Mahindra TUV3OO Vs Ford Ecosport Road-Test Comparison Review

ECARDLR brings you the road test comparison review between new Mahindra TUV3OO and Ford EcoSport. 


Mahindra TUV3OO Vs Ford Ecosport Road-Test

Mahindra's latest entrant in the compact SUV segment, the TUV 3oo has created quite a stir in the segment. So much so that current market leader Ford Ecosport was forced to slash its prices. Panic is clearly visible among the Ford as Mahindra this time claims to have a thorough homework on all the pertinent issues related to buyer's' expectations.  TUV 3oo is rugged, feel tough and its no-nonsense approach towards the business is quite commendable. Ford EcoSport, on the other hand, is relying upon its driving dynamics and very drivable set of power trains to humble the challenge of newly debuted Mahindra. We at Ecardlr are inundated with the queries about which one of these two is option to go for? Well to answer lies in this road test comparison review featuring all-new Mahindra TUV3OO and Ford EcoSport.   
Power, Performance & Dynamics
Under the hood, TUV3OO comes with detuned version of mHawk diesel engine which displaces 1.5-litre of cubic capacity.  It puts out 84 PS and 230 Nm of max power and max torque respectively.  Ford EcoSport, on the other hand, comes with higher 91 PS of max power along with 204 Nm of max torque.  So while Mahindra leads on torque front, EcoSport races ahead in power department.  Both SUVs use 5-speed manual transmission though Mahindra has optional AMT also on the offer. 
Ford beats Mahindra on the variety of engines that is on offer. EcoSport comes with two petrol engines; 1.0-litre Ecoboostengine and 1.5-litre petrol engine putting out 125 PS and 112 PS respectively.  Comparison of diesel motors instantly make it apparent that Ford's motor is very responsive and though it is as loud as Mahindra, EcoSport leads the competition in its low end torque delivery. Gear shifts are way smoother, and unlike TUV3OO there is no rubbery feel to the shifts. Throws are direct and gates are also defined precisely. 
On driving dynamics too, Ford wins hands down. The expertise of the company in understanding Indian roads remain unchallenged though Mahindra has also done a fair job in achieving right ride and handling balance though it still  has to learn a plenty before it qualifies to be counted among the good driving cars. Another annoying factor in TUV 300 is its heavy steering which feels cumbersome in regular commute within the city. EcoSport is also not a very manoeuvrable at low speeds though it has steering bristling with the feel and response. 
Ford EcoSport: *****                   Mahindra TUV3oo: *****
Design, Style & Interiors
Coming to the looks and styling, both Mahindra and Ford have done their best to drive home the point of rugged and butch appeal of their cars. This is particularly visible in case of new TUV 300 which has gone overboard in describing its machismo with straight and uncluttered lines. Ford's EcoSport also feels muscular and it very clearly adds to hint of sophistication to the overall design. Both SUVs has rear mounted spare wheel which makes these look like sporty however practicality is compromised in both these situations. As both the offerings are less than 4 metres, their lengths are quite similar. That said, on all other fronts of width, height and more importantly wheelbase, TUV 300 beats the EcoSport.  
Not only it is wider and taller in the two but also comes with longer wheelbase of 2680 mm compared to 2520 mm of EcoSport.  This liberates more space inside the Mahindra cabin which is boon for long distance journey. Further, TUV 300 comes with provision of 7 seats as it has two jump seats at the back though it is only useful for the kids. 
On the front of quality, both Ford and Mahindra scores just about average. The quality and ergonomics are not something that will won over the fans in either case though we find Ford a wee bit better than the Mahindra. 
Ford has got the driving position quite spot on while in Mahindra we have to struggle to find right position initially. Boot space is also large in Mahindra as it offers 400 litres cargo with folded jump seats whereas trunk of EcoSport is limited to only 362 litres.
Ford EcoSport: *****                                                                       Mahindra TUV3oo: *****
Overall Verdict
On Value for money Mahindra on value for money Mahindra fares better than the Ford as diesel version of TUV3OO is around one lakh cheaper than Ford EcoSport. Mahindra also offers roomier cabin, has fuel-efficient oil burner and comes with extra advantage of two jump sets at then back. Styling has also been less flimsy that we have witnessed in some of the previous propositions. Having said that there are some inherent shortcomings in TUV3oo like mediocre dynamics, average drivability and uninspired interiors and this is exactly where Ford steps in and scores quite brilliantly. It is costly than the TUV3oo but then it offers a lot more evolving drive, has punchy range of powertrains and drives like a dream. Also been in the market for quite some time, we are assured about the reliability of the proposition. So although Mahindra has made a good attempt with TUV3OO, our verdict still goes for tried and tested EcoSport. 
Ford EcoSport: *****                                                                       Mahindra TUV3oo: *****

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