Expert Car Comparison Hyundai 1.0L Eon Vs Datsun GO

Hyundai does not like other cars meddling with its model sales and will do whatever possible within their means to stave off competition. Case in point being Datsun GO trying to steal sales and therefore market from Hyundai Eon, a car which already is stressing for sales breadth.

Expert Car Comparison 1.0L Eon Vs GO

Hyundai is an aggressive car company, they don't like getting messed up with and in most cases return competition attempts with far more vigour and all their might. The idea is to put competition  on the mat even before it has any chance to take its first baby steps.
However, against Datsun GO they have been a little slow to respond, unlike Hyundai. They almost seemed to have ignored its presence, which is quite surprising. Probably they were busy trying to manage customer issues against the 800CC Eon which was being punished through ever reducing monthly sales due to its lower than expected performance and poor dynamics. They have by plonking the Kappa engine (currently being plonked under  the I10 which is being exported). The New 998 CC Kappa engine technologically is a much better power plant, thanks to it being a 12 V, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshafts with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) petrol engine. Revised suspension has been awarded to the EON for improving the cars Dynamics.

Will the 1.0L Eon manage to ward off competition from Datsun GO, we review to understand its chances.

Engine Comparison Hyundai EON Vs Datsun GO

Indian car buyers will have the option to buy the regular Oct 2012 800 CC Eon as well as the 1000 CC Kappa engine EON. Hyundai obviously does not want to lose the price conscious first time car buyers due to higher price. The Kappa engine does to a great extent makes the new 1.0 L Eon comparably more quieter with smoother idle and lower vibration experienced on the gear lever knob. The difference becomes even more obvious once we put the feet to the paddle, the car responds and much better with literally no jerkiness associated with the 800cc EON. The short first gear helps make a quick getaway, however, the 2nd and third gear are comparatively taller probably designed to aid fuel efficiency, but it does make the car a good city run about. The 1.0L engine is quite unhappy when driven in a gear higher than what is suitable at a particular engine rpm, this could have been a problem, but thanks to the handy gearshift indicator one does not have to fear such a situation. All one has to do to ensure that one does not run out of steam is to simply follow the indicated gear on the gearshift indicator.

The 1.0 L Eon clutch is light, smooth shifting and springy to some extent. 5 speed gear box (derived from Grand I10's) slots quite well and makes the 1.0 L Eon a decent city run about.

New 1.0L Eon manages to cross the 100 Kph mark 2.6 secs faster than its 800CC sibling and indicator of how much the new improved heart has helped the Eon

One sure wonders as to why one has to compare the Datsun GO with the Eon and as to why it should be slotted in the entry level economy hatchback segment, after all cars in this segment like: Alto 800, Spark , Santro and Eon all come with a smaller 800cc engines. The 1.2 L Micra derived 3 cylinder engine of Datsun GO is the biggest of the lot and therefore comes with an undue advantage. But then since the Datsun GO is priced so well, that car buyers in India willy-nilly makes the comparison.

The 1.2L Datsun GO engine is peppier and lively to drive. The car shows mild initial hesitation but once on the go it has legs that are sturdy and rearing to go. The engine is smoother and responsive to even light touches on the pedal. On being stretched Datsun GO makes the 100 Kph in just about 14.5 secs. Datsun GO has sturdier legs even beyond its peak 5200 Rpm peak rpm power limit. This we believe has been done to improve efficiency figures. The car does seems to have enough grunt even beyond its curtailed 5200 Rpm rev limit.

GO's gear box is not as refined, feels notchy and has a constant whine. The engine too feels more noisier and louder.

Comparing Dynamics Hyundai 1.0L Eon Vs Datsun GO

1.0L Eon gets a revised suspension does to a great extent smoothens roads undulations and pot holes, this however feels going out-off comfort zone with increasing speed. The New Suspension is stiffer and handling does not seem as wavering as the GO. 1.0L Eon steering is uncomforting and late at giving feedback.

Datsun GO is a heavier car, therefore feels comparatively planted, its more sure-footed, has good straight-line stability with encouraging steering response. Datsun Go however, does depict decent roll characteristics.

So for those first timers looking for a powerful heavier and spacious car Datsun GO should be the car of their choice. However, those looking for a more stylish and nimbler car 1.0L Eon could be their preferred car.

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