Ford Ecosport Vs Fiat Avventura Road Test Comparison Review By Ecardlr

Advent of new Fiat Avventura has put it in crosshairs with segment leader, Ford EcoSport. With knives out on both sides, this is time for us at ECARDLR to settle their supremacy debateby road test comparison review. 

Ford Ecosport Vs Fiat Avventura Road Test Comparis

Blame it either on choked traffic or kooky provision of excise exemption, sub-4 meter categoryof Indian automobile industry is on a roll. Initially compact sedans brought limelight here and now compact SUVs are minting money even as other segments continue to be grappled with flat growth. Ford EcoSport is first one who championed the very concept of compact SUV and for a good period of time, ruled the roost of this virgin territory. In time, many proposition ventured along though nothing could shake leadership status of this Ford. But now, a new challenger in form of Fiat Avventura has staked its claim on segment throne that is embellishing the living room of EcoSport for a long time now. Fiat Avventura, a pumped up version of Punto Evo hatchback, has declared it a natural heir to throne and seems all ready to confront EcoSport for this top honor. EcoSport too, is unwilling to give up without a fight and with both sides refusing to budge; it is anything but obvious for us to pit these raging furies against each other. To find which side wins and which side loses, read on this road test comparison compiled exclusively by expert team at ECARDLR.   
Beholding Bulk 
Both Ford and Fiat has infused enough machismo to make their respective propositions quite different from ordinary creatures. That said, there is fundamental difference in styling approach especially when these compact SUVs stand alongside. While Fiat Avventura has subtle cues of feminism, Ford EcoSport loads of manly character. Despite of using rugged and aggressive aura, Avventura feels more like a hatchback than a SUV.
                                                                 Fiat Avventura: Underlying feminism 
Its face has typical understated feel that although can be easily deemed as sophistication, won’t get down well with folks looking for dominance. It has uncanny resemblance with Evo hatchback and despite of all-around use of cladding, Avventura is not able to hide its origin DNA. Avventura rear has some interesting detail in form of tail mounted spare wheel but it is the most unpractical feature of the car. It conflicts with parking manoeuvres, discords with opening/closing of boot and serves no real purpose, save for aiding visual appeal.
                                                             Ford EcoSport: Manly character 
EcoSport too comes with rear mounted spare wheel though it is far easier to operate than Fiat’s. Further EcoSport has plenty of manly character that Avventura misses at. Ford has given a massive open-mouthed grille to this SUV and though headlamps feel a bit meek, the mere presence of this on-your-face element is large enough to make up for any frontage demure.Side profile is marked by strong character lines and wrap-around rear windscreen is an interesting detail in the whole design. Size of windscreen though is small and this in conjunction with, thick D-pillars creates huge blind-spot for driver. Rear mounted spare wheel further add to woes to parking and reversing manoeuvres. Overall EcoSport win hands down as it feels more robust and muscular than Fiat Avventura. 
Fiat Avventura: 3/5                                                                                 Ford EcoSport: 4/5     
Cabin Dustup 
Fiat Avventura, new kid on block, comes with two-tone dash and interiors which feel upmarket than before. Quality has been improved and material choice has improved for better. As far as casual observation extends, there is nothing to complaint about though dig deep and inconsistencies start appearing on horizon. There are some rough edges that should not been there at first place. Fiat still needs to travel a mile before matching the rivals’ competitiveness. Centre console of Avventura has some unique dial housing at top consisting on compass, tilt-meter and clino-meter. Once again, these dials serve more to eyes than delivering on any real-world practicality. Rest of the controls are very straightforward and make quite a sense ergonomically.
                                                 Fiat Avventura: Improved Quality; still not the best
EcoSport fares better on quality front as compared to Avventura though in isolation, it lacks the luxurious quotient too. Its centre stack is bit cluttered and confusing even as it leads on equipment front. Steering is positive, very light and just like Avventura has mounted controls. There are lot of cubby holes and storage space in EcoSport that we sorely missed in Avventura.
                                                                Ford EcoSport: Cluttered central stack  
On space aspect, EcoSport once again triumphs over Avventura as its rear seat is more spacious and roomier. It has got more legroom, more headroom and more knee room as well. Fiat Avventura feels quite claustrophobic and its reclining of back bench lacks the precision too. The only assuaging virtue in Avventura is its rear AC vents that are not on offer in EcoSport. Ford once again takes lead when it comes to boot space as it has bigger 346 litres of trunk against 280 litres on offer in Avventura. And it is not only the net capacity of boot; it is in fact accessibility ease that also helps EcoSport shine bright. 
Fiat Avventura: 3/5                                                                                     Ford EcoSport: 4/5     
Traction Discontent
Fiat and Ford derives power from 1.3-litre and 1.5-litre diesel engines respectively and despite of capacity difference, the output of both vehicles are quite similar. While Avventura has 93PS/209Nm, EcoSport pushes out similar 90ps/204Nm. Further both the vehicles are evenly matched on kerb weight though despite of this very likeness, the real-world performance of both these vehicles is quite different. While Avventura suffers from turbo-lag, typical of its multi-jet iteration, EcoSport is happy to potter around in city even at low revolutions. Ford has good drivability and tackling city traffic is more like child’s play though this task becomes hurricane in Avventura that struggles to keep up with congested traffic situations.
                                            Fiat Avventura: Still bogged down by Turbo-lag
Breather arrives for Fiat once rev-needle goes past 2000 rpm. Turbo then finally spools in and provide much-needed push of excitement that goes on to up to 4000 rpm. Highway is good place to drive Avventura though you have to work on gearbox to squeeze he performance out of motor. On other hand, EcoSport motor is equally comfortable on highway as it is in the city. There is no problem in cruising as EcoSport easily bypass what you intend to overtake.
                                                                  EcoSport: Very drivable oil-burner 
Gearbox too is slick and its short throws make the shifting experience quite snappy and enjoyable. Overall transmission is first-rate and this further rub in to wounds of Avventura that comes with rubbery and notchy shifting mechanism. We feel brake equally competent on both the cars though in Fiat peddle tends to wobble sometimes during hard braking.  
Fiat Avventura: 3/5                                                                                     Ford EcoSport: 4/5     
Dynamics Altercation 
Fiat has mastered the art of understanding India roads from the time immemorial and Avventura takes this legacy a step further. Despite of raised belly that stands 205 mm off the road, Avventura drives like a dream. What a pity that a car with best driving dynamics is equipped with such a non-performing motor.
                                                     Fiat Avventura: Best ride-handling combo
Avventura comes with excellent ride-handling combo and though it lacks the handling precision of its hatchback sibling, it still turns out best in its segment. Varying Road conditions hardly makes any difference to Avventura ride quality as suspensions works like a wizard. It hugs corners with great confidence and remains sure-footed under most of circumstances.
                                                              Ford EcoSport: Competitive Dynamics 
Ford is not a bad handler either but it doesn’t hold candle with overall finesse shown by its counterpart here. It lacks the slow-speed ride comfort of Avventura and though it handle well, Fiat handles much better than what Ford does. Steering feedback in Fiat is notches higher than what we have experienced in Ford and the overall tendency to give in to rolling force is much higher in Ford. 
Fiat Avventura: 4/5                                                                                     Ford EcoSport: 3/5     
Overall Verdict
Fiat Avventura fares better on value for money as it trades at less price point than EcoSport. It has good looks, improved quality and benchmark dynamics. That said this Fiat suffers heavily on many important fronts. Its interiors have ergonomic issues, space problem, meek engine, slippery gearbox and very obtrusive spare wheel. It has to improve upon number of critical areas and this is where EcoSport excels. Agreed, it comes at higher initial cost but then this Ford is far more practical and holistic in nature than Avventura. It looks macho, has better interiors, feels roomier and comes with highly accomplished engine-tranny combo. Even on dynamics front, it performs quite up to expectations and will comfortably meet what will be thrown at it on most of occasions. In sum, EcoSport emerges victor here and thousands of its owners are living testimony to its leadership credentials.  
Fiat Avventura: 3/5                                                                                     Ford EcoSport: 4/5 

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