Brio Vs i10 Honda Sure Won't Like this

Hyundai sure will smile looking at this comparison. How they would wish that many new car buyers in India compare Brio with i10 and thus pull the Brio down from the premium hatch segment to eco hatch segment. This will leave one less competitor for i20. Wishful thinking on our part.

Honda Brio Vs Hyundai I10

Brio vs i10: Conventional vs Unorthodox

Hyundai i10, over the years, has made a strong reputation for itself in small car segment. Trendy looks, practicality and user friendly nature characteristics have culminated in a perfect way to make the i10 topping the sales chart for quite some time. Honda’s Brio, on the other hand, arrived in the market exactly after a year since the upgraded model of i10 unveiled by the Koreans. Brio; with its unorthodox styling cues came as a wind of change in hatchback category which is increasingly been crowded by the design of tall boys. Honda’s legendary built quality at a regular price is something that makes the Brio very special and desirable. We compared both these vehicles head on to find out whether new entrant Brio can outrun the experienced i10?


On dimensions front, Brio dwarfs the i10 in width and length. Steeply raked hood along with strong character line gives Brio a very aerodynamic design which is clearly pitched forward in nature. Skinning is ultra- tight and every effort has made to retain the compactness of the car. Large glass windscreen at the back though is a welcome change which also aids the rear view; it sometimes interferes with the confidentiality of the owner. Overall car looks dynamic, youthful and unorthodox in nature.

i10; on the other hand got the fluidic design language of Koreans with the inclusion of hexagonal shape front grill and shoulder lines running across sides. Tall boy design clearly aims at the liberation of more cabin space in addition of aiding the driving comfort.

Brio scores tremendously on the styling front with its unconventional yet refreshing design statement while i10 tries to recover its lost ground on the basis of practical and user friendly nature. No doubt the rebellions will love the Brio for not adopting the me-too styling while i10 will synchronize more with the practical persons.

Brio: *****                                        i10: *****


On interiors front; both Brio and i10 has their own strengths and limitations. While Brio has more space inside, i10 has more practicality as well as equipments on offer.

Interiors of the Brio carry forward the theme of youthfulness. Center console, wrapped in black, is neatly laid out with silver & chrome accents. Instrument cluster contains triple analog 3D meters with eco lamp function. 2-Din stereo system though boasts of USB & aux-in  though it doesn’t play the CDs. Air-conditioning as well as the steering mounted audio controls are simple to operate & very intuitive. Top-end model of i10, on the other hand, is generously equipped with the inclusion of the blue tooth facility, steering mounted audio controls, USB- port, Aux-in support, gear-shift indicator etc.

On space front, Brio has slight edge over the i10 as it is wider than its Korean counterpart. Seats support is also superior though bolstering of the front seats are better in i10. Similarly, due to high seating position, i10 is far more convenient to drive in the insane rush of the city than the Brio.

Brio: *****                                     i10: *****


Both the cars are powered by 1.2 L power units and incorporate some of the most advanced breathing mechanism to aid the mileage and power aspects. While Honda has used its unique i-VTEC technology, i10 incorporated the VTVT to up its ante. Brio unit is good for 88 PS of power with 109 Nm of torque while i10 pumps out 80 PS and 114 Nm of power and torque respectively.

As the power figures suggest, Brio has certain advantage over the i10 in terms of performance; especially near the top end. Honda’s engine is still a benchmark in performance as well as refinement and gets smoother as you rev up the pedal. After a little bit hesitation it revs all the way to its highest rpm range with ultra-refined performance

In case of i10, the focus is mainly on the drivability rather than on performance.  Crawling in the city; even in 3rd gear is not much of bother though performance gets affected by the operation of AC.

Brio: *****                                       i10: *****


With McPherson strut at the front & torsion beam axle at the rear, Brio is real fun on the wheels. Ride quality gets the priority over the handling characteristic. The suspension is sprung softly & this has made the car extremely absorbent. One can glides over the undulations, rough patches & scorched tarmac. On the other hand, Hyundai i10 suspension set-up is on the stiff side. Riding on the narrow 155 mm width, it begs for some more grip. Though low speed absorption is good there is lack of finesse to tackle the potholes. Baby Hyundai crashes over potholes & ride becomes choppy as the speed increases. To sum it, Ride quality is just about average.

On handling front, i10 triumphs the Brio though margin is not very large. Tall profile of tires along with somewhat stiff suspension provides i10 decent handling characteristics in comparison to Brio.

Brio: *****                                        i10: *****


Price of the top model of both the cars doesn’t differ vastly; so crucial aspect of value for money needs to be ruled out in final decision. Similarly the design and aesthetics are subjective choice that differs from person to person. But what makes Brio to take the significant lead over the i10 is the engine and space proposition along with safety equipments. Brio has a heart that is far more superior to Hyundai’s i10. It revs more eagerly and more performing in nature along with spacious cabin which is another ace in the Brio’s sleeve. Inclusion of EBD is another distinctive competence of Brio though both cars have ABS and airbags in their top end versions. Overall Brio has all the essential ingredients to make it to the top; i10 is sure to give it a tough fight with its brand equity that has evolved over the years because of faith and loyalty of its customers.

Brio: *****                                         i10: *****

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