Ford Eco Sport vs Maruti Swift: Road Test Comparison Review By Ecardlr Expert

In a bid to test the best segment leader, we pit Ford Eco Sport against Maruti Swift. Read on to find which side wins and which one loses.

Ford EcoSport vs Maruti Swift Road Test Comparison

Unlike any usual road test comparison review, today bout is between leaders belonging to different categories of Indian auto market. Maruti Swift and Ford Eco Sport have been occupying pole positions in their respective turfs, and enjoy cult status among buyers. Maruti Swift has got strong legacy behind it and though it has been around for more than a decade now, its sales suggest that people still have hadn’t enough of it. Similar is the story of EcoSport that is in fact the only successful model in Ford’s entire Indian line-up. Both these propositions were catering their own well-defined customer group though of late cross-category competition has emerged as reckoning force. Customers’ movement, both upstream and downstream, has become a rule rather than exception and this is exactly where tensions started emerging among Ford and Maruti. Initially both these companies weaned away each other’s prospects silently though now fight has come out in open. Eager to confront, both Maruti and Ford are confident of their victory in this scuffle as we referee this clash of titans. Read on to find which one of these will hold its breath and which one flounder in this road test comparison review brought to you by your favorite and India’s leading online car portal; ECARDLR. 
How these look on Outside?
Well! Both cars are young, sporty and contemporary. That said, there is underlying difference in philosophies these cars are brought to life. While Maruti Swift uses racing theme, Eco Sport relies more upon its unconventional high stance to make impression.
                                                                  Ford Eco Sport: Stylishly Sporty
Ford Eco Sport belongs to compact SUV segment and therefore, turns out as butch and rugged in its appearance. Underrated nose, clam-shell bonnet, and large mouthed massive grille make for powerful frontage while strong shoulder line aggressively defines its profile. At rear, tail mounted spare has its own retro charm and though many find it obtrusive, there is no denying about the appeal it commands among masses.
                                                      New Swift: Mildly altered frontage
Maruti has given facelift to Swift last year and though we expected new car to come substantially different, it didn’t happen that way. Still there is no reason to doubt aesthetic sense of company as Swift still looks ahead of its time. Powerful nose, crisp profile and upright rear lend Swift the image that none of its rivals can match.
Dimensionally, Ford Eco Sport dwarfs Swift in all parameters including wheelbase and ground clearance. Both come with rated capacity as 5-seater though Eco Sport offers more boot space. Further, bigger fuel-tank capacity of Eco Sport equips it with higher range though Swift tank is also capable to let you drive long without hassle. As looks are subjective and vary with design preferences of individuals, we rate both propositions equally well on styling aspect. 
Ford EcoSport: 4/5     Maruti-Suzuki Swift: 4/5
What about inside? 
Ford Eco Sport tries to impress with its modern and sporty design theme but failed miserably in doing so. Large number of cluttered controls stacked on symphony of black has started feeling a bit dated now. Twin-pod instrument cluster also feels more of show-off rather than assisting in readability quotient.
                                                           Ford Eco Sport: Cluttered console 
Maruti Swift, on other hand, comes equipped with quality cabin with ergonomically placed controls and equipment. Top of the line ZXi/ZDi variant come with key-less entry and push-start button along with standard fitment of dual front airbags and ABS.
                                                           Ergonomic lay-out and plush design 
Swift also gets the convenience of Bluetooth though the awkward placement of corresponding controls behind steering make then entirely useless on the go. Further, new Swift has got very practical addition of 60:40 rear seat split and speed-sensitive volume control. 
On space front, both Ford and Maruti are mediocre performers though Eco Sport features slightly more room than Swift. Swift back seat feels claustrophobic and though seats are comfortable, they are far from being called spacious. Further, luggage space is more in EcoSport than tiny trunk on offer in Swift. 
Ford EcoSport: 4/5                                                                                   Maruti-Suzuki Swift: 3.5/5
How much grunt they carry? 
Eco Sport comes with bigger 1.5-litre DV5 diesel engine while Swift displaces 1.3-litre of cubic capacity. Power of Ford is rated at 90 PS and 204 Nm though Maruti develops 75 PS and 190 Nm. Both engines come mated with 5-speed manual transmission
                                              Ford Eco Sport: Rev-happy though noisy powertrain  
On engine refinement, Swift is ahead as its engine rumbles much quieter than EcoSport. However, drivability of EcoSport is excellent as this Ford starts pulling from the very start of rpms. Swift has also smoothened its power delivery over the years though it’s still not in league of Ford. On highway both engines feels rev-happy though Maruti scores high on top-end punch.
                                          Strong and Punchy DDiS 1.3-litre diesel engine
Gearbox of both the cars is positive and shifting action is inspiring too. Having said that, EcoSport pushes the envelope with its slicker and precisely defined gates that somewhere is lacked by Swift. 
Ford EcoSport: 4/5                                                                       Maruti-Suzuki Swift: 3.5/5
How they behave on road?
                                                       Ford Eco Sport: incredible dynamics  
It’s hard to beat Ford on dynamics as Blue Oval has got uncanny understanding of Indian roads. Eco Sport has got excellent road manners as it features incredibly precise combo of ride and handling. A bit stiff at the start, Eco Sport then make progressive improvement on dynamics. High speed state is synonymous to bliss and corners urge you to go even faster rather than driving down. Supple and communicative chassis and steering aids further to this fun appeal.
                                                   Fun-to-Drive suspension; Excellent Handling
Swift handling is best not among its rivals but also in segments stacking above and below this hatchback. MacPherson Strut up front and torsion beam at rear is standard suspension hardware that equips Swift with its class-leading handling quotient. Throw around the corner, dart into gaps, make unintended changes or cross over to opposite lane, Swift is game for all this and more. In fact many manufacturers’ have tried to emulate Swift’s handling but fails to achieve even half of the finesse that Swift commands. Along with other features, excellent handling is sure to continue its decisive role in luring customers’ towards this amazing 5-door hatch. However, Swift lacks the riding prowess of EcoSport that has got better riding manners.  
Ford EcoSport: 4/5                                                                       Maruti-Suzuki Swift: 3.5/5
On pricing front, Maruti Swift has the edge but then Ford justifies higher price for Eco Sport by providing more equipment and extra features. Maruti Swift is undoubtedly one of the best cars in Indian market and it high sales that has recently crossed 1.3 million units testifies its popularity. It looks young, has quality interiors, got punchy range of engines, and boast best in-class handling prowess. That said, it has got its share of limitation like average space, jarring ride and small boot. And this is exactly where EcoSport extracts the mileage. Ford has got spacious cabin, offer more trunk space and undergirded by powerful and drivable motor. There is still no one that can match the dynamic prowess of Eco Sport and its sporty looks complete the package. So if you have got some extra bucks with you to spend on, then we prefer you to buy EcoSport than to settle with Swift. 
Ford EcoSport: 4/5                                                                       Maruti-Suzuki Swift: 3.5/5

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