Hyundai Creta vs Ford EcoSport Road Test Comparison Review

Advent of new Hyundai Creta has put it in crosshairs with segment leader, Ford EcoSport. With knives out on both sides, this is time for us at ECARDLR to settle their supremacy debatebyout comprehensive and exhaustive road test comparison review. 

Hyundai Creta vs Ford EcoSport Road Test

The stage for this comparison has been set long ago when Ford drop the EcoSport on Indian turf. The compact SUV got instant liking from the masses which ultimately lured the other car majors to sit back and take notice of the buzz.  Hyundai got its house in order earlier than the others as its compact SUV Creta has been launched in the market just couple of days before.  Although Creta sits at higher price point than EcoSport, still its dimensional and seating similarity make it a direct rival of Ford than anything else. What further makes the things interesting is the dynamic and non-conventional design both these compact SUVs come with. Ford has been maintaining its pole position quite comfortably for years now but then emergence of new Creta has already sounded an alarm bell for the Ford. Hyundai is getting stupendous response for Creta and advanced bookings of 10,000 units are good enough to gauge positive support Creta is receiving from all walks of life. So does the Creta overtakes EcoSport in popularity? Does Hyundai be able to sustain these positive sentiments or Ford bounces back with renewed vigour? These questions require more than an overview, and this is exactly why we decided to pit EcoSport against Creta in this road-test comparison review. 
Beholding Beauty
Looks are subjective and both of these SUVs will entice different sentiments from different folks. Hyundai however could take the advantage here as Creta is fresher and newer compared to Ford EcoSport. 
Hyundai Creta: Fresher and newer design
Large hexagonal grille, projector headlamps, sharply raking shoulder line, and sophisticatedly designed rear help Creta to stand out from the rest.  It looks young, contemporary and will be able to attract most of the eyeballs.
                                                          Ford EcoSport: Manly character 
Ford EcoSport is equally stylized though this design has become a bit familiar now. Large mouthed grille, dynamic headlamps and sleek profile are some of the building blocks of the EcoSport's design appeal. Rear mounted spare wheel further zings up the whole design and makes sure that SUV attract rugged and adventure seeking niche to its account.  
Hyundai Creta: 4/5                                                                               Ford EcoSport: 3.5/5     
Cabin &Interiors 
While the exteriors set the team of Ecardlr divide over the issue, there is unanimity about Hyundai's excellence in designing the interiors of Creta. In each and every aspect be it quality, choice of materials, design, layout and ergonomics, Creta feels miles ahead of the EcoSport.  While EcoSport sport hardwearing and somewhat crude layout, Creta has very sorted out arrangement.
                                                                 Hyundai Creta: Quality Interiors
There is no hint of any untidiness in Creta while EcoSport occupies other end with large number controls on central stack. Quality is also an issue with EcoSport and though it is not poor; it's nowhere near the very luxurious Creta.
                                                        Ford EcoSport: Cluttered central stack  
Seating arrangement of both the SUVs is similar with availability of two rows of seats. There is no third bench in either of the car; thereby freeing up plenty of space at the back. We found Creta more comfortable at the back though EcoSport leads when it comes to the excellent driving view. Ford's high-set driving position and short bonnet make it easy for the driver to manoeuvre the car.  That said, rear mounted spare wheel on Ford makes it difficult to slot in tight parking spots as one need to take in extra margin into account for the reversing exercise. 
Hyundai Creta: 4/5                                                                                 Ford EcoSport: 3/5     
Engine & Transmission 
Both Creta and EcoSport sport petrol and diesel motors with varying capacity.  As expected, diesel versions of these SUVs constitute chunk of their respective sales, so we decided to got behind the oil-burners of both the models.  There is not much difference in capacity of motors as Hyundai leads the cubic capacity by 100 cc. Power and torque however separate by considerable margin with Hyundai leading with 128PS/260 Nm compared to 91PS/204 Nm. 
                                                        Hyundai Creta: Bigger 1.6-litre mill
With such high performance figures, we expected Hyundai to crush EcoSport on road though that didn't happen in reality. In fact, much to our surprise we found EcoSport more drivable than Hyundai. Ford's motor is not very refined but when it comes to delivering low-end torque, Ford is master of the art. Duratorq technology of Ford will not leave you in lurch at any point in time irrespective of gear selection and engine revolutions you are driving at. On highway too, not much difference uncovers in mid-range however towards the top end,Hyundai feels better alternative owing to its silent and refined motor.
                                                                 EcoSport: Excellent Drivability 
On transmission, positions again switch as Ford has got shifting experience spot-on.  It comes with 5-speed manual transmission with one ratio less what Creta is mated with, still slotting and shifting experience is far better here. Ford is not having option of automatic though Hyundai is offering top end diesel with automatic transmission. 
Hyundai Creta: 4/5                                                                                     Ford EcoSport: 4/5    
Road Manners
There is hardly any competition to Ford when it comes to road dynamics.  EcoSport is exceptionally sorted in its driving demeanour.  Despite of having large ground clearance of 200 mm, this Ford just hug the corners with quite aplomb.
                                                               Ford EcoSport: Competitive Dynamics 
AHyundai progress in driving dynamics is worth mentioning too as unlike any other previous Hyundai; Creta has better and balanced approach towards ride and handling issue.
                                                               Hyundai Creta: Softly Sprung suspension
There is body roll when Creta is thrown around but then it quickly recovers and attains back its composure. Still compared to Ford, Creta lags behind by considerable margin.
Hyundai Creta: 3/5                                                                                     Ford EcoSport: 4/5    
Overall Verdict
Ford has got comprehensive price advantage over steeply priced Hyundai Creta. That said, the kind of equipment and features available in Creta is more than sufficient to justify its high price tag. Further, the design, interiors, space, refined motors and brand name provides range of reasons for prospects to choose Creta over EcoSport. Being new and fresh than old competition is also a positive for the Hyundai Creta. Ford's main challenge here is to fight off the issues like poor quality, cluttered interiors etc., and bring in some much needed sophistication in EcoSport. Company is already doing the work on EcoSport facelift, and if it successfully addresses these challenges, it can easily give a tough time to any other proposition including Creta.  
Hyundai Creta: 4/5                                                                                     Ford EcoSport: 3/5   

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