Honda Jazz Vs Hyundai Elite I20 Road Test Comparison Review

Third-generation Honda Jazz is out on prowl to hunt for current segment king Hyundai Elite i20. Honda is confident of successful execution of this hunt though taking Hyundai lightly could cost Japanese auto major dear. We pit both these cars against each other in this road-test comparison review. 

Honda Jazz Vs Hyundai Elite I20 Road Test Comparis

Honda Jazz has set its eyes squarely on the customers of Elite i20 which is enjoying a dream run in Indian automobile market. Hyundai has got unprecedented success with its latest generation i20, and though Maruti Swift still leads the tally with huge margin, Elite i20 has undoubtedly carved a place for itself. Honda knew that targeting Swift prospects with comparatively highly priced Jazz is not a much feasible task, so the company has decided to focus single-mindedly on Hyundai.  A look at the Jazz promotional leaflets and this intention of Honda becomes even clearer. A direct comparison of features of Jazz against Elite i20 clearly signals Honda’s quest to displace Elite i20 from top-slot. Along with promotional front, Japanese major has done a thorough preparation on engine department too as Jazz has got the powerful backing of i-DTEC diesel with second most fuel-efficient car of the country. So eager to lock horns with Elite i20, Honda Jazz has sent open fight invitation to Elite i20. We lost no time and decided to referee this contest widely seen as clash of titans.  Read on to find out which one of these take the charge of the throne and which one loses out?
Turn out & Interiors
Choosing between Jazz and Elite i20 on the basis of looks is quite a difficult task. Both propositions have perfected their turn out demeanour. While Jazz looks adventurously dynamic, Elite i20 has got unique air of sophistication to its design language. Profile of both the cars are characterised by the sleek shoulder line though Jazz has got unique kink from origin point.
Jazz also scores above i20 in practicality as larger glass area at the back aids to roominess as well as driving ease. Tail lamps of i20 however felt more attractive owing to their wrap around and three-part illumination pattern.
Inside the cabin, Jazz feels way ahead of i20 in terms of space and room.  Jazz is also offering magic seats that allows user to liberate plenty of space inside by adopting various types of combinations.  Honda also holds advantage in comfort as leg and knee room is quite generous here.
Bogged down on space, Hyundai sprung back to prominence on quality dimension. Elite i20 has got spot-on quality and its dash layout feels more proper than disjointed scheme we witnessed on Jazz. Equipment level of both cars matches closely though Jazz races ahead as it comes with touch screen automatic climate control. Both Honda and Hyundai have provided rear view camera with sensors, airbags, ABS as standard while EBD comes standard only in Jazz.
Hyundai Elite i20: 3.5/5          Honda Jazz: 4/5
Power Plant & Road Manners
Jazz and Elite i20 have got multiple engine options though we tested here the petrol options of both the cars.  Petrol version of both the cars draws upon 1.2-litre of cubic capacity though power and torque output varies. While Jazz puts out 90 PS and 115 Nm, Elite i20 makes 84 PS along with 115 Nm.
Both motors come mated with 5-speed manual transmission with option CVT on offer in Jazz. Elite i20 has got spot-on combination of drivability and highway cruising although its shifts are not as slick as of Honda. Jazz struggles in middle range once revs dropped down though quickly makes up for the loss as one approach towards top end. Shifting preciseness of Jazz is also in different league, and can be easily considered as best in class.
Jazz is not as good riding car as Elite i20 is. Hyundai has got suspension settings in the comfort zone while in Jazz one can easily feel the hardness. On the flip side, Jazz feels more planted and stable in straight line while Elite i20 often get nervous while tackling twists and turns.  
Hyundai Elite i20: 3.5/5                                                                                  Honda Jazz: 4/5
Overall Verdict
There is not too much that differentiate these cars on pricing front. Give or take few thousands, the prices are similar; making comparison even more competitive.  Jazz is the newest kid on the block, and is sure to get benefitted from its newness. This time it has also got the support of diesel motor which in fact has made Jazz most fuel efficient car in the country after Celerio diesel. Quality of interiors is a bit low in Jazz though there are more than enough features to make up for this shortcoming. Hyundai has no such quality issues to contend with as Elite i20 boasts of most luxurious cabin in the segment.  It though lacks in space and trunk area which could shift the advantage to rival camps. Still Elite i20 has already made a place for itself in market, and it won't be easy for Jazz to snatch that away. 
Hyundai Elite i20: 3.5/5                                                                                  Honda Jazz: 4/5

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