Honda Amaze vs Chevrolet Sail Expert Review

With a focused aim of weaning away customers from Maruti-Suzuki Dzire, both Honda Amaze and Chevrolet Sail met with a good customer response as their sale numbers have shown a steady progress since their inception in market.

Honda Amaze vs Chevrolet Sail Expert Review

With a focused aim of weaning away customers from Maruti-Suzuki Dzire, both Honda Amaze and Chevrolet Sail met with a good customer response as their sale numbers have shown a steady progress since their inception in market. Although initially pitted right against the Maruti Dzire, now these two propositions are also slugging it out within themselves for increasing their market share. Honda Amaze, the newest kid on the block has taken the whole sedan market by stormwhen it was launched in market though Sail’s first impression was not such a mind boggling event. Honda has been able to price Amaze aggressively by passing on the excise duty exemption to its customers by limiting the length of Amaze under the limit of 4 meter. But then Chevrolet has done even more impressive job by matching the price territory of Amaze and that’s tooeven without compromising on its status of fully fledged sedan. Now it is all but obvious to confuse between these two new market offerings as both of these look on par with each other. So out of these two Dzire’s rivals, which one you are going to choose? Is brand name of Honda big enough to pull you towards its dealership orSail’s genuine sedan credentialultimately prevails upon you? To clear the fog and get you the precise answer, this week at ecardlr we decided to push the competitive boundaries of saloon segment by pitting these two Dzire’s rivals against each other. Hope on to our road test comparison cable car to get unobstructed view of this gruesome battle going on between these two fearsome rivals in order to get the ultimate control of Indian sedan turf.


Both the cars on comparison are good looking and contemporary in nature. That said there is fundamental difference in their designing philosophy with Honda taking a more aggressive approach compared to slightly relax one adopted by Chevrolet. Amaze’s pretensions are sportier, sleek and stance is bit more tipped forward. This forward stance not only looks dynamic in the profile view but also has served the utilitarian purpose of wrapping up the whole car within the crucial limit of 4 meters.Boot has been very well integrated to the hatchback body and it swells out nicely within the length constraint. Back to back lines in the side body panels hide the bulk especially present on the B-pillar and that is a nice and clever touch given by Honda engineers. Front face of Amaze is unmistakably resembles to Brio except double slatted grill while rear has got some tail lamp inspiration from the elder cousin of Amaze; City. Overall look is sophisticated, contemporary and going to be one of the strongest points in achieving the strong sales of Amaze.


Chevrolet Sail, like Amaze, has all the ingredients of a modern and contemporary design though it lacks the dynamism and sleekness of Amaze. The reason could be that it is a genuine sedan with no restrictions of a sub-4 m category and hence the designers are reluctant to wrap up the things in a hurry. Line a proper saloon, Sail looks a complete car having proper dimensions. Raked windscreen and elegant lines at sides hints towards the air of sophistication this sedan has brought into the Chevrolet staple which otherwise is full of ultra-modern and chic styled cars. Big swoopy headlamps look good though tail lights lacks in imagination. Profile view and rear three-quarter authenticate the sedan status of this car and large boot area too fortified this view.



               Amaze: *****                                                                                                                                                                       Sail: *****

Although both the cars fail to create any benchmark in the cabin quality, Amaze has done a better job in selecting the material and grains out of the two. The biggest contentious point in Sail is its lacklustre interiors and lower than acceptable quality of material. Dull colour combination further conspired to make the inner ambience a bit of low quality affair. Amaze on the other side has also not featured any rich and luxurious interiors; still the clever use of colour and shades has done the trick for this Honda. Also the disjointed centre console though looks incomplete still arouse better feeling than that of bland arrangement selected by the Chevrolet in Sail.
On space front both Sail and Amaze are good cars; far better than their common rival Dzire though we still find Amaze a better prospect in terms of overall comfort and convenience. And this is when Amaze has to keep up with the pressure of 4 meter length criterion while Sail is free to float above than this. 
By clever and innovative packaging, Honda has been able to give a distinctive space feeling to Amaze. To start with, Honda has scooped the front dash board heavily inside to liberate tremendous amount of space for the driver and passenger. This also helps to put the all arrangement a bit forward than usual setting to liberate best in class of rear room. Sail too tried hard to eke out as much space as possible and although it keeps pace with Amaze in the front row space, its rear room prospects are not as bright as of Amaze.

Similarly on boot space though we initially estimated that Sail would have been bigger one due to its size and length, in reality it turns out to be just opposite. Don’t let the small dimensions of Amaze fools you as even within 4-m of length Amaze has 400 litres of boot space on offer against the 370 litres of Sail.
Amaze: *****                                                                                              Sail: *****
Amaze has been in the lime light for Honda’s first ever diesel engine rolled out under the brand name of Earths Dream Technology. This new oil burner from Honda displaces 1.5 Litres and produces 100 PS of power along with 200 Nm of torque. In terms of displacing capacity, Sail uses 1.3 Litres of famous JTD technology jointly developed with Fiat, to make 78 PS of power and 205 Nm of torque. Both engines are powered by 16 valves mechanism though Sail use double cam shaft to support this architecture against the one shaft used by Honda.
Both the engines have their share of strengths and weaknesses though overall utility of Amaze’s engine for city usage is far more commendable than Sail’s.  That said Honda engine is not very enjoyable out on the highway; exactly where Sail’s derives its fun factor. Refinement of Sail’s JTD unit is far better than Honda’s unit and the same is applied talking about rev-happy nature of unit. Honda unit is more surefooted at lower and mid-range and there is no turbo lag at all. The power delivery starts from as early as 1000 rpm and it goes all the way up to 3500 rpm though engine noise becomes obtrusive once you cross the mid-range. For the regular commotion of the city, Honda Amaze is one of the best options you could have asked for if you are not very vigilant about refinement and noise.
Chevrolet Sail features one of the best iterations of JTD unit as it is responsive and eager even at low rev range. It also provides the linear power delivery though the magnitude of this linearity is more in Amaze than in Sail. Once out on open, Sail has far more long legs than Amaze and JTD unit’s refinement and rev-ability will let the customers enjoy their highway manoeuvers. There is almost no engine noise even when the unit is approaching the high end of revolutions.
Both cars have the light clutch in interest of city drivability but Honda seems to have made it ultra-smooth just like the petrol vehicles. Also the gears of Amaze have a very nice mechanical feel to them and throws are shorter to engage the drivers better than the slightly less sleek feeling of the Sail’s transmission. Also the Honda uses the general shift pattern with 5th and reverse gear opposite to each other while Sail has reverse gear on the extreme upper left of the transmission box. Brakes of both the cars have the good bite and do the job satisfactorily.
     Amaze: *****                                                                                                                                Sail: *****
In terms of suspension, both the vehicles use the same hardware both at up front and rear. While McPherson strut is employed for suspending front wheels of both the cars, rear setup has been in the jurisdiction of torsion beam. Both the models uses 14” wheels shrouded with 175 mm of wide rubber though there is a slight difference in aspect ratio.
While Honda has prioritized on the comfort factor for passengers, Sail has a different idea in its mind. Soft suspension setting of Amaze makes it very comfortable car with good soaking ability both at the slow and mid-range speed. Amaze occupants will hardly feel any obtrusion inside the cabin though this is not the case with the Sail. Sail has a bitter sharp edgy ride quality that is sure to disturb the rear passengers. Sail though tries to get in composure as the speed rise but that’s too little and too late. On handling front though Sail performs well even with its generous body dimensions. Body roll has been under strict control and the light steering aids the comfort of the driver.
Amaze on the other hand amazes us on the handling front also. Our initial expression that good ride quality of Amaze is on the expense of its handling vanished as soon as we hit the corners in Amaze. Taut chassis, tight skinning and compact dimensions ensure that Amaze handle in perfect way. Also with smaller turning radius measuring 4.7 meters , Amaze is quick in overall manoeuvrability.
Amaze: *****                                                                                                                                     Sail: *****
There is not much difference in prices of both these cars as the range perfectly overlaps each other with equal starting price of Rs 4.99 lakh for base petrol model. Similarly the diesel model range is also well matched as both share the common price tag; thereby making value for money aspect fully null and void in this comparison. Chevrolet Sail has impressed us with its overall utility and highway abilities though the cheap quality, lifeless interiors and poor ride quality left us wanting more from this overall package of Chevrolet. Honda too could have done with some spruced up interiors though the complaint is less annoying than in case of Sail. Amaze’s space brilliance and dynamic capabilities integrates very well with its amazing drivability to give you a never before city driving experience. Small yet significantly roomy interiors complete this wonderful and innovative brilliance from Honda. So if your hunt is aimed at a proper city friendly reliable option, out of these two, we advise you to put your hard earned money on Honda. It is indeed a more complete and holistic package than Chevrolet’s Sail. 
Amaze: *****                                                                                                                               Sail: *****


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