which struggles with the accommodation third passenger. If you want to make a comfortable journey, recommended that you ferry total of 4 people in this compact SUV. Spaces not the strongest point of this compact SUV and we expected Maruti to have provided more spacious cabin to this new venture of the organisation. Maruti Baleno strikes a good balance between space and comfort. It may not be a spacious as Ciaz is but it certainly can accommodate 5 peoples in Greater comfort then Vitara. We are happy to note that space is not at a premium in the belly no then the case with the Vitaa or for that matter Maruti Swift.

Engine, Transmission & Driving Dynamics

On the engine and specification front, Ciaz and Vitara comes with 90 PS version of 1.3-litre DDiS diesel engine of the Maruti while on the other hand Baleno is equipped with 75 PS variant. On the flip side although Baleno weights lighter than both ciaz and Vitara which makes all these 3 cars white performing board and out on the highway. We have no complaints whatsoever about the performance of these cards and although there is bit of turbo lag in the initial rpms, once the engine gets going the performance is very gratifying in nature. In fact till this date Maruti has got the tuning experience spot on as none of its Rival can match the indian returning factor right just like the Maruti. There is not much to differentiate on the Performance Parts although if we have to choose between these three cars, we will like to go with the Vitara which feels very peppy, very enthusiastic and eager to perform even towards the red line indicating high rpms. But if we have to choose one area where we Vitara completely dominate the other two, it will be ride and handling.

Thanks to the stiff suspension setting given to this compact SUV by Maruti, Vitara Brezza is absolutely delighted to handle or throw around the corners. This is suspension has cost some of the riding points to this car although it makes up by plastering a big smile on your face with its cunning handling abilities. Maruti Ciaz and Baleno on the other hand have preferred ride quality over handling adventure and their suspension setup has been on the softer side in order to cater to the needs of the families sitting inside the car.

Overall Verdict

All three cars in this road test comparison have their own merits and demerits. If you are looking for a chauffeur driven car and spend most of your time at the backseat, then for you Maruti Ciaz is the best option. It has class leading space, roomy interiors, and comes equipped with very fuel efficient and mileage oriented power plant. The ride quality of this car is among the best of the segment which makes it very comfortable place to be hanged around even in the long Journeys. For the other end of customers who are looking for adventure, fun and expect their car to be enthusiastic about craving corners, Vitara Brezza is undoubtedly the right choice to go with. It has got all the necessary ingredients to make it very comfortable and driver oriented vehicle and it out Shine each and every of its competitors on the front of handling. You can throw this car around without having any worry about what will be the reaction of this vehicle. However, looking at a complete package capable of delivering your fuel efficiency, spacious cabin, and quality interiors with sufficient amount of practicality, we recommend you to go with Maruti Baleno premium hatchback. The card ticks all the right boxes and it is also priced less than other two vehicles in this comparison. It offers you right kind of space, quality interiors, fuel efficient engine, and offers very pliant ride quality. So if you are getting this complete package within a reasonable price range, then there is no reason to look further as Baleno is the right preposition to go by.

Ciaz: 7/10                                                    Baleno: 8/10                          Vitara Brezza:7/10


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