Mahindra Verito Vibe vs Toyota Etios Cross Road Test Comparison Review

We pit Verito Vibe against Etios Cross in this road test comparison review and here’s our verdict.

Mahindra Verito Vibe vs Toyota Etios Cross Review

Both Verito Vibe and Etios Cross share the similarity of being a mixed breed rather than belonging to one specific category of Indian automobile industry. Both these cross breeds are manifestation of the innovative thinking that their respective manufacturers have put in in order to blend effectively the merits of hatchback with ruggedness of SUV. Verito Vibe has been in market for quite some time while Toyota Etios Cross is relatively new in its market exposure. Verito Vibe comes with brand backing of rugged manufacturer Mahindra while Etios Cross is brain-child of equally competitive Toyota marque. Both these vehicles claims to embody the virtues of rugged SUV and compact hatchback though when pit against each other, both can’ be winners. In this comparison review featuring Etios Cross crossing swords with Mahindra Verito Vibe only one will come on the top. Now which one of these two emerges as victor; we find out in this road test comparison review. 
Both Verito Vibe and Etios Cross come with offbeat and unconventional looks; especially Mahindra has a very idiosyncratic design that can evoke the extreme reactions. Etios Cross on the other hand is more contemporary and has got its design ethos more pleasing than Verito Vibe.
We would like some fresh design of the front face of Verito Vibe that though in reality comes with same frontage as of Verito with some mild cosmetic changes. The cut and paste job however has the merit of saving on extra expenses that otherwise company would have incurred on sheet metal work.
Verito Vibe: Evoking Design
Profile view of the Vibe however has some interesting details. For one there are prominent wheel arches that along with roof rails provide some racy character to the Vibe. But the most important details are the positioning of the rear tail lamps; making Vibe a unique one in its category. Mounted on the C-pillar the tail lamps make good symmetry of design as these blends seamlessly with the roof rails. 
Etios Cross, on the other hand, comes with some interesting design details that will sure to catch attention of onlookers immediately. Up front face is hogged by large silver slatted grille finished by glossy black matte bumper. Silver skid plate gel with the overall nose seamlessly and lends unique sense of perspective to overall front design of Etios Cross. 
Etios Cross: Rugged Looks
Black matte cladding that runs all around Etios Cross is sure to play a crucial role in enticing the prospective Toyota customers. In addition to being an effective scratch resistance, this black cladding equips Etios Cross with elemental and fiercely powerful appeal. Roof rails and rear spoiler further hammers home the aggressive quotient Etios Cross is heavily banking upon its market success.
On dimensional front Verito Vibe dwarfs Etios Cross on length and width parameter though on height front, Etios Cross speeds past Verito Vibe. Both cars come with standard 5-person seating capacity and features front-wheel drive with disc and drum braking combination at front and rear respectively.  Overall between these two, Etios Cross is definitely a better looking car and unlike Verito Vibe that goes a bit overboard in its sporty pretensions, Etios very genuinely mixed the SUV credential into 
hatchback body. 
Verito Vibe: *****   Etios Cross: *****
Mahindra has always relied more on the practicality of its vehicles than designing to lure the customers. So no wonder, Verito Vibe follows the same custom of Mahindra by providing overwhelming feeling of space and practicality. In fact Verito Vibe has got best in class cabin space with widest back seat having 3 independent headrests. So if you are looking for a hatchback hat can sit three fully fledged adults abreast at the back, Vibe is the right answer for your need. There will be no jiggling of knees and no twitching of shoulders either even in case of 5 persons on the board. Having said that we found rear seat of Vibe is placed a little low causing some poor thigh support which could be irritating in long journeys.
Verito Vibe: Wide rear bench
On space front, Etios Cross too holds on its roomy advantage with wide rear bench and liberal leg and shoulder room.  Front seats feature good space though it could certainly come with more support. In the same vein Etios Cross rear bench although offers commendable seat width capable of seating even three adults though the more support would have made things better at the back. 
Etios Cross: Slim seats
Even on quality front, Etios Cross has taken some giant leaps forward though mundane basic lay-out and control scheme of older Etios has been carried. It is rather hard to justify for Toyota to stick to this unanimated design that has already drawn a lot of flak from customers and critics alike. Fortunately company has used a new black piano finish interiors and fabric with embossed Etios Cross badging.
Etios Cross: Improved quality sans lay-out
Verito Vibe comes with dull-interiors and colour scheme feels unanimated too. We wish Mahindra would have used beige to brighten the cabin prospects of Verito Vibe. Door pockets are small and don’t hold even the small bottles. 2-Din music system is standard in top model and has the features of USB and aux-in as standard. Similarly there are power switches for windows and he mirror can also be adjusted electronically in D6 variant of Vibe.  Dials continues to disappoint us not because of their size but due to their non-differentiating nature. Although very readable, you can’t differentiate between the two to tell which one is for which task. Al least on rpm meter the numeric must be embedded differently than that of speedometer. 
Verito Vibe: Dull interiors 
Although on space front Verito Vibe races ahead of Etios Cross, the overall quality and equipment list is where this Mahindra takes a beating from Toyota Etios Cross. Even with relatively small cabin, the overall ambience and desirability of Etios Cross is miles ahead of the Verito Vibe and this desirability quotient is nothing but crucial success ingredient in today’s competitive environment. 
Verito Vibe: *****   Etios Cross: *****
Both these cars have front-wheel drive system that channelizes the power through provision of manual transmission to front wheels. Etios Cross comes with 4-cylinder, 1.5-litre diesel engine that puts out 68 PS of max power and 170 Nm of max torque. In comparison Verito Vibe has been on offer with 1.5-litredCi engine making 65 PS of power and 160 Nm of torque.
Verito Vibe: Unexciting top-end
City driving is the strongest virtue of the Vibe and it is really easy and zippy in traffic. Clutch too feels light and the overall driving process is light and less cumbersome than many other diesel cars. Mid-range also feels good and Vibe responds sharply to the throttle responses. Engine feels quick till the three speed digit mark though after that Verito starts losing steam. 
On the contrary early delivery of torque is what makes driving Etios Cross an absolute breeze in city. Paddle responses are sharp as Etios Cross cut through hustle-bustle of city with quite an ease. Turbo lag is virtually absent with power delivery starts pouring in right at the start. Ambling around even in higher gears is not a challenging task with Etios Cross passing city driving test with flying colours. 
Even on highway, motors revs nicely but requires the early upshifts. There is no mean of stretching the engine to its limits and Etios Cross behaves best at its early upshift manoeuver.
Etios Cross: Very drivable 
On gear-shift front, Toyota is far ahead than Mahindra as former has very direct, precise and short throws making gear changing a pleasant experience. Even the clutch-pedal feel is more real in Etios Cross than surreal pedal of Verito Vibe. Brakes department too is better worked upon by Toyota and Mahindra has to improve a bit before matching the stopping prowess of Toyota. 
Verito Vibe: *****   Etios Cross: *****
Both cars in this comparison use the standard suspension hardware with McPherson strut up front and torsion beam at rear to suspend the wheels. 
Verito Vibe: Good ride
Suspension of Vibe is good at soaking the undulations, speed creases and even potholes of the road. Ride is composed and the undulations, jerks are dispatched with good cushioning ability. Only in case of potholes the Vibe gets thoroughly disturbed however that happens only at slow speed. With Vibe speeding up, the cushioning becomes smoother and less disturbing.  
Etios Cross: Involving drive
Etios Cross also has the good ride quality though it is handling where it scores better than Vibe. The body roll in Etios is less than one is threatened with in case of Verito. The chassis feel supple, steering gives more feedback and this combined with better stopping prowess make Etios Cross a car more involving to drive. 
Verito Vibe: *****   Etios Cross: *****
On value for money, Verito Vibe has edge over the Etios Cross as it is retailed at lesser price than Etios. Further the unconventional looks, a wide cabin with good space and good ride quality make Verito Vibe an option that can be considered in isolation. But in direct comparison like we did here, Etios Cross comes out as a clear winner. Despite losing on the pricing front, Etios makes a more holistic value package that is compelling in nature. Not only its looks have got thumbs up but in almost all other crucial areas of consideration Etios Cross win hands down. Further the reliability and service-experience of Toyota brand further whip up the overall desirability of Etios Cross package that Verito is unable to match up to. At least for now.

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