Ecosport vs Quanto Equally Matched Competitiors

Indian car market has slowed down dramatically in recent months, however, whilst old models are not finding many takers irrespective oF mouthwatering discounts, new launches are making hay. One such big segment which Indian car buyer shave lapped up with full enthusiasm is the compact SUV segment. Ford Ecosport and Mahindra Quanto, both sub 4 meter compact SUV's, are wooing Indian car buyers with the looks of an SUV at a price of a sedan. 

Ecosport vs Quanto Equally Matched Competitiors

Ford’s EcoSport has met with tremendous positive response equally from critics as well as customers. With order copy already registered bookings of round about 30,000 units, Ford has no time to even celebrate its success as revampingof production capacity and early delivery of the vehicleshave become their utmost priority. In order to retain this generated euphoria,Ford must act swiftly on this delivery front as other commendable offerings have already started wooing the long waiting customers with their off-the-shelf offer and handsome discounts. Mahindra Quanto, one such competent rival of Eco Sport, has now included some of these attractive tactics in its overall package to lure the potential customers of Eco Sport.Although initiallylack of focus, inefficient marketing and spineless positioning strategy of Quanto has resulted in unanimated sales performance but now the things have changed drastically. With clear and distinctive emergence of the urban SUV segment, Mahindra is all set to revisit this rapidly emerging pieof Indian auto market. If recent promotional glitz and heavy discounts on Quanto are anything to go by, it looksMahindra is in no mode to discount the continuous shining fortunes of Eco Sport without giving it a tough fight. Now whether this revival strategy will able to infuse a new lease of life to Quanto or Eco Sport will continue to be darling of the urban SUV segment will be an interesting trend to witness in next few months. But for now, we, at ecardlr, take our sidein this hot and bewildering debate that pivots around the question who among these two will dominate the sales charts andultimately Indian customers who have become most discernible and unpredictable over the years; thanks to the overly options availability in each and every segment of market.
Quanto and Eco Sport fit the bill of the two extremes of a design continuum with each one taking firmly its position on the opposite ends. While the Eco Sport can be described by sleek, stylish and contemporary adjectives; Quanto will end up with the connotations of bulky, bland and a lit boxy design. However the rear mounted spare wheel on bit the cars add to their respective appeal however things look sharper and proportioned on Eco Sport.
Eco Sport is anew styling champ in town. With its massive open mouth grill and high stance, it looks a part. Steeply raked windscreen and high bonnet line are some of the distinguished features of its fascia while profile look has been accentuated by the sleek waist lines. Beefed arches have the pretensions of a SUV though tyres look a bit skinny. Rear too blends in the overall profile seamlessly with wrap-around windscreen while rear door handle neatly incorporated in dummy tail lamp is an innovative touch. Overall fit-finish is commendable though the quality is not flawless. Built feel flimsy in-between and seems unready to take the off-road abuse.
Similar problem we have encountered in Quanto built feel and it is in fact plagued with this low quality aspect worse than the Eco Sport. Big bulky and up right looks have nothing to win you over though there are multitudes of practical and thoughtful touches Quanto comes with. Being significant taller than Eco Sport (180 mm) Quanto effectively uses the roomy and space feeling. Glass area too has been not at premium like Eco Sport and along with wider stance gives Quanto a handsome edge over the Eco Sport in the practicality and space.  Still there is no denying in the fact that it can’t hold a candle with the contemporary and futuristic design of Eco Sport. 
Unlike the sleek profile view of Eco Sport, Quanto looks lame and overly boxy. But thanks to the shortened wheelbase and sub-4m length, Quanto has escaped the designing skills of Xylo engineers. Rear portion of Quanto though looks bulky still it is far easier on eyes than its elder brother thanks to the absence of fatty D-pillar. Further the provision of rear door mounted spare wheel hides the bulk to help Quanto recover some of the lost design ground. 
Eco Sport: *****                                                                                                  Quanto: *****
On the crucial aspect of space and practicality, Quanto takes the edge though this advantage is later nullified when the quality of the cabin comes in question. Being a significant wider and taller offering, Quanto wins hand over the Eco Sport as its cabin feels quite wider and roomier. Head room is significantly more than Eco Sport and rear too feels a bit easy on the passengers. Higher driving position gives a commanding view of the road and this aspect feels more adorable once you shift to Eco Sport’s driving seat.
Quanto seats are wide and spacious though they lack in bolstering part. This aspect is in short supply in Eco Sport too though there is nothing to complain about the legroom available at front of both the vehicles. 
Mover over to rear bench and Quanto feels a bit roomier than the Eco Sport. Wider bench allows the easy breathing for the passengers even for the middle one and long journeys will not be result in the back or headaches in Quanto. On the contrary this isn’t true for Eco Sport that is good only for three persons if you are going for a short sprint of about half to an hour. More than that will require pausing at regular intervals as high transmission tunnel and limited width constraints the three passengers to travel in utmost comfort. 
But the advantage gained by the Quanto on the aspect of practicality soon begins to nullify the moment we start focusing on the overall quality of the cabin. Quanto plastics feel crude, cheap and two notches below the Eco Sport model. Centre console of Eco Sport feels futuristic but Quanto has nothing to brag about in the design and modernity aspect. Quanto also fares badly on colour combination as its bright beige cum yellow seat stitching fails to compete with modern black design theme of eco Sport. 
Eco Sport: *****                                                                                             Quanto: *****
Though the oil burners of both the vehicles match in displacing capacity, Quanto features a 3-cylinder arrangement against the 4-cylinder configuration chosen by Eco Sport. Still Quanto makes much more power as it pumps out 100 PS and 240 Nm of torque in contrast to 90 PS and 204 Nm of Eco Sport. But does that mean it is equally more powerful on road; let’s find out.
Refinement is first salvo fired with precision by Eco Sport as it feels a way more refined than the audible Quanto. Low end responses of both the vehicles are equally good as both these mini SUVs’ feel eager at low revolutions. In terms of power delivery Eco Sport feels more rev happy but only towards the midrange. Mahindra has also done a commendable job in keeping the turbo lag away even with the 3 cylinders arrangement but then the obvious noise and diesel hum will seep into cabin as you gas the pedal. No such problem in Eco Sport which is happy to rev at high rpms’ too until it is not shifted early. Top end and high end performance seem to be better enjoyable in Eco Sport rather in Quanto. 
Similarly the nice mechanical feel of Eco Sport’s gear box will won you over instantly than the imprecise and a bit notch sensation of Quanto. Gear lever too of Ford looks high quality and feels nice to hold than Quanto which comes with standard fitment of slightly angular gear box. Both cars have well matched gear rations for city driving but the cruising on highway is far better experience in Eco Sport than in Quanto. 
Eco Sport: *****                                                                                                 Quanto: *****
Unlike other vehicles, Quanto uses the independent wishbone suspension at the front while at rear five link coil spring does the duty of suspending 205 mm of wide rubber. In contrast Eco Sport uses MacPherson strut and semi-independent twist beam for its slightly narrower 195 mm wide profile tyres. Ride and handling always been the forte of Ford and Eco Sport is no different. Expect the low speed ride which is a little stiff, Eco Sport is a marvel of dynamic abilities. Even with a raised stance, Ford has beautifully calibrated the suspension of Eco Sport and steering feedback is also a plus point even at high speeds. Combinations of disk-drum brake feels adequate and small turning radius make it quite a breeze to drive in city. Out on highway too, Eco Sport feels planted and sure footed. Handling manoeuvres are good too and though it is not in league of Fiesta Classis still enough to be place Eco Sport in the category of benchmark.  
Quanto on the other hand has good low ride cushioning but from there on it accede the turf to Eco Sport on all accounts. High speed stability is not as precise as of Eco Sport and the excessive roll in comparison to Eco Sport make it quite lifeless vehicle to drive. Steering of Quanto though light; it lacks the accuracy and most importantly the precision of Eco Sport. 
Eco Sport: *****                                                                                                Quanto: *****
Value for money once was a valuable aspect for Indian manufacturers to get competitive edge over the rivals though scenario today has changed completely. Foreign automobile giants have increased the localization and have now in almost parity with their Indian counterparts on VFM aspect. Top model wise Quanto has the edge as it is traded near a lakh lesser (Rs 7.8 lakh) than the highest variant of Eco Sport (Rs 8.99 lakh) but then there are other options in the Eco Sport range which virtually denies any sustainable edge to Quanto. Quanto is a bit more practical and spacious than Eco Sport but then it fails to make most out of it as the extra space is not utilized efficiently. For example rear bench of Quanto though wider; it is placed too up right to be comfortable on long run. The provision of jump seat in the third row is good for nothing; even children won’t find them comfortable there. Similarly on all other counts, Eco Sport easily edges out the Quanto as it looks futuristic, contemporary, well equipped and comes with decent number of options to choose from. Now other than the long waiting period we don’t find any reason of customers’ switching from this newly incepted urban phenomenon; Eco Sport to Mahindra Quanto expect some otherworldly event tilts the balance needle towards Quanto.   
Eco Sport: *****                                                                                                 Quanto: *****

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